Daily Message for 4/1/2023

Greetings! The matrix does not support you. You are supporting the matrix. With your fear, worry, stress, inner and outer battles of hate. Please breathe, let go, and be that which you are internally and eternally, Divine light and love. Understand that at this time all the stagnant and lower energies within you are being pushed and pulled and brought to the surface, so that you become aware of this, and seek to transmute them. New portals within you are opening, to transform and uplift your being into the higher frequencies. Release all fear, and simply be in the flow, understanding it is the Divine within you readying to come forth. ~Kejraj

4 Replies to “Daily Message for 4/1/2023”

  1. matteobrustolon

    Thank You. that s the great point!
    Love and Light to You and the community here..Mt