Forward Progress

In my last post I mentioned we’d see what the Equinox brought, and it definitely delivered. We experienced a substantial shift on 3/22, and importantly, this was a PHYSICAL shift. It was palpable in our solar power center (the 3rd chakra), and physical blocks to abundant health and forward progress were removed.

This is exciting news for all of us who have worked on our physical health—to restore vitality and energy—thru emotional clearing of old patterns and residue, and cleaning and upgrading our diet to remove as much of the unnecessary additives as possible. We may have wondered why this wasn’t working as well as we hoped, but there were energetic physical impediments within our systems and these have now been cleared.

This process continues to be a co-creation between us and Source. Between us and the divinity we are reconnecting with, as we bring this into alignment with who we are. With each passing day we connect with more of our innate divinity. We are each a part of Source. This growing inner divinity creates the inspiration that we then share with others. This is fueled by the high-frequency photonic and plasma light we are absorbing from the massive off-the-charts light waves washing in over the planet. Anyone sleeping a lot lately? Rest when needed; this is high-intensity work.

We will now be able to see and experience more physical change within us, with greater ease. We want to continue to eat high-vibrational, light-filled food. And when we do this we want to give up our old ideas related to nutrition. We want to give up the blocks we have consciously held within our mind as to what is “good” for us. Much of this was misinformation. We will now be able to experience the healing and restorative power of fruits and vegetables and herbs to a greater degree, as we have moved even more into alignment with the New Earth and the new consciousness.

This is an incredibly powerful time for all, and especially for those who are consciously aware of what is taking place.

Our new vessels are now vibrating with the new energy as we acclimate to it, as it becomes who we are and how we navigate. This is an incredibly powerful time for all, and especially for those who are consciously aware of what is taking place. We will hear more reports of brain fog and pain and physical ailments from those still operating in the old systems and relying solely on 3D advice and input. Each person will come to their own awareness when ready. Each must witness the old systems not working for them or with them. We are going to see much progress with this now. I’m noticing many more people opening to this.

This week, I had another nail in a tire on my car (due to all the construction taking place in this area). I drove to the tire shop and was on my way to do errands in less than a half hour. What I noticed this time was how neutral I was able to remain, being the observer and the one creating the quick repair. This time, I didn’t move into a worried or “what if” state; I simply focused on what needed to be done. We will be noticing how much better we are getting at all of this. We’re seeing our ability. We’re connecting with our power.

As you move into alignment with your true self, your new self, you are creating in the present moment, moving with the flow of energy, and discovering you are creating what you need. Thus you don’t have to have a “plan” to get it. Instead, you are using the clarity of your intention. Notice the practice you are being given in order for you to become adept at this.

We are creating now something absolutely miraculous, each of us, by moving into our sovereignty and divinity, and by taking responsibility for what we are creating. We are seeing something remarkable and incredible take shape in these intensely powerful energies, and that is our creator self. We are moving into alignment with this self so that it is simply who we are.

In 1637 Descartes wrote: I think, therefore I am. It was the one statement he could not doubt, that showed who he was. It moved us into being cerebral and hanging out in our thoughts. As we now move into the heart-centered consciousness, we realize at a deep level that we are creators, and we know this. This is very empowering. It’s not simply that we exist, we exist to create our experience, and to have the experience we have long felt deep within our being, our heaven on earth. We are not separate from love. This is what we are here to do, each of us, and now is when we can do it. This is huge progress in an immense process, and it opens the door to all that awaits. We are in this living, breathing magic now, and this is where we will truly shine all the light we have taken in.

**By Terry Andrews


2 Replies to “Forward Progress”

  1. tigersnack1114

    PROCESSED FOODS …….I am a carnivore from a hunting and fishing family.
    All the processed food is becoming awful and my tastes really are shifting as I crave fruits and natural foods I have to make myself. Went through the frozen section in the grocery store Sunday, just shaking my head…YUCK!
    Farmer’s Market will be open soon and looking forward to buying inexpensive healthy food.

  2. tigersnack1114

    I experienced a LOT of “airplane turbulence” in my phsical and spiritual bodies after the 22nd. Aches all over and I wondered if I slept on a pile of rocks.
    Spending a lot more time in SUNLIGHT and basking in the new Light energy of Mr. Sun.