Hakann: To Those Who Harm Children

This is Commander Hakann speaking. I am delivering an official message on behalf of the galactic confederation. This message is directed at every Earth human who has intentionally harmed children in this lifetime in a significant way.

The message is this: these actions are in violation of both Earth law and galactic law. Moreover, it is inevitable the dark, service-to-self, separation-consciousness side will lose completely. There is not a 99% chance of that happening. There is a 100% chance of that happening.

If necessary, we will see to it ourselves that the dark controllers lose. Our technology is hundreds if not thousands of years ahead of yours, so we are able to defeat the dark controllers and their puppeted soldiers as easily as your military would be able to defeat a medieval army. It would be no contest. Now, we would much rather have Earth humans arrest the dark controllers. However, even in the unlikely scenario that the dark side would somehow come out on top and threaten to take complete control, we will simply step in to make sure that doesn’t happen. Hence the dark side cannot win.

Not to mention that the rising energetics on your world simply will not support a rule by dark controllers for much longer.

In the future we will be in open contact with Earth humans, and we fully expect them to ask us for a complete list of every Earth human who has intentionally harmed children. If asked, we will give this list to them. And yes, this list will contain literally every Earth human who has intentionally harmed children in this lifetime.

Therefore I say to every Earth human who has intentionally harmed children: the dark side has lost. Turn yourself in now. You cannot stop what is coming. Do you really want to spend your last time on Earth struggling or hiding or fighting for the wrong side?

It is not too late to still do something productive and useful, namely turn yourself in and share what you know. Perhaps some children can still be saved based on your information.

We know that the dark side threatens everyone who turns themselves in and starts whistleblowing. However the dark side simply doesn’t have the resources anymore to actually go after people who do this. They are already spending everything they have, just to barely survive a short while longer.

If you surrender and turn yourself in, you may be able to negotiate slightly better terms. Moreover, turning yourself in may lead to what you would consider to be a better afterlife and a better life after reincarnation.

I don’t think the concepts of karma or heaven are literally true as they are commonly understood on Earth. However, your soul is a part of you and your soul will decide what afterlife and what next life would best serve your evolution. If you actively keep making people suffer right up until your death, then your soul will very likely make you experience more suffering yourself, so that you can experience the other side of causing suffering, namely receiving suffering.

Conversely, if you actually start working to stop people from suffering on your world, for example by whistleblowing, then your soul may very well conclude: “lesson (partly) learned already” and you will suffer less yourself in the afterlife and past lives.

Some of you have made deals with demons or have sold your body or soul. We invite you to call on either Source, or archangel Michael, or Jesus / Yeshua, or on whatever other angel or ascended master you feel a connection with. If you sincerely repent and stop harming children, they can declare these deals to be null and void, and your body or soul will not be harvested.

These beings are infinitely loving and they will help you, no matter what you have done. From their perspective, you are not the first person who has done evil and then asks for their help, and you will not be the last. That being said, you have to explicitly ask them for help and you have to be sincere in your intention to stop harming children.

So, that is my message for today: if you have intentionally harmed children, turn yourself in now. And if you have sold your body or soul or made deals with demons, then we would like to invite you to call on Source, or on Archangel Michael, or on Jesus / Yeshua, or another archangel or ascended master.

To the rest of the Earth population: hang on. Things are moving quickly now, which means that things may get even more rocky on Earth for a while. It also means that your time of freedom is rapidly approaching, although there may still be some time left before it fully arrives.

I leave you today with all my love and all my regards and best wishes.

Your star brother,


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**Channel: A.S.


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18 Replies to “Hakann: To Those Who Harm Children”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Events must play out…..and I think this quote drives straight to the point.
    Movie quote from FURY —
    “This war Will end…..soon…but before it does, a lot more people gotta die”

    Hang in there Folks, we’re almost done!! =)

  2. Cmen

    I was abused sexually by my stepfather from the age I was adopted of 4 until 12 years when I spoke up and told him to leave me alone as I had learned in school I could become pregnant. I never spoke of this to no one as I felt it was my fault until I turned 18 I told my stepmother who wasn’t very surprised and said she would have a talk with him. After speaking to a psychiatrist she told me she had to have known. Long story short before he died he asked yo see me to ask for forgiveness which I did forgive. However, now in my 60’s I still live with the stigma of the abuse.

  3. Cherro

    Hakann, that’s all very nice to say. My only question is why now? Why not millennia ago as the corrupted parasitic pedo’s have been abusing our innocent children seemingly forever. Seriously, why is it that the galactic’s suddenly give a rats ass about us and the children now?

  4. Aline Buetti

    How I pray this nightmare will end too many innocent children have suffered already.

    1. Marie

      I agree with starlight. We need the solar flash now, we know they won’t survive it. It’s the best way and the divine plan imo.

  5. StarLight

    Turning yourself in… to Earth’s judicial system?
    How is that helpful?
    Let’s say you did, what will the judicial system of Earth do? Create more pain and seperation.
    Please clarify why turning yourself in is beneficial?
    Stopping the harm or children immediately is helpful. But being part of the judicial system..?

  6. WK

    Dearest Beloved Brother Hakann, we Humanity thank you for protecting our children! May your message find its way to the part of the dark beings that still (somehow) recognizes Love, so they can save lives and themselves. All my Light to you and your brave warriors. Your Earthling brother WK

  7. scotth9510

    I had a father who abused my sister in a sexual way and I had been physically able at the time I would’ve gladly roughed him up. I can say I’ve never been abusive to kids and I definitely won’t be when I have my own kids.

      1. scotth9510

        Well he never did anything to me but if I was anything like my 21 yr old nephew is today but back then oh God he’d be on the receiving end of a beating 🙂

  8. Lilas

    Stop asking for prayers, everybody knows who the
    homo peadophile sadist are.Arrest them !

  9. Jessica

    But there is so much other information available about how every human that incarcerates on Earth has made a plan for the things they wish to experience.

    Surely then if a soul has incarnated on Earth and the souls plan was to experience trauma or even death as a child then that decision should be respected by Hakann. Who is he to interfere with the pre-incarnation plans of a soul wishing to go through a particular experience?

    1. Raksha

      This is a fair questioning.

      Having a spiritual understanding is helpful but I don’t hink it prevents us from being pro-active.
      If someone is starving, that may be an experience seeked by the soul (or not), but that doesn’t mean that the right thing to do is not to feed that someone. Maybe some souls even choose some difficult experiences to give the opportunity to other souls to be of service, or to have the experience of choosing love. At the end of the day, we cannot know what each soul has chosen for itself, but we can choose to help.