Daily Message for 3/25/2023

Greetings! This message is not for limited minds, living in fear, and survival mode. This is for the awakened, for those who are on a spiritual path, towards the Fifth Dimension and beyond. Think it, believe it, act it. You are the center of the Universe. Creation is at your service. Thy wish is its command. Everything that exists in the Universe is a reflection of you. It is all here to support you. What do you wish for? Think it, believe it, it is done. ~Kejraj

9 Replies to “Daily Message for 3/25/2023”

  1. Diamond Black

    Just commented on another site.
    Strange how the dark beings require 0 effort to f things up, they can pull a black hole out of their butts without effort, yet to fix it requires millions of years of bullshitting around by light workers.
    What is it with that, if light is soooo powerful it would have been fixed in a day.
    You be a good person, get nothing in return. Light worker needs a house, well you will HAVE TO fight against other humans for income then fight an entire global finance system to get a crumby place that will take your entire lifetime to pay for thanks to interest rates or suffer grifting through life in rentals.

    Something isn’t right , it should be over by now, there is plenty of evidence for mass roundup of the cabal to begin already.
    Something’s off or skewed, iv’e been deep thinking this situation.

    I have been onto the world situation full time since 1995 and known about dark beings since 1992.

    Something is just not right with the situation, something is going on behind the scenes and the light isn’t winning at all.

    I am expecting something to explode this year which is going to be quite bad for the world.
    Human beings are just not waking up and show 0 sign of doing so. The protests don’t mean anything, it’s protest for more comfort from the system – the system having taken some comfort from them.

  2. vaarrr

    To night we reach
    when , so as not to create a conflict.
    the divine will raise the consciousnes of governments

  3. Linda

    Love ❤️ and Oneness, Unity Consciousness abounding, peace within and without, harmony, freedom and so much more!!!