The Blue Ray Energy Ascension Update: Sensitive Empath 333

Why do I feel so deeply? Why do I feel everything?

At this time and more recently, increased empathic sensory awareness for the Blue Ray Starseeds Empaths, Angelics. Earth Keepers, Earth Sensitives, Light Bearers and Planetary Gridworkers is organically occurring. As such, you hold the keys to the Divine power of the Blue Ray of Creation template here on the planet: Restoring the sacred divine feminine holy essence in the divine blueprint and radiant codes.

Your empathic sensitive nature and ability to feel so deeply are extremely important for the ascension, raising earth to heaven. It will help to liberate the spirit of the Divine Angelic Human as you have an extreme compassion for others.

The empathic emotional body, when aligned with the higher emotions of Love, compassion and unity, awakens more of the Light within—the spirit body. Use your Blue Ray transforming abilities to shift consciousness and negativity to a higher octave, ongoingly.

The light body enables you to become one with God, to awaredly and ongoingly be connected to Source, to ascend, achieve Sacred Holy union, immense joy and pure love. It has access to immeasurable information and wisdom of the ages.

Some of you may feel like an internal shaking or vibrating in the physical body and/or in the energy body; this is increase of empathic sensitive and light body activation. Vibrational resonance balancing may also be occurring.

With an overall increase of your empathic sensitivity, there may be one sensory awareness that is also more amplified for you now as well. Know this is a sacred gift, a holy power of ascension of your Divine original Blueprint. This is part of the Divine Plan. Even though it can feel overwhelming at times, you have been divined this holy gift and all works together for wellbeing.

You will need to take deep, deep, loving self-care, and this may mean that others may not understand. The actions you need to take are vital for your strong connection to Source/God and your mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, physical health. All are inextricably interrelated.

There is a restoration of the empathic ley line grids occurring right now on Mother Earth, increasing in its momentum. Many of you are feeling this through Nature as she seems to be more alive in your ability to know and feel Her vividly.

Know you are beloved and your empath sensitivity is a precious gift to the Planet, lovingly and with great dignity, gently wielded. Thank you. I love you.

**By Shekina Rose


3 Replies to “The Blue Ray Energy Ascension Update: Sensitive Empath 333”

  1. Love

    Agree Tracey.

    Loved this message, thank you Shakina Rose it resonates well with me. Although I had a bit of a cringe at getting ‘more’ sensitive, I already struggle with the amount I have and all the pain and sadness that goes with it. I try to self love but there is no way to remove myself from a World filled with so much disconnection from love/Source. I need a deserted island but that would defeat my purpose LOL.

    I have been feeling the vibrations physically, I can even feel when the Earth is adjusting and all the energy changes in the environment. There is still so much manufactured weather events where I am though and I wonder when Gaia and the sun will push back and say enough already. I know when they are not natural being very in tune with the energies and nature. They keep blocking the sun, which is the light and energy we all need. The entire sky is filled with clouds day and night and I rarely get a glimpse of the sun or blue sky. It is not winter where I am, it is supposed to be warm. I watched a thunder storm and it was not like any I have ever seen before, I felt the energy change and then there was lights flashing all the time in varied frequencies and levels but no lightening. Instead of loud thunder claps there was a low grumble and it came after the lightening, not before. The rain falls strangely too, sporadically and even sounds different. It leaves a white residue on everything. That is not the way it has been over many years past. They cannot pull the El Nina rubbish on me.

    I am grateful for Mother Earth and all the conciousnesses in the elements of nature, including, the pure-hearted animals. That is where I find my peace. Those connections give me renewed strength and where I feel most at home on this Earth.

    I look forward to the New Earth in it’s true unmodified environment.

  2. tigersnack1114

    Still have “negative junk” coming up and Im thinking about Harry Potter when Ron’s EAT SLUGS spell against Malfoy backfires and hits himself.

    How much longer am I gonna puke slugs?
    yes I know…until I am done!

  3. Tracey

    Thank you so much for this update. At times very few things are shared on us Blue Rays. This message definitely confirms much of what I’ve been feeling.