Wisdom of the Council: From Doubt to Absolute Knowing

Any question that you have in this moment about anything has only one or two answers. The first one: are you in the now moment?

Are you in the now moment? When you are in the now moment, you go beyond all time, all space, all lack, all limitation, and all separation. If you are fully in the now moment, you are accessing all of your power. If you are not fully in the now moment, you are in some way denying your power, denying your worthiness, denying love for yourself in that moment.

When you come fully into the now moment, everything is there. And if it’s not there, it’s because you don’t need it in this moment. What you need in this moment is to come into your power fully and remember that it is only in the now moment that you can embody the knowing that you are the consciousness that summons energy into form. But that only happens in the now moment. In the now moment.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been focused on it for years. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve wanted it. It doesn’t matter how many times you tried to figure it out and make it happen. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve worried about it. All that matters is this now moment and fully embodying your power as the consciousness that summons all energy into form.

That is what you are. You are not a human. You are consciousness. You are a force field of consciousness. Your human doesn’t summon energy. Your consciousness summons energy. You are here to experience energy in form. That is the whole reason for coming into this extraordinary existence that you call your life on Earth at this time.

And the other answer to your question is: you are Creator within your own creation. What are you creating in this now moment? What are you creating in this now moment? 

As we’ve said, you cannot have one foot in the old world and one foot in the 5th Dimension. You cannot be in the moment arguing for your limitation or how what you want is separate from you and be in the now moment fully in your power as the consciousness summoning energy into form and creating your reality. It’s all in the now. It’s all about your focus and your intentional choices now, right now.

You can be in your imagination and be fully in the power of the moment, fully in your power in the moment as the consciousness that summons energy into form, as the creator within your own creation, playing in your imagination, knowing that it’s now, that you’re not playing in your imagination to make something happen in the future. You are playing in your imagination in the now moment because you are Creator within your own creation, and your imagination is a potential, a possibility, and a reality here and now.

If what you did right now in the days to come and the weeks to come was going to set you up for the next level of the most extraordinary expansion for decades to come in your life, would it be worth really, truly focusing and intentionally choosing in the now moment, fully in your power, and being in the absolute knowing that you are the creator of your reality?

If this were the greatest portal, greatest gateway, greatest time ever for you to set yourself up for more abundance, more prosperity, more wellbeing, more love, more potential, more possibilities, more opportunities, more joy, more happiness, more fun than you have ever imagined possible in the decades to come, would it be worth finally, once and for all, coming fully into realization, in the now moment, fully in your power, and knowing you are Creator within your own creation of reality, with no doubt, no hesitancy, no uncertainty, no looking back, no old story, no more excuses, complete, total, absolute knowing?

You drew this to you. You summoned this to you. You drew all of this to you, and you drew it to you right now because some part of you knows that this is it, the most magical moment, the most powerful time, the most important minute, day, month, year of your entire eternal existence.

You cannot get this wrong. You’ll know you’re allowing it when you feel good, when you feel joyful, when you love your life, when you feel how abundant you already are, when you know your wellbeing in the moment, when you feel yourself as the perfection and the radiance and the brilliance that you are.

For you, nothing is ever going to be the same. For you, nothing is ever going to be the same. You will not be able to believe in the illusion of lack or limitation. You won’t doubt, you won’t question, you won’t struggle, you won’t suffer, you won’t push, you won’t force, you won’t judge. You won’t need to. You will be in the absolute knowing.

**Channel: Sara Landon