Archangel Jophiel: First the Stomach Then Meditation?

From body to soul

JJK: Which comes first – a full stomach or the meditation? What is more important?

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL: You are blessed and with you all people are blessed who draw the blessings of God upon themselves.

Feed the people first! Food for the body comes first, only then is there enough energy to nourish the soul.

The reverse path is reserved for only a few adepts. For the vast majority of people who are acting out the wheel of karma, are in the midst of life and have to fight for daily survival, the path to spirituality leads via the gut. Those who suffer from hunger suffer unimaginably great agony and are unable to do anything other than think of food with every fiber of their being.

With such a person, everything revolves around bare survival.

This person feels disrespect and insult when reference is made to prayer or meditation to escape from the predicament. In fact, it is a disregard and an insult. Because anyone who argues like this has not understood the hardship behind such a struggle for survival.

JJK: That means people and organizations working at this level are very important!

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL: This shows that people are there for people and that the poor and needy experience concrete help, valuable attention and human attention.

JJK: “What you did for one of my least brothers, you did for me.” (Mt 25:40)

Just do it…

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL: It’s about becoming receptive to the suffering and misery of your fellow human beings and, if possible, making a contribution to alleviating it.

It doesn’t matter that some people do this for opportunistic reasons, and it shouldn’t matter to you whether organizations develop a lucrative business model out of it.

It is important that you are willing to look at this injustice and try to alleviate it with your means and possibilities.

JJK: Now, of course, there are also people who pretend to be in need. Especially in our latitudes, this can be observed again and again with the immense influx of “new settlers”.

ARCHANGEL JOHPIEL: That is a fact. Where there is real need, there are always people who pretend to be in need in order to benefit from the assistance in this way.

This should not prevent you from doing good either. Whoever wants to cheat you ends up cheating themselves.

Whether it is mental or physical poverty, what is at stake is having a healthy, compassionate and humane attitude towards the suffering that awaits you.

“Inner distance” and compassion

JJK: How to avoid being dragged down by the suffering of the world itself. Because suffering with sympathy is probably not a solution – but sympathizing is!

But how can you keep this “inner distance” and still remain full of love?

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL: For those who have no existential worries and needs, meditation is the key. Awareness work in meditation – then you always stay oriented and you remove the weeds before they can spread.

Do you know your place, your orders? Have you found your meaning in life? That’s all that matters, everything else happens by itself.

Avoid esoteric advice

JJK: It seems important to me not to give wise esoteric advice out of false spiritual superiority, such as:

“Pray and everything will be fine!”, “Think positively, open the field for abundance and everything will fall into place!” or “What does your situation tell you?”

When someone is at the bottom and doesn’t know how they’re going to survive tomorrow, then this advice really is nothing but slaps…

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL: It takes wisdom and spiritual maturity to be able to correctly classify the destiny of the individual, to feel how it is in someone else’s shoes. The hours on the meditation carpet are not decisive for this, the mental maturity of the person is decisive.

JJK: It’s probably best to help in a concrete way instead of spouting wisdom?

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL: Don’t worry about what others think of you, don’t worry about whether your help will always reach the right person or whether it will be misused. You cannot look into every human heart or recognize all intentions at once.

Just be aware that there are very many people who need help in one way or another.

Whether someone is starving mentally or physically, the symptoms are similar: while the body is dying, the soul is going through a very painful experience. The soul also has to be healed after an incarnation in great deficiency.

So go and give a portion of what you have to those who have nothing of the kind.

Don’t expect anything and don’t adorn yourselves with deeds, because humanity and compassion don’t need any witnesses next to GOD.

I love you endlessly

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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  1. Jared

    Eating first:) mmmmmmmm
    I like affirmations and prayers better than meditating.
    Earth is free amen!