The Telosians: The Transformation of Earth and Humanity

We salute you dear children of the Earth. Today we want to return to the future of the Earth. In the previous message we were talking to you about the possible transformations of your planet.

This, in fact, will happen, but you understand that everything will not be done tomorrow in your earthly time. The transformation of your planet will take place according to your spiritual development, according to your accentuated understanding of Life.

Currently you are experiencing « » upheaval of all kinds: in yourself and around you. This is the bubbling of transformation in transition. This transition that you are experiencing, it is true, moves you enormously. We often hear a lot of you say: « but what’s going on ? here there are people who lose their heads, who no longer know where they are, others become violent etc. … »

Yes, dear children of the Earth, the transformation of humans, your cells, your bodies in transition causes situations of this kind to be in those who are most fragile. But understand that you are not all in these situations. You who understand more or less the meaning of True Life, you who understand that you are coming to the transformation of the Earth and its humanity, you don’t feel as much trouble as humans who are unaware of what’s going on right now.

Much of humans are still attracted to materialism, money, possessions and power. Fortunately, and we see it more and more, another large part of humans awakens, at its own pace, to another understanding of life.  So, there are two movements of understanding of life on Earth and this creates turmoil that affects the body of your planet and stirs up its energies.

This is why we have always told you that your thoughts, your words are very important in the life of the Earth and of humanity. Any thought of Peace, of serenity will bring sweetness to the Earth and to its humanity. But, of course, spiteful thoughts, gestures of violence whatever they are bring to Earth and its humanity the duality that you are currently experiencing.

The transformation of the Earth can only be followed by a transformation of humanity. One is not without the other. Earth and you, earthly humanity, are one being. You are bound by the Creator’s Universal Energy Love, you are Him, HE is you. So, understand that when there is a strong duality it all reflects on all of you, Earth and humanity, but also in your galaxy and in your universe.

The Earth being in a phase of great transformation it also involves a transformation of your galaxy because the new energies of the Earth have repercussions on the energies of all the other planets around from you and much further.

You understand that the sweeter and more serene the transformation of the Earth, the more your galaxy will bring to your universe peace and serenity around you, on all planets. This shows you that everything is linked, strongly linked.  Nothing in the universe and all universes can transform without the transformation being, we would say, « general ».

Currently you are experiencing these changes in transition with more or less difficulty. But know that your whole being is gradually transformed too. You cannot live on a planet that turns into its body and energy without your bodies turning into their cells, DNA and forms.

Yes, you transform, you can sometimes feel it without understanding it. We have sometimes heard some of you say: « it’s weird, I feel like I have something changed in me but I can’t define it ». Yes, that is the reality, but some humans are more receptive than others to these internal transformations.

Dear children of the Earth do not doubt that we are very present with you to help you in this transformation linked to the transformation of the Earth. You need help, you need to be reassured and we are doing this.

Trust what’s going on in you and around you. Do not be influenced by the media which, under the thumb of rulers imbued with their power, will tell you things that could weaken you even more in your confidence in life. Don’t let yourself be influenced we repeat, have a good discernment on everything that is happening around you in your countries and understand that all this is only an immense manipulation in order to hold the people, wherever they are, under the power of a handful of humans wanting to own the Earth and a small part of humanity.

Be in confidence in Life, we repeat it and repeat it constantly, because it will allow you to live your human life in sweetness.

We accompany you with great Love.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou


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