‘The Honeyed Days; The Fallen Yoke…’

As I was coming out of meditation this afternoon, a sun appeared on my inner screen and I heard, ‘The spark is lit, the sound of a single roar echoes out. The solar logos opens to the children of the sun.’ A beautiful winged lion began to orbit the sun then and I heard very clearly the word ‘Revisionist’ (a movement that favours evolution over revolution).

I watched the sun’s rays become more and more intense. ‘The fires are consuming all that does not serve.’ I felt then a single drop of joy land in my heart and begin to expand and take hold. ‘This is the melting into one. The melting pot if you will. One heart. One heartbeat.’

I was shown all of humanity occupying a single human body. ‘One flow of blood in (to the unified heart), one flow of blood out. Every communication on earth linked. Divine intelligence writ large. A corporal corporation.’ (Afterwards I looked up the etymology of corporation and it means to combine in one body!) Countless higher selves began to descend then into form across the globe and as this was happening, a diamond template appeared, guiding the process.

‘The diamond mines the true light. This is the template of the truth.’ I was shown people being hypnotised. ‘The spell was cast but now the spell is broke.’ The awakened people began to come together, forming towers like acrobats. ‘How quickly you organise yourselves. How quickly the work is done, now the workers have awoken.’

A vast bee appeared buzzing over the earth, pollinating, collecting nectar and in her wake beautiful honeycomb grids rippled out. The vision zoomed into a single hexagon – a small, high-functioning community which was then replicated again and again across the honeycombed grid. ‘Hive mind, this time for the better good. The honeyed days. The fallen yoke.’

Now the wooden yoke of a plough dropped to the earth from a man’s shoulders as a single diamond crystal lodged in his throat. ‘Nothing but the truth will be spoken.’ Now I was shown the frequency on earth as a garlanded crown of sound and light encircling Gaia and it being uplifted by some measure and the same frequency radiating out of people’s fields, as a very powerful golden light. ‘Enjoy the fruits of your labour. Enjoy the love of your God.’

**By Jo Hemmant


5 Replies to “‘The Honeyed Days; The Fallen Yoke…’”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Collective consciousness…….we MUST move past “judgement” because we will be able to look right into someone’s heart and “see” what is there.
    This scares everyone…”We can read thoughts?” Basically, yes. So no one will be able to hide darkness, whether it be actions or thoughts.
    Humans must evolve to move to this higher level of consciousness.
    Part of Ascension. We will share thoughts willingly, so they must be pure of Darkness (5D)

    This will make Forgiveness much easier knowing we’ve ALL had dark thoughts or skeletons in the closet, things we dont want exposed.

    Is this really just a training simluation? =)

  2. Kathy

    Thank you. So many light workers have had similar experiences these past few days. Confirmation that the galaxy, planet earth and humanity are moving into unity consciousness. All the cosmic energies have been ignited. We are almost there. First week of July we will be bombarded with an explosion of divine love.

  3. Cardamon

    Not my cup of tea: hive minds and one corporation”. That means humans will be like other animals and have group think? A hive has a queen bee with worker beed, so do humans slave for a master again? Sounds like what we have now. Not for moi. I will remain an idependent thinker with a unique personality. That doesn’t mean I will not love, speak the truth and work for the good of all.

    1. Yup

      Due to our being physically separated, our unique contributions are important to the hive. Each has his own expertise. This is about supporting each other and “the corporation”. I’m not pointing fingers as I have read years ago about the greys having a hive mind etc., but we do need to keep in mind some things: the obstacle of ego, survival instinct interfering with sharing and that this has all been an experiment in the first place in which we volunteered to take part. Truth is supposed to dictate where everyone goes in the hive. It is a matter of love and acceptance of all and that’s not always an easy pill to swallow, but without cooperation how will anyone survive? In the past there were villages where everyone did their thing to contribute to the whole. That is not to say that this is the past, this time we should eventually have the things of the very advanced past which will make the future easier for all. Just saying. I totally get what you mean as I have a lot of rebel in me too. I’m just trying to adapt. This message seems divinely inspired to me and it’s not that I totally like it either. We’ve all been so brainwashed to be separate. Again, just saying.

    2. Linda Rosa

      Thanks, Cardamon – I agree with you completely. No hive mind for humans. We are each individual souls created by Almighty God with free will to do/believe as we wish. Period.