The Galactic Federation of Light: Have Hope

The path for us to reach you is through thought.  Do you want to see a change in the world?  Visualize the change in your thoughts.  You do not need to speak verbally, mind patterns are what we pick up on.  Right now in the minds of the US Nation anger is what is going on in peoples minds.  We pick up on all the anger.  My friends switch your thoughts.  You cannot change the world with anger.  Take that anger and turn it into what would be the positive outcome.  You cannot win a war with anger.  You win a war by outsmarting your opponent.  The forces that be are keeping you angry.  They know it is a low vibrational thought.  You cannot win this war in that state.

On the daily ask us; please clear my thoughts of anger. Fill them with hope for the future. Fill them with positive affirmations that strengthen our bonds with others.  Create a world full of beauty and harmony. Turn your attention to what you wish to seek.  Find nature, look to the sky, and dream of your future.  There will come a day when things as you know it will change.  What do you have to hold on to?  The power of prayer.  The power of your mind.  The power of setting intentions and only thinking the positive.  There will be times when you want to cry out, why, why, why, but instead say what, what, what.  What is it I can do to correct this situation.  I can pray for people, I can improve my health, I can educate myself.  Do not go down in despair.  Train yourself to always remain knowing that your thoughts are giving you your outcome.  Any situation can be avoided if you plan on only staying upbeat and happy.

Don’t let them get to you.  Beat them at their battle.  You want to charge me an arm and a leg? Well, I can grow my own garden.  There is options.  Nothing is happening to you, you are allowing.  You sit back and take it.  You don’t stand up and say, well I will do the opposite.  If you remain positive you will find that doors open for you, life becomes easier.  When you stay hateful it gets more difficult.  Now we know some situations are hard to avoid.  What can you do when there is no alternative… Pray.  Put out into the Universe what it is you want.  You have to sit back and let the Universe work it’s magic.  Pray for what you want, watch miracles unfold.  Can we give you a timeframe?  No, we cannot but trust that the momentum will change.  Collectively we would be so powerful if everyone was positive, all the forces together.  It has to start somewhere.  Find it in your heart to begin with yourself.  Make that positive change.  When you see something to scowl at, don’t.  Every little thing makes an impact.  The moment you wake up set your intentions for a good day.  The moment you wake up be thankful for the sun.  Be thankful for the energy shining on the Earth.  There is so much to be grateful for.

This message is coming straight to you from the Galactic Federation of Light.  We see daily your struggles and want to teach you a new way of being.  Follow us for more guidance in your homes and communities.  Positivity is not to be laughed at or snickered at.  Positivity is the ultimate in divine creation.  We see you.  We will be with you.  Practice for now a positive heart.  Our truest love for you, many blessings.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


One Reply to “The Galactic Federation of Light: Have Hope”

  1. Mike Ohira

    Positive thinking, yes everyone knows this but very difficult as we live in a
    world of duality

    You cannot manifest anything with negative thinking. In the higher realms,
    for example Inner and Hollow Earth, there is no negativity. Negativity will
    disappear and will not be allowed once you enter higher vibrational