Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Natural Way of Living

The end times are serving their purpose by giving all souls the opportunity to grow at a faster rate than any earlier time, when life was slow and opportunities were very few and far between. In modern times a day rarely passes by without several situations presenting themselves to you that could help raise your vibrations.

It might be as little as a kind word or gesture yet you may not realise how much it helps, and even as little as a cheerful greeting can lift a person up. Given the opportunity most souls can be friendly and delightful to meet, yet many people are reluctant to show their true feelings.

Without a doubt you live in troubled times and looking back there have been few occasions on which you have felt at peace. However, better times lay ahead and will come regardless of the efforts of the dark Ones to interfere. So do not be drawn into situations that pull you down, and if necessary walk away from them.

Humans can be extremely kind and helpful if allowed and it is their natural way of living. By nature they can be volatile and quick to rise up in anger but that is not their natural way. However, it is possible to control your reactions to what is happening around you and maintain a peaceful outlook, that can be achieved by practising patience.

One of the main problems humans have is keeping patient and in control of their temper. You are certainly in very trying times and be assured you will feel all the better by being able to be in full control of your feelings. We know it is hard to be at one with everything around you, but it is part of your experiences needed to help you stay calm when all around you can be bedlam. By doing so you can help bring calmness to a situation and possibly stop it getting out of hand. We are always with you and will give every support when you are determined to raise your vibrations.

With so much going on in the world that puts pressure upon you we know it is difficult but if you are successful you are also helping those around you. Calmness is essential in all circumstances and once you can control it you are well on the way to success. We know it is easier said than done but you need to have a goal to aim for that will keep you on the right path. We know that many of you are fully aware of what is necessary to achieve success, and we celebrate your determination to succeed. The fact is that you will feel all the better for achieving your aims and it will give you extra strength to keep carrying on.

We do sympathise with those of you who through circumstances beyond your control are having a tough time, but again we tell you that you are not given tasks beyond your ability to handle them. We would remind you that your life plan is discussed prior to your incarnation and you did agree with it. There are times when you are so keen to lift yourself up that you are prepared to take on more than we recommend but usually good sense prevails. Clearly every effort you put in to be successful will help you achieve your objective.

You are a calming influence wherever you go and often attract people to you for that reason. If only they could see your aura that radiates beautiful clear colours like the rainbow. Colours that are bright and clear seem to reach out to you and give out uplifting energies, and you would see similar colours in the auras of healers and souls who had evolved through their dedication to the light.

As you evolve you will also begin to see auras and possibly learn of their specific value, the indigo colour being the highest vibration. Those souls who read auras can for example tell you where you need healing, and your general condition of health. In fact the onset of bodily illness can be seen and also existing conditions. The brighter your colours signifies a soul who is more highly evolved. You are in effect like a walking library that can be read by those souls who have keener eyesight and know how to use it.

Healers have control over their energy and can use it for healing by “thinking its colour” according to what they understand is needed. It has been proved that such healing is successful but it can be negated if the receiver does not believe in it and blocks it. Sometimes self-healing takes place as obviously you can use it in that manner, through your own visualisation by “seeing” the needed energies filling you aura, and can also occur quite naturally.

In general terms a healthy life style will lead to a healthy body so there is much you can do to look after yourself. It all comes down to the state of your energy and your own way of thinking. Those souls who naturally give out healing energies are a joy to be with as they make you feel good just to be in their presence. Much healing can also be achieved by such positive souls without their knowledge. At some time or another nearly every soul has experienced the “feel good factor” by simply being in a certain persons company. When you can comprehend the beauty of healing you will understand that much takes place quite naturally.

As time passes more souls will find they have healing abilities and realise the power of thought. It works for better or worse which is why we have asked you to guard your thoughts. Be aware if you wish someone ill health or a similar fate it will come back to haunt you as you will also attract it to yourself by doing so. However, providing you do not empower your thoughts with energy you safely talk through such matters.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.