2023 The Planetary Dance March 20 to March 26

It is said everything is energy. Well, be prepared for a week of big energy shifts. I have outlined below the days and times these changes occur but remember you will FEEL the shifts energetically before and after. Saturn is the planet that rules time and he is in Pisces, timelessness. The times listed are Eastern daylight (EDT). The best way to work with all these shifts is to go with the flow whatever that is for you.

Mar 20- 5.24 pm EDT- the astrological Sun enters Aries. In the Northern Hemisphere it is Spring Equinox. The keyword is balance as we plant new seeds. We enter the East Direction on our Medicine Wheel, the place of Awakening to new beginnings and Inspired Creativity. The guardian of the East is Eagle who allows us to soar and see things from a higher perspective. Eagle carries our prayers and hopes to Creator and Great Mystery.

In the Southern Hemisphere it is Autumn Equinox (March 21 in Australia) and you are entering the West Direction of your Medicine Wheel. It is also called the Looking Within Place. It is about finding inner balance and personal power. Your guardian is The Thunderbeing. Being open to Cosmic Surprises and listening to Universal Guidance.

Mar 21- 1.23 pm EDT- Aries Super New Moon at 00 Aries 50 minutes. For all of us this Aries Moon cycle is about planting seeds for Inspired New Beginnings. Aries is Cardinal Fire and likes to take action. But it can also leap into things without looking. Mars at 28 degrees Gemini is the traditional guide for Aries. Whatever action you take make sure you are choosing from a place of balance. Mars is completing his 7 month journey in Gemini, healing duality and separateness. In Esoteric Astrology Mercury (our thoughts and perceptions) is the Soul Centered ruler of Aries. At this New Moon he is at 05 degrees Aries 04 minutes supporting us to see things in a new way. Our animal Totem guides for Aries are Falcon, clear vision, and Red Tailed Hawk, spiritual messages. The Astrological Earth is in Libra and Guided by Crow, sacred law and justice and fairness for all, and Raven, magic and The Mysteries. They are reversed for the southern hemisphere.

This is the first Aries New Moon in this cycle. The next one is April 19/20 at 29 degrees Aries 50 minutes. It is a Total Solar Eclipse and influences us until Oct 14, 2023. It is a very powerful Moon of Transformation. We will of course write more about that closer to the Eclipse. In the meantime use this current Aries New Moon to write out your new inspired vision. You may find it completely changed when you review it at the April Eclipse. Or you may find you are in sacred alignment with your vision.

Mar 23- 8.13 am EDT- Pluto (transformation and release) enters Aquarius (the collective consciousness) today for the first time since 1777 to 1798 (approximately). That was a historic time of great change. His sacred Animal Totem is The Phoenix, rising from the ashes. This initial journey into Aquarius, Pluto stays at 00 degrees Aquarius (new vision for our world). He turns retrograde on May 01 and re-enters Capricorn (where he has been since Jan 2008) on June 11 (transformation of society). He will re-enter Aquarius on Jan 20, 2024 until Sept 2024, then retrogrades back into Capricorn for his final visit there until Nov 2024. Then he visits Aquarius for the next 20 years. So we are just at the beginning of this Brave New World. While Pluto is in Capricorn and Aquarius he is guided by Saturn in Pisces (strengthening our spiritual foundation). In Aquarius he is also guided by Uranus in Taurus (breaking through to what is of true value and Importance). His Soul Centered guide is Jupiter (expansion and growth of our spiritual consciousness). Jupiter is currently in Aries (new inspiration) but enters Taurus on May 16 (growth and personal empowerment). You can see it is a long and winding road ahead. Expect the unexpected is the theme.

Mar 25- 7.45 am EDT- Mars enters Cancer and completes his long journey through Gemini which began Aug 20, 2022. Because he was retrograde Oct 30, 2022 to Jan 12, 2023 his stay in Gemini was extended. The theme has been to heal duality and unite in love. This time he will visit Cancer until May 20. Mars is the planet of assertive action. Cancer is the sign of emotional and intuitive guidance. Mars does not like being here. We may see issues of angry reactions to whatever is happening. But underneath anger is always hurt. Shortly after Mars enters Cancer he will be inconjunct Pluto activating an issue that is keeping us stuck and needs to be healed, transformed, and released. Pay attention to what comes up to be released with love. The planetary guide for Mars in Cancer is the Moon. Listen to your inner wisdom and let that guide you as take action.

Mar 26- 2.58 pm EDT- Mercury in Aries joins Chiron in Aries. This is a powerful energy for healing and resolutions to whatever needs to be released. It is a gift to us all on this journey of life. Remember Bob Marley’s song. “Don’t you worry, everything is going be alright, every little thing is going to be all right.”

Until next time Namaste and blessings,