The Great Quantum Transition: Destiny

Today, on the Subtle Plane, it is clearly visible what powerful streams of Light are coming from space. Some are like lightning; some are like a flowing golden waterfall. Each of us, depending on personal characteristics, reacts to them in different ways. Some is literally burned to ashes, some gets singes, and some not feels anything. And some becomes very bright and joyful, and perceives this Light as an outpouring of grace.

Burns are not an exaggeration. At first, everything happens on a Subtle Plane. Under the influence of very powerful quantum radiation, our Subtle Bodies can be so destabilized and destroyed that scorches will manifest themselves physically. It all depends on our inner state and adaptability.

Today, we are all changing; some of us faster, others slower, thirds suffer heavily fall sick and die. Everything is very individual. If at the moment of contact with high-frequency energies from outer space our body is not yet ready to receive them, we may feel pain. Preparations for the Transition’s radiations started many years ago, and those who wanted and were ready to accept them are already on their way to 4D and 5D today. Troubles won’t touch them. As an illustration, here is another outspokenly feminine candor, presented in the first person.

Yesterday I walked around the apartment all night, and mentally whined about general fatigue, uncertainty with summer plans, and that, probably, everything scheduled to the end of the year, I can’t pull it off… And all the time I kept repeating: “what is happening to ME?”

And immediately received an answer from my Higher Self: “The keyword is “with ME”, with which you associate, and what you radiate, blocks and suppresses. Earth cleanses now. The goal: to free the body and consciousness of people from old mentality, habits, dogmas and restrictions. And the task is to be purified as quickly as possible and let go of what you cling to, what you identify with.”

And at this point a sharp realization burned within me… Indeed, any dogma-truth-belief with which I (as an Ego, personality) try to identify, cling, and on this basis start to defend it and evaluate the surroundings, blocks the evolution of my Soul and everyone nearby. Only a pure channel can conduct and CREATE, if we maintain its vibration. And only in this case the change and CREATION happens easily and freely.

The best news is that now it has become possible to instantly let go of any thought, attitude and emotion. And make a choice in favor of Love, warmth, tenderness and transfer it to the world. People have become Gods, and they didn’t even notice it. If earlier, to get an illness /troubles in life, it was enough to be violently offended by someone for a couple of months, now, malaises are caused simply by non-ecological thinking.

If we choose that I AM LOVE and become it, saturating reality with it, then, we will step into a new life. It’s very easy to take a step inside self – just one elusive movement-moment. And the preparation for it is a constant awareness of our words, actions, emotions, thoughts that we broadcast outside.

In the afternoon, I went outside to play table tennis. I wanted to distract myself, get grounded and get some fresh air. Tennis teaches to concentrate, to be here and now, to maintain inner balance, calmness in any situation and at high speeds. In the game, I realized that I can also develop strategy, mobility, imagination, treat the competition with a share of indifference. To win, you need to let go of the desire to win. The desire to win is a polarity, a pendulum. It is better not to get involved in the game, but to remain an observer.

Any assessment of the situation, events, people, and in general, the current reality leads only to one thing – rejection. And the most effective way to remove evaluative perception is to allow this assessment to flow freely through your thoughts, watching its unfolding, and not obeying. Observe and only fix the rejection of the situation.

Later, when dealing with the situation, we can rewrite it in the past, taking our energy from there, modeling a new development of events in the most favorable way and thank those who took part in the situation for giving us a lesson.

Reality simply exists, but it can issue background noise when we endow it with this or that assessment. Also, the thoughts and states of others can produce a hum. In this case, we have a sense of emptiness inside, an obsessive feeling of another person, and in our thoughts – inkling of foreignness. Empathy manifests itself more and more. Awareness of this + protection by cleaning are the best to get out from negative situation.

Similarly, disturbing impulses can be sent from our past, where they were manifested, but for some reason not removed. They can materialize physically, as well as in thought forms. In this case, the most effective way is to figure out the reasons by ourselves, without asking for advice and assistance.

There are nuances in asking for help. Plus – we can consider the situation multidimensional and quickly find a solution. Minus – subjective opinion can confuse, overlap, disrupt the inner barometer, and foul up. The most effective method is to ask our Keeper. If he sees fit, he will answer. But it’s not worth abusing it. That’s why we came here, on 3D Earth, to take our lessons and exams on our own.

Liberation from Matrix roles is the way to freedom, to the true “I Am”. Problems and troubles work as a magic kick, helping to identify topics for internal work. And if they are realized and taken into consideration, the cleaning goes faster. If we ignore the warnings, close ourselves off, then, we get new lessons. The Keepers bring us back through new situations to the same topics that were revealed, but not worked out by us. They are returned with the help of another, stronger kick. Therefore, it is better to work here and now, and not put it off.

It always seemed to me that I had done a great job of cleansing myself of a huge number of psychological and energy flubs. It really was a great and good process. Questions of life and death were removed. Relationships, personal life and work have become relatively comfortable. The interests and joys have increased. Well, not without problems, of course, but I continued to work as usual and felt OK in this regard.

But some time passed, and suddenly the picture, which opened up to me, caused a deep shock. It turned out that my Augean stables are still waiting for cleansing, and on a completely different scale. It’s as if I’ve been lovingly tidying up my house with a small garden for the last few years, and now, out of the blue, the shell has cracked, and now, I have a huge estate of thousands of hectares, or a decent-sized city in front of me. And there is a lot of work there.

It’s unpleasant to look at all these layers, but I feel that new energies are coming through me. I am glad to be and realize myself here, where I am now. My consciousness is changing, sometimes in a comfortable gradual mode, and sometimes dramatically and radically. I perceive its “fidgety” as an indication that each current picture is only a facet of a hologram, or a small part of a living and sentient fractal. And when I get scared of something I don’t know, it immediately fills the space with fears.

The reliability of the information we receive will always be and should be in doubt. This is the only way to learn how to define “mine/not mine”. And what prevents us from looking for it on our own, inside ourselves? Or do we think that someone else should tell us the truth? Wade through the dark forest, without direction, without a road, through windbreaks, tired? So, who prevents us from sitting in the forest?

Everything is much easier if we go beyond linear thinking. The Observer is the Player. Just like the Observer Player. Remember how we played a computer or video game where it’s needed to create a character and play on his behalf? We are both in and out of the game, watching the character. It’s the same here and now.

Someday we’ll understand, and we won’t need other people’s explanations anymore. When this happens is a matter of time and effort that we put into the process of cognition. Some people get it, others don’t. Everyone has a different perception. We can expect someone to give instructions for action, but these instructions-tips will not be for us, but for the one who gives them. And ours – they are already in us.

For myself, I now understand “non-involvement” as follows. When we are deeply in, then, we are completely in it, and don’t have enough strength (and even the thought of it doesn’t come) to rise above or distance selves from this situation, at least for a while. And it turns out that we repeat the same mistakes, because we can’t track where, what and why.

When we are not up to our ears involved, we can detach ourselves from it, look at the situation from above or outside, to see the causes and consequences, and, accordingly, to change the outcome at our discretion, i.e., to react differently, consciously. So we can work out these mistakes and never make them again.

Many of us have lost the ability to take our own initiative. We have become not free to wish or not to wish, but are forced to live passively, to be in everything just blind instruments of the whims of our external and internal worlds. We are not able to create new things, but dutifully repeat the proposed life variations, only imitating creativity and independence.

But high-frequency quantum waves, rolling in one after another, began to blur, destroy our way of life and the System that imposed it. The panic of its hidden rulers is becoming more and more evident: they are being exposed, they lose their former levers, and Earth’s high vibrations are becoming uncomfortable for them.

They experience the strongest dissonance with the changing energy of Gaia, and at the level of their astral projections, they begin to go crazy, say absurd and do completely illogical things even by the standards of the astral. This is increasingly evident on the physical plane. We have to take into account that all 3D structures and three-dimensional people are starting to go haywire.

Now, about us so beloved… It finally dawned on me that our awakening, the passage of lessons and their comprehension, directly affects our multidimensional essence. When we step back from the path, are capricious, persist in overcoming patterns, we do not allow any aspect stuck in this or that reality to be realized and released, because something remains in it that has not been worked out. By returning the pieces of our Soul from there, we reset our presence in the past.

The military has a rule: the army always moves at the speed of the slowest soldier. The same applies to each of us. Any of our lagging aspects will be a barrier in spiritual development, which cannot be abandoned, otherwise, we will move forward with difficulty. Moreover, without working through and reuniting with them, it’s impossible to achieve our integrity.

This morning, my understanding, in this regard, was supplemented. Many feel the beauty, wisdom and strength of their Soul, and are ready to move into a limitless state, to go beyond the human form. But sometimes we have to do banal things, communicate and explain something to people in the most primitive situations. It may seem that we are lowering ourselves in vibrations, almost falling through the floor.

In fact, at such moments, when we are doing something routine for someone or explaining the obvious, then, at the same time, we are helping our stuck aspect. We receive an awakening impulse to realize and reconnect it. This is the nature of multidimensionality. Reunions are now a full-flowing river, just manage to balance out.

We are often tormented by the question: “why do I have a bad relationship with this or that person?” The scenarios are always different, but the reason is always the same: the lack of acceptance (mostly of our neighbor, sometimes of selves) and Love. No karmic mistakes, Darks, Grays and other entities have anything to do with it. They are only a consequence, but not the root cause, and if we feed them, they will come and eat us, provoking to negativity.

When someone hooked us on a sore spot, we should thank him that it manifested itself and became available for treatment. We fail the same lessons from life to life, and in fact we are never ready to admit to selves our mistakes (although there are no mistakes, only experience, but we can quickly learn not to fall into the same traps), and tend to blame only other, external factors. We were stolen, insulted, humiliated, and we will never forget or forgive it! We are burning with a desire for terrible and righteous revenge, and we do it immediately. Only at the end of such lives, a person lying on his deathbed regrets, repents and swears to self to correct the mistakes, and … everything repeats again.

Of course, it’s not always about revenge or violence. But these programs clearly show how convinced we are that there is only black and white, bad and good, how much we delegate our life to circumstances, into the wrong hands, relying not on ourselves, but on higher or lower forces, which send us cruel and unfair trials.

No one gives us anything for nothing; we have to work on everything. We are often just not ready for it. There are too many fears in us, we need a thorough cleansing of consciousness, or otherwise, a new vision can throw us into shock. Even unusual information we perceive with difficulty, our brain does not accept it. So what will happen if a vision opens, and we begin to see all the entities that we have bred in our house by scandals, swearing, eternal discontent, because everything is always not enough for us.

Today, it came over me that my heart is closed. I even remembered how I did it when was a child, unable to withstand some emotion, how I mentally surrounded it with a fortress wall. Where I got it from, I do not know, but I definitely identified the source of the pain that I couldn’t cope with. That it’s a heart. And I walled it up. Maybe I remembered it, because it’s time to open it. Simultaneously with this memory, came nausea and tears, as if the devil knows what comes out of there.

It is wrong to wait for new saviors, it is absolutely wrong to want to change the world! There is no duty for awakened people, except one: to search for self, to strengthen self within self, to grope for one’s own way forward, wherever it leads… It deeply shocked me, and that was the outcome of the experience for me.

Such was her discovery…

Indeed, the true vocation of each of us consists only in one thing – to come to self. Find our own, not any fate, and surrender to it internally, undividedly and unshakably. Everything else is half-heartedness, an attempt to sneak away, to shelter in the System, conformism and fear of self.

How to find our destiny, and does it exists at all? We still want to hear “from above” clear instructions about our mission and objectives. With strange regularity, we repeat: “only fools learn from their mistakes, the smart ones learn from the mistakes of others.” Is it so?

Is it possible to give us a “holy book” so that we can immediately learn everything from other people’s postulates? Why then go through any experience at all, if we can just read someone’s truth or get it from the Internet? History knows many examples of people delegating their development to certain schools, trends, religions, philosophies and other egregores. But does this give an effective upgrading of consciousness, or is personal experience more valuable and allows us to minimize the brainwashing by “smart fools”?

Answers to the question of how to find our destiny, it is better to look inside, not outside. Destiny is not an external goal, once and for all set for one life or for a chain of lives. As creators, we constantly influence our destiny, and are even can change it, which is why it is so dynamic. This energy-informational code is at a level much higher than our mind, therefore, to lower the code’s vibration to our level, and even more so to formulate it in words, means in fact to distort it greatly. Who else is able to feel our destiny better than ourselves? Other people’s views and opinions about our mission can sometimes be very confusing if we rely more on them than on own feelings in this matter.

Our mission on Earth is very rarely clearly outlined and formulated. In the vast majority of cases, our Soul needs to gain a lot of different experiences. And if instead of the experience planned in this incarnation, our Soul suddenly got another one, which it also doesn’t have, there is nothing to worry about. If we were going to do one of several important things for today, but it didn’t work out, but could fulfill what we scheduled for tomorrow, then, the day is not wasted. It’s the same with the destiny.

When our Soul comes to this 3D world, it usually has several purposes, or one, but not as specific as we would like. How fatally events occur in our life depends ONLY on our belief in their fatality. As a being with free will, we have full freedom, both in choosing our destiny and in our attitude to it as a whole.

The desire to find an omnipotent guru, or an omniscient website or blogger who will tell us clearly and in detail what our mission in this life has to be, is a common developmental disease of Soul. It’s simply our fear of taking responsibility.

If we suddenly get in a state where the program of our destiny is recorded, all doubts about the correctness of our actions immediately disappear. For example, when a person performs a feat, it happens in consciousness that has risen to the level of the destiny code. Egoistic programs do not work here, such as the instinct of self-preservation, rational thinking, and common sense. From the outside, he may seem crazy or obsessed, but from his personal stand, the situation seems to him extremely clear and plain: what’s going on and what he needs to do.

Later, when a person returns to normal consciousness, he cannot clearly describe what he felt and why so behaved. Usually, he shrugs and says something like: “It was impossible to do otherwise.” In this state, a person is not aware of his destiny, he creates, rewrites it. And later, he discovers that important changes have taken place in his daily life, both internally and in perception of the outside world and circumstances.

An indicator that we can change our destiny is that we stop bothering with it. Anxiety and the desire to find it disappear. If we are trying to understand our mission, we implicitly believe that it is unknown to us. We seek it as messianic programs that will raise us to the highest levels of the Cosmic Hierarchy.

Unfortunately, in most cases such are the usual tricks of our Ego. If a person with the question “how to find his destiny?” is informed that there is no need for this, that he is already fulfilling it: raising and educating his kids, comprehending the basics of cosmic ethics, taking lessons, working out selfish programs, learning Love and acceptance, then, what will be his reaction?

In fact, each of us perfectly feels his destiny and builds own life and destiny on its basis. We simply don’t realize and understand this, considering it a self-evident truth, the main rule of the game. It’s just that the very energy of this code is above our mind and even controls our thinking, leading us in one direction or another.

For us, the concept of destiny is too abstract, too generalized to take it in full. But there is one hint. Doing something, we instinctively track our reaction. If it to our liking, then, we are fulfilling our destiny. And wise versa: when it goes against the grain, we are on the wrong track. Our teacher is not some omniscient guru, but life itself. A real teacher does not give knowledge; he shows how to get it, sets the vector of search, orientation, but first of all, TEACHES US TO THINK INDEPENDENTLY, FOR SELF.

What does our conscience say? Its answer is enough to fulfill our destiny. Don’t act against our conscience; don’t do what we do not like. Yes, it’s that simple. There is no need to strive to bring this feeling into mind, rationalize it. Otherwise, it will begin to degenerate into a set of obligatory rules, “commandments”, into the concepts of “good-evil”, “right-wrong”, “necessary-not necessary”. Over time, this will cause a lot of confusion and a desire to conform to the letter of the rules, rather than their internal content. This is clearly seen in the example of our mass religious teachings. Our mind is unable to reach the vibrations of the Soul, they work on different levels. And it is good when the mind is obedient to the voice of conscience, and not vice versa.

Intuitively, we understand the difference between life and existence, when we live and in which cases we exist. Our Ego is a tool, a mechanism, operating according to programs embedded in it, whether it is behavior or psychological reactions to the same type of stimuli. And our Soul does not live on the programs, but creatively, here and now, that is, in the flow.

If our life becomes too automatic, too measured and monotonous, when all our actions are strictly regulated, subject to rigid order, schedule, rhythm, so that it’s impossible for the vibrations of the Soul to break through this crust, then, we have a feeling that our Soul and body live by themselves, like divorced spouses in the same apartment.

If we are not in the “here and now” state, it means that our Ego has ceased to serve the Soul, and has come under the other forces’ run. They can reprogram the Ego in their own interests, and as a result, it and the Soul finally cease to understand each other. This can lead to mental and physical illnesses, or to purely formal interaction, since the Ego is energy dependent on the Soul.

For the Ego, its “I” always means some distinct objects – the corpus, the mind, the astral body, the self-perception as a person. When the “I” is manifested by a Soul, the feeling of an outsider prevails, not “I am something”, but simply “I am”, and can easily tune in to any object, identifying with it, feeling like it, and instantly understand what kind it is, how it senses, what it thinks, and so on.

Our true vocation consists only in one thing – to come to ourselves. We are often convinced that we don’t have the time, energy, or ability to independently improve the quality of our consciousness. We believe that if we find the right website, religion, organization, book, teacher, guru, or advisor, we can minimize the effort needed to develop our own experience of truth. We are sure that the teacher will explain what the right thing is, and we will just believe it.

We are certain that this strategy will work. Not really. It is impossible to pave the way to the quality of consciousness through faith to the same extent as it is impossible to become a virtuoso violinist, karate master or president of the country with the help of faith. And there is another problem: choosing the right person to believe. But how can we do it without having sufficient wisdom? Yes, knowledge can be obtained from other people, but we achieve wisdom only through our own surviving and experience, and it cannot be transmitted by others.

Stop looking for something outside of yourself and start listen to what is inside you. We are afraid of what we might discover, but this is the only place where we can find what we need. If our brain is a radio, then, the heart is a radio tuner on the wave of our choice.

**By Lev


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