Simplicity is the Address of the Elegant Soul


The soul of every human being expresses itself through his conscience. Indeed, when we are referring to the soul, we are reporting consciousness itself. It vibrates constantly, producing a frequency, which varies according to that vibration. There is no way two souls on the same frequency, just as you can’t be two radio stations overlapping on the same wavelength.

Intention determines the frequency of each soul. She determines the thoughts and actions. And it is the actions that count and determine the frequency. Actions generate reactions, aka the law of cause and effect. Even an omission can be called an action. It’s the action of remaining absent.

The soul possesses life of its own, which is independent of the physical body. She need the body to manifest tho It is through her manifestation that she evolves. The body provides the opportunity for the soul to express itself through body language. Through physical and emotional symptoms, the soul tells when and where to put attention, for any discomfort means there is a message or a learning to that incarnate consciousness.

The brain that feeds the human mind is the counterpoint of the soul. It’s a manifestation mechanism. He possesses the polarities that facilitate action, both in what we know as good, and in the opposite polarity, called evil. Experiencing the two polarities is the rule of this school of souls. Therefore, good and evil do not exist as we understand it, for everything is learned.

Humanity has reached the peak of this learning. No present incarnate soul can claim to have no conscience or knows the difference between ethical and unethical action. From a moral action and an immoral action. Repeating the negative action is a deficiency of the soul’s character. And this deficiency vibrates at a very low frequency, which prevents the soul from making its ascension now.

What determines the high or low frequency of a soul, is your intention. The one who is elevated will never have any intention towards the ego, to personal interests, to the desire for power over others, to competition, anyway, anything that does not fall within what is in fact ethical and moral.

Since the soul that vibrates at a higher frequency, is based on the intention towards good in a general way. She takes into account the result of each action that needs to be taken. You always put yourself on the other side to feel that each decision is in fact the best for everyone. She is co-operative always; never competes in order to gain personal gain. She is loving compassionate and respectful SIMPLICITY IS THE ADDRESS OF THE ELEGANT SOUL.

It is in simplicity that well practiced and well lived are revealed. It is in simplicity that you can feel true joy and true happiness. Simplicity fills much more than excess. The soul that complains for not having, will never feel the pleasure of being. She who seeks excess, will never have enough. SIMPLICITY IS THE ADDRESS OF THE ELEGANT SOUL.

Life alone is beautiful and easy. Simplicity would be enough to make humanity on earth feel full and happy. But the competition of ego, has turned the collective into a battlefield where the strongest have more opportunities for conquests. This is a trick! The ego does not impose any limits. On the contrary, it is a bottomless pit, where the one who falls in, will not come out without going through multiple reincarnations of Proofs. The pain that humans go through, is nothing but the way back, after reaching the bottom of that well.

SIMPLICITY IS THE ADDRESS OF THE ELEGANT SOUL. Living in duality in this school of souls, suffering is not necessary. On the contrary, pain is a choice. When we accept the Trials and actually use them for learning, no pain will come as a result. However, when the incarnate soul seeks to bargain in your favor, causing harm to something or someone, the Law of Return will bring you the appropriate Atonement.

Divine Laws are simply fair. THEREFORE, SIMPLICITY IS THE ADDRESS OF THE HIGH SOUL. The consciousness that has already learned the meaning and importance of being here incarnated, has already understood that simplicity is the shortest route to the course completion. Ascension is knocking at the doors of the meek and pure in heart. And these doors are the ones that lead to the abode of simple souls for they are elevated.

The Third Dimension Clock is about to ring the bell of the Old Cycle of this planetary house. A new earth is rising. Simplicity is the key that will unlock the door of this new home.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.


**By Vital Frosi


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