Vastness of Being: Field of Creation

Tuning in to the Vastness of Being, this morning, I asked for a personal message and I am guided to share it with whomever reads these words, for I feel this message is for many of us.

As you rise above looking at the drama of the world, find the place of knowing. The field of all possibility where light flows from you in golden geometric rays and connects with other threads of light. Reach out and take a thread, connect it to the rays coming from your heart and watch it shimmer into a beautiful light flower, shining and pulsating with joy and innocence. Feel this energy throughout your being. These are your creations; these are lying in wait for you in the field of all possibilities. It is but a matter of shifting your focus from the cacophony of the world, the current state of chaotic churning, into the world of magic and mystery, into the world of creation.

Being in the world, not of the world allows you to release your mental and emotional bodies from the drama and rise above into this world of creation where you will find your true essence of joy and innocence.

The “place of knowing” is the vibrational field of your Soul essence – the truth of your being. You have attained this awareness through clearing of the programming that didn’t align with your truth. Appreciate all the hard work you have done on coming back into true alignment and learning to love yourself more and more deeply.

There are those who are born into this field and come into their life with this knowing of their true essence. They resist the programming and don’t falter from their inner knowing of their essence. Those who were the first illuminators, who were born in the time before the 1980s, have worked so hard to clear the programming so that those born after could be free of much of the baggage in order to parent the ones coming in with their true essences intact. It has been a messy and difficult journey and it continues to unfold.


Can you allow yourself to consider that you are an Ascended Master? You were trained to think small and to be small in the world. You have many lifetimes of hiding your light, for indeed, on this planet you would be tortured and killed for being the light master that you are. You still shrink into yourself and so the work you do is not quite as bright as it could be. The conduit of creativity isn’t fully open. There is fearful gunk in the conduit. It is so ingrained that you may not even notice it. But if you consider that you are an Ascended Master, come to this Earth to live round after round of lives culminating in this life, you will begin to loosen that gunk and flush it out.

Into the Infinite - pastel on paper by Leilah
Into the Infinite
pastel on paper by Leilah

Think on this: all your soul’s expressions – all of the lives your Soul has expressed awareness in are consolidating into this moment, this life you are in now. You can picture it as layers. Layer upon layer of lived lives coming together, not as sedimentary lines of demarcation, but coming together and blending as one in this current life. All of the gifts your soul cultivated are available to you. Not just from lifetimes on the Earth plane, but all of your soul experiences, which include galactic and inter-galactic octaves of interdimensional experience. The truth of your essence is rising within you. Contemplate this, allow for this possibility to enter into your being as you live your life in the awareness of the moment of now.

You often see, as a picture in your mind, the field of stars on a plane of existence as if they are all rushing into the radiant light in the distance – they are drawn into this light. This is an experience your soul has had in the process of ascension. The “stars” in this vision are actually Souls, or light bodies flowing into the light of Source. Coming home. This is why you see this, for you have experienced it. As you deepen the awareness of this great truth within your consciousness, you will begin to experience the oneness in all things – all people, all of nature. We hear you say this is what you want to know, and we tell you, you already know this – you have already experienced this, so it is more an act of remembering. Remembering this truth of your being.

You have worked so hard – harder than you realize. Forgive yourself for all of your mistakes and foolishness. Feel that energy dropping away as the layers of lifetimes blend together into wisdom and truth. Rise into a greater love for yourself and all of your creations and embrace the magnificence of your being.

We love you, we adore you, and we are honored to be sharing this wisdom with you to help you in your remembering. Feel our love enveloping you. You are a shining star, and you are a standing wave of light and love in the world. Remember who you are and allow the radiant flower of your essence to shine.

Many Blessings to all who read this.

We rise as One.

Leilah and The Vastness of Being


3 Replies to “Vastness of Being: Field of Creation”

  1. Fear-Less

    Beautiful, beautiful message. With much love and thanks in return.
    I read that we must be prepared to die for the cause. I believe this. For it is pure love and service to give one’s self to save another/others. Jesus was the perfect example. Fear cannot reside in this commitment.
    There is a saying, ‘fear the man who has nothing to lose’. Fear comes from attachments Buddah taught that attachments cause suffering, 100% right. So, it is good to practise recognising attachments and releasing attachments, including attachments to people. This does not mean getting rid of those things but realising they cannot be kept/controlled indefinitely anyway. At some point people will lose those things so it’s best to be in acceptance and prepared. There is no lack or loss outside of this Earth anyway. Removing attachments removes fear. I speak from experience I gave up nearly everything and I have never felt more free.

  2. tigersnack1114

    I had an immediate vision of a Salmon, swimming upstream and jumping up the river falls, over and over. Each “jump” gets us closer and higher into Light energy as we return…..Home.

  3. Shane

    This spoke to me deeply. Your words moved me to tears and reopened my heart a little further. I actually felt inspired to write something myself afterward and will submit it to eraoflight for posting if they wish.

    Thanks for your love and sharing!