Archangel Raphael: Releasing Anger

Rage is intense or inflamed anger that can sometimes flare out of nowhere. A person who is angry may suddenly find themselves filled with such a fury that it takes them by surprise.

People who fly into a temper or experience burning anger such as this are often victims of abuse or neglect and have formed a very low opinion of themselves. Outwardly, they blame the world and people around them, but inwardly, and maybe subconsciously, they hate and blame themselves.

Intense displays of hatred, rage and violence are more prevalent than ever in the world now because so many people are invested in the drama of the Third Dimension and are hooked into the stream of the Human Collective Consciousness. So many of you are most likely affected in some way by the fluctuating waves of emotion that are continuously circulating the globe, because you are all connected to the all and are therefore intrinsically connected. More than ever, it is imperative to keep your energies clear and to stay out of the grips of the media that only serves to keep people enraged and in fear even more.

Anger, hatred and rage, like all emotions, are held in the etheric bodies as well as the physical body and can have harmful, physical effects if they remain there for a length of time. Anger sits in the liver and bowel, bitterness in the gall bladder, anger and fear in the stomach, guilt and grief in the lungs. Hatred is well known to be a contributing factor to cancer, with toxic energy in the emotional and mental bodies embedding itself in the organs and cells.

It may feel good to be angry and to refuse to forgive a person or people from a situation that happened in the past, but hanging on to any toxic emotions or feelings can make you extremely sick. Deep resentment can cause grudges to form that will often present as a physical ache or pain for which there is no seeming cause. Simmering anger can cause skin eruptions, boils, stomach ulcers and infections. Sending angry thoughts to someone can cause pains that, when seen with the third eye, look like energetic daggers, knives or even swords.

Your mind is a powerful tool as it creates form out of every thought. If you wish to do harm to someone, it is possible to do it without ever touching them. If you wish to send love and healing to someone, the calming effect will be noticeable to the recipient, even if it is felt subconsciously. Any intent one has to send healing or harm will take effect immediately, activating several laws, such as the Law of Cause and Effect as well as that of Karma and other if the intention has been ill. Sending love is something that anyone can do at any time, but sending healing is another matter altogether, as any intervention, even if it is done with the highest and best of intentions, must be done with the permission of the recipient, otherwise it is an intervention that transgresses their free will. This is a pertinent point to consider for those who pray for the healing of others, as help is not always welcome, even if it is sent with love in your heart.

Lessons cannot be learnt if other people are always rescuing us. The emotional body talks through our physical body, telling us loudly and clearly that something is wrong. If no physical cause can be found, it is not that the pain, discomfort or illness is not real, but that the cause is held

Try this meditation to begin to clear your energy fields and bodies to prevent, or to help heal, your physical body of illness and pain.

Releasing Anger

Take three deep, long breaths, concentrating on releasing tension in your shoulders each time. Intend that you are connected to the unconditional light and love of source and call in Archangel Raphael to oversee this healing. Ask that this healing release all anger, resentment and grudges held within your bodies and energy fields for your highest and best.

Tune into the your body and see, feel or visualise the areas in your body that are holding anger. See anger as red or dark energy, feel the tension the anger as warm or tight sensations, or visualise the energy as waves of distortion. Call upon the healing energy of the Raphael and the Universe to resolve and heal the anger back to its source in the highest and best way, resolving and releasing trauma, grief, anger, resentment and any grudges. Also ask that the ties to the person or people involved are cut, healed and sent to the light. Allow the violet energy of forgiveness to permeate your being, releasing all negative and toxic energies from your bodies and energy fields. Hold the energy until you feel a release.

Feel the loving energy of Archangel Raphael engulf you as the healing is completed and your energies are balanced, aligned, grounded and sealed. Tune back into your body  – it should now feel calm and relaxed.

I AM Archangel Raphael

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


3 Replies to “Archangel Raphael: Releasing Anger”

  1. Dill P

    It is what it is. I incarnated into dystopia in a vehicle that has deep emotions. If I was meant to not experience emotions and dystopia I would not have incarnated here. I will not suppress the human experience, if I get angry it’s for a very good reason and I will not blame myself or feel bad for it. I accept all ranges of emotions with love. I am designed to love and if that intention invades any free will then I would think the design is faulty, which it is not. I’m tired of being made to feel I am at fault and doing negative things and I must jump through hundreds of hoops to fix myself. I trust all is well with how I am, I will not let anyone make me think there’s something wrong with me or that I am doing bad when that is not my intention. Thank you for the input, it may suit someone else but not me.

  2. Mag

    The earth isn’t hell, it’s a beautiful paradise that’s currently overrun by evil tyrants who constantly pollute/defile the land, the truth & the quality of life here.

  3. sonja zoghlami

    Merci pour ce message. Peut-on envoyer la guérison à un animal , pour mon cas il s’agit d’un chat perdu qui m’a trouvé dans ma résidence je le nourris le soigne comme je peux mais il a un problème au niveau de la bouche je ne peux que prier s’il vous plait . Elle se nomme Félicie elle est tatouée j’ai fait les démarches sur le site dédié aux animaux perdus. Pour l’instant pas de réponse. Merci de lui envoyer tout votre Amour et prière pour sa guérison et qu’elle retrouve sa famille. Merci Archange Raphael . Merci Victoria. Merci à vous.