Lord Melchizedek: Your Ultimate Wish

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Lord Melchizedek. It is an honor to be present with your shining light.

Today, I wish to encourage you to explore your inner light, and to connect with the Creator, to explore your happiness, your purpose, your existence upon the Earth.

There is a beautiful energy flowing forth in the ascension process from the Creator, it can be experienced as a warm embrace from the Creator where you are comforted and supported in the Creator’s vibrations. In this space of comfort and embrace the Creator intimately asks you through the energy vibration being transmitted, to describe your ultimate wish.

This is the wish of the purest essence of your being, in association with your current reality and lifetime. As the Creator embraces you and asks you this question, so many answers may come into your awareness. There is only one answer that resonates deeply with you, and will create an activation.

Imagine the Creator asking you this one question: What is your ultimate wish?

Imagine that the Creator is ready and willing to grant this ultimate wish. Would you believe that it is possible?

Do you believe yourself to be deserving of your wish manifesting fully? Take some time to contemplate.

Do you truly believe that the Creator can grant you your ultimate wish? Do you truly believe that you will receive it? With this contemplation observe what comes to the surface.

You will discover and understand yourself more thoroughly.
It may be that your ultimate wish is to have a new home or to create a family or to have your business thrive or maybe to go on holiday. These answers are not deep enough, they are not as deeply connected to your essence and your truth as is needed.

There is a need to ask for the vibration of your ultimate wish to activate within you and begin to pulsate throughout your being so that you can begin to pulsate and radiate the energy and the embodiment of your ultimate wish.

Without even understanding what it is, the wish that your soul, your essence, your truth wishes to bring into manifestation will offer complete fulfillment, and connection with the Creator.

I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you daily to ask for the vibration of your ultimate wish to radiate and activate from within your being, merging with your entire being.

I, Lord Melchizedek invite you to meditate upon this vibration of your ultimate wish knowing that as this ultimate wish manifests, and you embody it within your being, the Creator will grant this wish.

It’s not that the Creator judges your wishes, it is that your wish is like a key that awakens and deepens your connection with the Creator. A moment of enlightenment or illumination when you discover, embody, and recognize your ultimate wish.

It will already be present with you. The Creator will only energize and magnify your embodiment of it as if offering blessings. This journey is known as one of the Ascended Master Initiations, and it is taught in many mystery schools and Ascended Masters Schools, and universities across the inner planes.

When you recognize that you can manifest your ultimate wish, something within you changes and shifts.

You learn to trust yourself, you learn to go deeper within, you learn to trust the Creator. You learn to co-create with the Creator. You realize that everything is within you, you realize that in order to manifest something, there is first a need to activate it within your being and to embody it.

You may realize that you feel very undeserving of the Creator’s attention and connection. You may realise that you do not believe that the Creator will support you, and you may not even believe in your own abilities.

This will allow you to recognize many, many wounds that are required to be healed and many false understandings that are required to be realigned with your essence and truth.

The concept that you can achieve, embody and experience your ultimate wish, and the Creator will support you in manifesting your wish, creates such a tremendous journey of growth, and everything that you become aware of, every understanding, every discovery, whether it seems negative or positive, inspirational or blocking will all be part of your journey.

You will recognize the vibration that you truly are. You will recognize the vibration within your being that you have come to the Earth to share with others. To anchor into Mother Earth.

This vibration will manifest in many connections with other people, and many experiences. It is a very transformational initiation supporting you in accessing your happiness, your fulfillment, and your connection, with the Creator or self.

You can begin by inviting the vibration of your ultimate wish to activate within your being and radiate outwards. Then meditate with this and begin to receive any insights, understandings or ideas.

When it feels appropriate, you can call forth the Creator to bless your ultimate wish. It is important to do this when you feel as if you have a great embodiment of the ultimate wish and a great understanding of the ultimate wish.

It is in that moment that you can call for the Creator to bless you and to bless your ultimate wish.

Remember that if your wish is lengthy or if it begins from the physical reality it may not be appropriate.

If the vibration is pure, clear, inspires you, makes you feel happy and fulfilled, while encouraging you to take action in your physical reality, then you will know that the vibration is true.

I, Lord Melchizedek, will be present to support you. It is a wonderful opportunity and the wonderful Ascension initiation.

I thank you,
Lord Melchizedek

**Channel: Natalie Glasson


6 Replies to “Lord Melchizedek: Your Ultimate Wish”

  1. harrrrrie

    Denise, I fly in my dreams too. I read it’s because we flew in other lifetimes and we want to experience it again.

  2. Stu

    I was feeling resistance while reading this, and then it came to me to replace every phrase of “the Creator” with you/your/yourself. When I read it that way, I find much more resonance.

    I also have trouble with the term “wish”, though I do understand why it was presented this way. Most people are familiar with “make a wish”. My issue with it is that I relate, “making a wish” to, “asking some mysterious higher authority for something that is not likely to manifest anyway”. I came to this realization young, after none of my birthday wishes ever amounted to SFA. It did create a lot of questions, though. Why make a birthday wish, or any wish for that matter, if they never work out? Who is this “higher authority of wishes”, and why the hell are they ignoring me? Am I not worthy of my wish?

    As I’ve matured, I’ve realized that there is no other higher authority than Self. I Am Self. I stopped asking Self for things a long time ago. I just do what I want. The current problem with that is, my Wants have been restricted, due to the limits I’ve imposed on my belief of “What is truly possible”. My tools/beliefs were limited because I continued to play the “old tapes” in my head, when I wanted something. “You can’t afford that”, “That’s not possible”, “You don’t deserve that”. I was using my old tools of believing that I need to earn what I want, with sacrifice, sweat and toil. I lacked the tool, or belief, required so I could manifest with desire, intention and knowing I Am worthy of it. I have only begun to make the tools/beliefs to manifest with positive reinforcement. “Yes I can”, “Everything is possible”, “It will find a way to me”.

    At the moment, I know I’ve manifested my wish. It was to be here now, to experience the moment of Self-realization. I don’t need to make any other wish for myself, right now, so I’ll wish that everyone else has theirs come true. Seems almost silly to not make that one, now that I’m starting to understand how they work. LOL

    1. harrrrrie

      Stu, It’s another way of saying we create our reality. What goes around comes around. Send out energies for good and good comes back. Believe it and it’s yours as long as it is benevolent for yourself and everyone. Something big like winning the lottery might not happen because it’s not part of our destiny or soul contract but we can and should still try. Good things will still happen. Also wishes coming true can take a while, and there’s our opportunity for practicing patience and getting ready to take on the responsibilities. Winning the lottery needs a lot of responsibility.

  3. Denise G

    I’m kinda confused with this one:
    I only came up with one answer for my ultimate wish BUT it’s something I already KNOW is going to happen anyway without a doubt so feels weird wishing for it.
    Is there maybe another wish for something else and I just can’t hear it? I only wish for everyone to be happy and feel the Love of Source which is a forgone conclusion as far as I’m concerned at this point.
    Nothing on a personal level I really want, never been materialistic, happy as long as my needs are met so o don’t really wish for that kind of stuff.
    Flying through the sky on my own power would be the only thing I can think of! There’s so much joy when flying in my dreams that I would love to experience it in my body but that’s about it I guess. 🤷‍♂️
    Love and Light All and One
    Denise G