Sananda: The White Hats Are In Control

I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, in this time of great light that is beginning to become illuminated within the planet.

All of the many changes that are upon you, increasing how seemingly every moment, whereas before, if you think about this years ago, very little seemed to have been changing. But look now! Look at all of the great changes that are happening, seemingly not so positive.

But yet, always remember, always remember the great universal plan that is at work here, where you’ve heard many times ‘trust the plan.’ And even though it can be difficult at times to do so, continue to do so. Because as you have heard so many times: nothing can stop the plan.

The White Hats, the Alliance have this well in control. For it is not only those here on the Earth, but those that are above in the ships. Those many civilizations that are here to assist this entire ascension process. They are behind the scenes. Not interfering directly, although at times there is a need for that. And there has been at times. But know that as everything continues on in the moment, the great changes continue on.

All you need to do as a collective consciousness, and as a Lightworking Community is to realize always that this is just a part of the expression that needs to play out here, what you call a movie or a show. Just let it play itself out. Continually be aware, watch what is happening, know what is happening so that when the moments arrive where someone, one of your brothers or sisters, is seeking answers, seeking the truth, you will be there to provide that for them when they call for it, when they ask for it. But know this. Know, as these times continue to move along, more and more will begin to be revealed to those who are ready to hear the words. Those who are ready to see what is really happening, just a you have been seeing beyond the veil.

It is time now for the veil to completely be eliminated, even though it is really not even there at this time. But if your three-dimensional consciousness that still holds that illusionary veil to this world. Let it go, now. Let it be not there any longer. Because as you believe, so shall ye see; that is the promise. The promise that will take you, indeed, to the promised land. The promised land of your ascension. You are all in the midst of that ascension.

Even as the storm continues to rage, you are moving through that storm and will continue to do so. And although it will at times appear to be quite rocky, know that you are moving into a smoother part of this experience. It is coming. Just trust. Let go and be ready.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to move through these times, remembering always that this system that you are in is coming apart at the seems. And you are the ones that are bringing this down.

**Channel: James McConnell

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25 Replies to “Sananda: The White Hats Are In Control”

  1. John

    Blessed are those in hunger and thirst for Justice
    For that is all we have left on the menu.

  2. Yup

    You cannot believe everything that is written. Propaganda of all forms has been out there. That is why you need to have faith. You may see things that you will need to see through. Things are happening that I can see indicate big changes are afoot, for one thing the layoff’s in Mickey Mouse’s world.

  3. TheNOWTeam


  4. Lilas

    I think that the White Hats and Black Hats are friends who
    play the “Game of Live”with us.We are their puppets.

    1. terry

      I believe the White Hats and our ET Friends know who the Black Hats are. We are at war and the atrocities the Black Hats have brought on us I believe can be identified and removed almost immediately.. Stop the 5D chess and treat them like enemies of war. Finish this . We think you can. Trust that plan.

    2. Jon

      Exactly! I’ve been getting this all along. Everyone is being played. We need to keep the faith in Creator and look within. Humanity has a history of ‘following the leader’ and being told what to do. Enough is enough. They all want everyone to remain calm. Did the colonists remain obedient to England during the Revolutionary War? No, they didn’t. They fought for their sovereignty and freedom.
      If the ‘White Hats’ were in control then you wouldn’t have all these incidents still happening:
      1) chemtrails constantly
      2) daily occurrences of train derailments
      3) factory fires all over the country almost on a daily basis
      4) war
      5) shootings all over the US
      6) massive inflation

      And the list goes on. So, focus within and follow your own discernment and heart. Stop listening to ‘Q’ and Trump and everyone else.

  5. Jared

    How to trust the plan if we haven’t been told what it is?

    I say update the plan!

    GESARA now amen!

    If you know who is good and bad and can track everything let us start exchanging and at least get part of our wealth and we can start doing our projects.

    There will be less suffering and people can take a breather and wake up and get involved.

  6. R

    There are no true white hats, only shades of grey hats and then the truly black hats. If it we’re not for the positive galactics heavily influencing the various military and agencies… There would be nothing but black hats still in control. Maybe one day there will actually be white hats on this planet.. But imo humanity’s conciousness is not there yet.. Especially not those of the military or agencies or secret societies. Not saying there aren’t those fighting to rid us of evil.. But it aint simply just black and white. Many have ulterior motives for fighting the cabal, some still have committed terrible things in the past and some think they should have more wealth and power than the average working normies going forward. I think there are many factions of grey hats and they dont quite all see eye 2 eye on the post cabal world… Humanities golden age should not be negotiated behind the publics back by former global elites and secretive grey hat militaries, but by the awakened masses uniting together after learning many truths. Maybe we need the positive galactics to physically show up and help clean up this global mess after the black hat losers are sufficiently neutralized and its safe for them/us.

  7. Jared

    If good beings in control please make it visible thank you.

    Beam me up Jesus I want a medbed session amen!

    1. Light bearer

      Personally I think that the main power groups are:

      – good-hearted galactics: have the most power and are most “in control” but choose not to exercise their power much, except to prevent nuclear war etc.

      – “white hats” (really more like gray hats, in my opinion) who have a very “let’s allow the black hats to make average people suffer, it’ll wake them up” attitude towards average people. They have the next most amount of control.

      – black hats / cabal / etc, who have the least amount of power.

      How can you confirm this? Well, no nuclear war has taken place, we’re not in WW3 right now and the worst-case pandemic and “vaccine” death scenarios haven’t unfolded. So the galactics are doing their thing.

      And the gray hats are rolling out a lot of soft disclosure.

      The black hats aren’t really in control, because if they were, 95% of the population would have been wiped out. Or at the very least we’d be in covid / climate lockdowns right now, and the “vaccines” would have been made mandatory long ago.

    2. Emma

      You want a medbed, you also want Nesera.
      How about you manage your life instead of expecting others to do it for you. Responsibility is what you need in your life.

      Jesus (Sananda) did not use a medbed, he just healed people. He said we would do what he did, and even more.

      God and Jesus never wanted us to be weak and needy.

      1. Mike Ohira

        I can say nobody in this world is healthy…look at the air we breathe,
        the water we drink and the food we eat every day ….don’t seem healthy at all.

        Everyone of us need Medbed!

        1. Emma

          Only because you all are of little faith.
          You think your bodies are weak, and that you are weak, and so it shall be!

          Does not matter if the air is dirty, or the water or the food. We are stronger than all of that. They have tried to kill us for decades, but they cant, because even when we feel weak, we are strong. But if we understood that we are NOT weak, then we would be invinsible.

      2. Kurt

        Exactly….this is exactly the answer one should be speaking if separate from the inumerable distractions, walking in the Truth of the Light. Thank you and Namaste.

  8. Paladin

    So the White Hats are responsible for billions of people getting the deadly vaccine. The White Hats launched the fake pandemic. The White Hats are responsible for lock downs. The White Hats launched the War in Ukraine which has killed 100’s of thousands and destroyed a country. The White Hats are trying to destroy gender with the Transexual agenda. The White Hats are systematically destroying the food supply. The White Hats are pushing a nuclear war…..on and on.

    The White Hats are in control we are told.

    Excuse me for pointing out the obvious but with friends like these White Hats, why do we need enemies?

    This message is from Jesus?

    1. Emma

      I see white hats that has displayed for humanity to see, what humanity has allowed for decades, well longer, but lets just stay in our own lifetime.

      People are very narcisitic, and are into their beloved mobile phones or computers or carrers etc. They have not stopped the deep state, but allowed children to have more than 50 vaxxines. Why do people even take medicine?, why do people allow medicine, as it is all bad.

      It is absurd beyond comprehension what we have allowed to be the reality we live. The money system we have accepted, the Pharma we have accepted, the religions we have accepted, all of it corrupt to the core, but people dont want to see it.

      The church are into sex with children, as is common know, in this century, but people refused to see it in the 70’ties when Sinead O’Connor said it. She became very hated.
      Now the Dalai Lama also is into sex with children, as the very recently video shows (lick my tonque). But people dont want to see it, they will defend it. And that stupidity the white hats cannot remove.

      1. Paladin

        What you fail to realize is we are born into a system. A system that conditions the minds of people to believe unconditionally a whole litany of lies and deceptions. Some call it the matrix, I call it the education and mass media. It’s not some mystery or aliens who control these institutions, they are mostly controlled by Jewish monied interests and Jewish pressure groups.

        They always target the youth. Parents let their kids have 50 vaccines because “vaccines are good” has been repetitiously implanted in their subconscious mind. Some small percentage break free from the programming, some it never really took ahold.

        What are you doing in your post is blaming the victim. Do you think 67% of the US population would have taken the deadly vaxx if they understood it will cut their life short or disable them? Of course they wouldn’t, but they have been so demoralized with lies a brainwashing that they just don’t know any better.

        How do you make a lie truth? Repetitiously repeat the lie. What is spell casting? Repeating a phrase or outcome you want to happen. You can reprogram your own subconscious mind by repeating a new truth or reality to yourself.

  9. Ioana Maria

    “The elites have begun pumping mRNA into the US meat supply, with plans underway to insert synthetic mRNA into commercial milk and vegetables. And Congress has been exposed covering for Big Pharma and allowing them to pump mRNA into our food supply without our knowledge.” (source:
    When you eat products containing mrna, will you feel satisfied thinking that it’s happening with the blessing of the White Hats “for the awakening of the population”?
    I think that soon the population will wake up more than the White Hats would enjoy, realizing that these White Hats are the “false savior”. Soon, more and more people will wonder what new trap is being prepared for them by the “false saviors”. Do the false saviors consider it to their advantage that people have their bodies full of nanobots?
    But wait… It’s so good that there are extraterrestrial allies who might do “the right thing” for these nanobots to be disabled!…Hmm… For your best sleep, do not doubt the messages received through channeling from those friends of the White Hats! (I personally have a very bad feeling in my heart about the source of this message. What do you feel deep inside your heart?)

    1. Emma

      You sound like a dark hat. Spreading fear. I have a bad feeling about you.

      Nothing, NOTHING they have done to us, for decades has killed us, as we are so very strong. We dont have to wait for a savior, as we our selves are so very strong. So resilient. We are able to overcome everything, if we stay out of the fear that you create… and most of us do 🙂

    2. Hans

      I also have that bad feeling, especially when they are talking about help from galactical beings and ships that are circling above the earth. Really, Sananda, I thought you would know that the Father has given ALL power to his creation here on earth, every human being that is born of a woman on earth has this power to become the sons of God. He has given everything to His Son, that is us. So, how come must we expect help from these ships of beings that I don’t know? Come with proof, I say. Information is an image, an image is information. If you want me to believe your image, you first have to proof that my image is wrong.

  10. Mike Ohira

    This year 2023 is gonna be a BIG YEAR! The EVENT is coming, Rainbow
    Wave & Solar Flash is coming, then we have Nesara/Gesara, QFS, EBS….
    We’ll have the RV too. Get prepared, everyone!