Protesters in France Burn Down BlackRock’s Office

I realize I have been publishing a lot of negative news about the economy and state of affairs here in the U.S., and I am sure that many believe I am over-reacting and using hyperbole.

But one reason why one may be tempted to think that way, is because there is not a lot of news about protests and riots around the world right now, and most Americans are not seeing social unrest as they go about their daily business.

Here is a recent report on what is currently going on in France where riots and protests are still ongoing.

French Pension Protesters Storm Paris BlackRock Headquarters

by ZeroHedge News

We noted early that pension protestors in France were gathered outside of BlackRock’s Paris headquarters. The protestors have now stormed the building.

Here are the current scenes from Paris:

France faces another wave of widespread protests and strikes following an unproductive discussion between the prime minister and labor unions. The failure to reach a compromise on the unpopular pension reform, which extends the working years for individuals, has fueled two-and-a-half months of public discontent.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to protest on Thursday against Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform to raise the minimum age from 62 to 64.

Trade union leaders met the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, on Wednesday, but after just an hour of talks — they failed to find a comprise. The Guardian provides insight into some of those conversations:

Cyril Chabanier, speaking on behalf of France’s eight main unions, said: “We again told the prime minister that the only democratic outcome would be the text’s withdrawal. The prime minister replied that she wished to maintain the text, a serious decision.”

Sophie Binet, the new leader of the CGT trade union, called for more protests and strikes after the failed talks with the prime minister:

“We have to continue mobilizing until the end, until the government understands there is no way out other than withdrawing this reform,” Binet said.

Labor unions plan to keep pressure on the government until the Constitutional Council decides on the pension reform. They believe there’s still a chance to block it from becoming law on April 14. If unions are unsuccessful, strikes will likely continue.

“We’re in a social crisis, we have a democratic crisis, there is a problem, and the president has the solution in his hands,” Laurent Berger, leader of the CFDT union, said on RTL radio. 

Bloomberg cited a recent poll that shows most French people oppose pension reform.

And most French people support pension reform protests.

Meanwhile, Macron is meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing today while France enters another round of mass protests.

**By Brian Shillhavy

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  1. tigersnack1114

    SIGH…..I didnt know Costco was owned by blackheart…err…blackrock and I got a membership a few months ago.
    Strangely, my intuition was giving me an uneasy feeling when I bought those rotis~ chicken and the drumwings. Didnt feel good after eating them and getting more uncomfortable vibes. THEN I found out Blackrock owned them and it all came clear….
    I wouldnt eat or use anything they make or is special made for them and I just cancelled my membership


  2. ?

    They entered the building to protest…

    why write that they burned it down when there is no evidence of that ?