Lightening of the Skies

For the believers, and for those who want to believe… It’s coming.

“The Stage Is Set For The Lighting Of The Skies! The Friends Are In Place To Welcome You With Love! Awaken, Beloved Ones! Soon We Rise As One! The Best Is Yet To Come!” ~ #LAKA

5 Replies to “Lightening of the Skies”

  1. Merry Ann

    We so appreciate all of your help and love. We feel we are nearing the end of the evil, and the beginning of our New Life on a New Earth. We can’t wait to meet you! Merry Ann.

  2. Paladin

    Kab is the guy on Twitter who is so enlightened the minute anyone leveled and criticism at Trump he immediately blocked them

    Anyone who can’t see Trump for who he is can’t be some enlightened 5D love bunny.

  3. Jared

    Beam me up Jesus I want medbed and mango pie:) Vegan of course like peace pies san diego so yumyum amen!

  4. john

    Im there with my brothers and sisters love you all love the whole world regardless of alliance all is in the eyes of creator who loves all.