The Hathors: Vibrational Matrix

We are here to share ideas of the vibrational matrix that creates you, your body and your reality. We will share about the personal matrix, the vibrational field of each human. For it is this energy matrix in which all aspects of life begin.

It is within the energy blueprint, this template, that all life is formed. All life forms on planet earth are held as a blueprint or template in the subtle realms. This energy grid, the sacred geometry of the universe, the master pattern, is held in the sixth dimension.

Each human being resides focused on planet earth in the third and four dimensions. As a multidimensional being, however there are aspects of each human that also reside in the other dimensions. So it is from the sixth dimension that the template of who you are in your present form is held. It is the sixth dimension which holds these master patterns.

We realize that we have expanded your belief of who you are and we can hear your mind questioning, how does this work. Let us say this, imagine yourself as an aspect of divine mind, and the seed matrix of your physical form is held as an energy grid in the sixth dimension.

We have shared the importance of recognizing the energy or vibrational matrix of your reality. The matrixes of your reality are made up of the individual matrixes or energy grids coming together in a new form or weaving.

An example would be a group of people with a common interest who come together and meet regularly; there is a matrix that is formed from their personal energy fields weaving together. The longer they gather the stronger the matrix. Their ideas, emotions, thoughts, beliefs all are a part of this vibrational field.

Remember everything that exists here in form has a matrix. It is these energy fields, these matrixes, that form larger energy fields and hold the collective thought forms and beliefs of mass consciousness. So from that awareness let us now bring you to your personal matrix and blueprint.

What you see and sense as solid and in physical form is only this matrix. It is from this matrix that all change within the human form can be made. There is an awareness and understanding that is taking place in the expanded minds of many humans at this time. The concept that everything is first energy vibrations before it is form has been taught and expressed by all your sages and wise awake ones.

The physical body offers a multitude of grand and rich experiences. It is important to honor and include all the senses. It is also expansive. We have been offering you ideas and thoughts about the vibrational matrix of each individual human. This vibrational matrix has many names aura, charisma, magnetism.

First let us say that you appear to us as vibrational patterns, weavings of energy, light and sound. These patterns and weavings shift and move in constant flow and fluctuation. Your vibrational matrix gives the appearance of the galaxy in all its expanded wonder.

Your scientist and those who are sharing the insights of quantum physics tell you that the human body is mainly space. It is not solid, even though it appears as solid and feels solid. It is space and your atoms shine much like the stars in your night sky.

We are inviting you to stretch into the realms in which you might see your form as we do.

There are some human beings who have the ability to see the vibrational matrix of each human form. They can see the energy weavings of color, sound and light.  Most humans can sense, feel or even hear the vibrational matrix of another.

The ability to see, sense or hear this vibrational matrix of another will become more common as each human expands into their multidimensional awareness.

There will be inventions of many sorts that will read and translate these vibrational matrixes. This will greatly assist in the rebalancing and alignment for the well-being of each human being.

We would like to share with you what the vibrational matrix contains and how it is formed. Just as the human vehicle is formed in the mother womb, so begins the energy weaving. Each human form is a collection of vibrations that entwine into patterns.

This vibrational network is created by emotions, thoughts and experiences.  Everything that the human being experiences is translated into this vibrational matrix, this vibrational interlace or energy fabric.

The experiences here on this planet and in this dimension are not supportive to the expansion and strengthening of the individual vibrational matrix. The dysfunction and unconsciousness that is commonplace within humanity has created tangles or blockages in the weavings of the energy fields of individuals.

These energy tangles slow or block the flow of divine life. The results are a humanity that is dying.

It is the vibrational matrix that holds the patterns and weavings for the formation of the human body with all its interrelated and interdependent elements. Every cell and atom vibrates at a certain rate, the bones, the blood, all the organs, every aspect of the physical form is held in place and created from this vibrational matrix. The physical form matches the vibrational matrix.

This is a rather simple way to state an incredible complex concept. Those who are aware and expanded have seen, taught and written about aspects of this concept.  When there is a flow of energy between your divine blueprint held on the sixth dimension and your physical solid form here in the third/fourth dimension all is well.

You experience your personal well-being, others experience your charisma and life is a full expression of balance and well-being. This state of perfection expressed in the human form is the ideal and the goal.

However the personal matrix and energy field is affected by all that it encounters. From the moment of conception, all the while the body is being formed in the mother’s womb, there is an exchange and blending of the matrix. The family genetics are woven into the matrix; the parents’ strongly held beliefs and emotions are woven into your personal matrix. From the beginning years of childhood, all the experiences and encounters are woven into the personal matrix. The experiences that are painful, scary, fearful, limiting in any way are also woven in, more as blockages or tangles of your energy flow.

It is these blockages and tangles that we would like to assist each human in releasing so that there is a flow once again from your divine blueprint.

As more humans begin to expand into their multidimensional aspects they will become pioneers in this field of aligning and balancing and untangling the energy weavings. Vibrational medicine is the beginning of this awareness.

Remember energy follows thought. You can begin to untangle any aspect of your personal matrix by the very thoughts that you hold and express.

Vibrational medicine as it is being called works on these subtle levels to untangle and release any blockages held from past memory or even the tangles that were given at birth from the family matrix. This is the work that is being done at this time by many awakened beings; it is coming in many forms and in many ways.

So allow yourself today to play with this idea and all of the implications.

Become aware of the places in which you are expanded and the places in which you might have an energy tangle. Remember that this is not a task, so be playful and joy filled in your discovery and expansion of reading your own and another’s vibrational matrix.

Be at peace, Beloved. the ‘team’

**Channel: Peggy Black