Goddess Aminah: I Believe in You

I am Aminah and you find me sitting on and floating on a lotus flower.

I travel on the beloved lotus flower and I can go around the world.

I help every little seed to grow, I help it land exactly where it is supposed to land in the soil and then it begins to sprout.

I am a deva and I can appear in different shapes and forms, it is not easy to catch a glimpts of me.

If you see me, it is beacuse I let you see me.

I work for her, our great Mother, I am fully devoted to aid her at all times. It is never a job for me, it is my heart´s calling to help her be the greatest creator in the Universe.

We the devas and the elves and more, we always start by knowing all about our Mother Earth, before we deside what exactly we want to work with.

We go to school early in our lives and learn everything about her, so every choise thereafter is based on the knowledge of who we are living on.

You go to school and learn many other things, and not very much about her, so your decisions thereafter are often lacking the necessary understanding of how everythings works. So from our point of wiev your “chain of understanding” is weak, it actually can´t be strong.

We wish for you to re-new your thinking about living on this planet. We wish for you to start a new school!

We want you to love to live on this planet!

We need you! We need you to understand who she is!

When you learn and understand you too will thrive and be happy.

Because there will be no wars, and no famin. And no one will want to escape to Mars.

You will find a new meaning of living and you will feel rich in your soul.

No one will own everything. And no one will be without. All will own enough.

All will have a place to plant seeds, have a garden, and a house, but it need not be a castle with 44 bedrooms?

New creative ideas will flourish and will be free to use. Much good and new will come eventually. Don´t worry!

Rumors go around in the “new-age departement”, and some is made only to spread fears. One of those things is: “no one will own anything”.

A lot of fears is being spread around the world to destabilize you. Make you afraid. Make you loose your footing, make you stumble and fall.

Sit down in your boat! Let the waves settle, it will be calm soon.

The truth is unstoppable and everything will reach the surface.

Just focus on your inner secret heavenly garden, meditate, say your prayers and be in the now and know that sooner or later you too will come with us and help us with the garden of Earth, flying around on a flower, maybe even a lotus flower?

I love you,


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson