Solar Being: Observe the Imbalances of Your Bodies

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM ANIMANI! THE SOLAR BEING!

I bring along with me Light, a lot of Light. And at this moment I fill the heart of everyone who is listening to me with Love, with surrender, with this ball of Light.

My brothers, the Light is powerful; imagine that today, at this moment, a rain of blessings is falling on this planet. There are many Codes of Light and these codes are available to everyone, there are no restrictions, there are no judgments. They are falling into and penetrating the physical bodies of all Earth’s inhabitants.

What do these Light Codes bring? Mainly Love, mainly liberation, conscience, truth. And what changes do these codes bring to you? The need to be truthful, the need to look at everything without judgment, without judgment of any kind. And when you act in a contrary way, your body feels it, your mind complains, there is discomfort in your whole body, because what you have just done is being contrary to what you are receiving.

Now let it be very clear: the more your heart has Love, the more your heart has Light, the more codes are absorbed. It is as if your heart were a magnet that attracts those codes that are arriving, but not a magnet as you know it, a magnet that attracts energies of the same power. So the more you vibrate Love, the more you vibrate Light, the more codes you receive and you are prepared more and more, to act within the precepts of Light.

Whatever is outside, bothers, brings internal disharmony, brings imbalance.

Pay attention to your bodies, don’t see everything you are feeling as a disease. If the doubt is too big, look for those who can remove it. But don’t take everything your bodies show as illness. Your bodies are also changing and are slowly adapting to all this Light, transforming into a crystalline body and this change is not easy or simple for your carbon based bodies.

The etheric structures of your bodies are being modified, first to resonate with all of this incoming energy, and lastly your physical body. Notice that when you are calm, peaceful, emanating Love and joy, your bodies seem to do the same. You are willing, you are feeling vigorous, balanced, without inharmonious needs. Now, when you get out of the way, your body responds with imbalances, with needs that are no longer what you should actually be consuming.

So be aware that every time you feel like ingesting something that you know is not good for this journey, your body is out of balance. He is looking for these substances, something that he doesn’t know, but that he believes he can rebalance himself with them. So be very careful, it’s not that it’s forbidden for you to ingest such substances, but be careful not to make yourself slaves to them, not to create new habits, because your body is out of balance, it’s looking for something that will bring balance to it, and that’s all that’s what he knows.

Then he will tend to do it; slipping, eating wrong, acting wrong. So pay close attention to what you want to eat, to ingest. Is it real a will, something that happens sometimes or is it something you are repeating often? Something isolated doesn’t do much harm, now something constant starts hitting your own body. Because in his imbalance, when trying to balance but you eat something that is not good, the imbalance increases and you will tend to eat more and more of what you shouldn’t.

So, a good solution: when you feel like eating something that you know is not good, eat something alive, a fruit. A fruit is alive, even outside the tree it is alive, if it weren’t, it wouldn’t rot, it just doesn’t receive energy from the place where it was planted, but it still exists, it still lives. So eat living things, always have a fruit on hand. As a last resort, if you don’t like any fruit, then drink water, fill your body with water, I guarantee that balance will come and you won’t cause any more imbalance.

Pay attention to what is happening to your bodies.

Now, an important point is that many have a hint of doubt. As I said that everyone is absorbing these Codes of Light, the question is: who is not of the Light also absorbs? I would prefer to believe that you would already know this answer. The Codes of Light are descending for everyone, but they penetrate where the heart is illuminated. Where it is not, it is exactly the opposite: they hit and leave, they do not penetrate because the energy there is incompatible with them.

Light codes, they are falling, as I said, there is no discrimination. Now to penetrate your bodies, it depends on the heart, it depends on the Light that is emanated by each heart, it depends on the intensity of the Light that is emanated. If you emanate a lot of Light, you absorb many codes, if you emanate little Light, you absorb few codes. Everything is proportional, we cannot forget the choices and each choice is always respected.

So pay attention to your bodies, pay attention to what you vibrate, don’t become even more unbalanced by attending to your bodies desires, because they don’t know what they ask for. Remember, your bodies are still in the Third Dimension and they know pleasure, the pleasure of eating, certain things that are tasty for you, but not healthy, so be careful.

Watch your imbalances, watch how your bodies react. This is a way for you to keep yourself more absorbent of all these Light Codes. Because the more balanced the body, the more codes penetrate and the more the transformation takes place. And you become more and more, enlightened beings, powerful beings, ready to know how to discern what is right and what is wrong. Make your choices and reap the results.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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2 Replies to “Solar Being: Observe the Imbalances of Your Bodies”

  1. Matteo

    I experienced what Animani said just yesterday… I fell from my balance tempted by an ambient with STRONG tasty delicious things that my 3rd body used to enjoy time ago..from animal source…memories..milk,butter, chocolate, ice creams etc etc just in this case with more variety, high quality, superb cooking. indeed I ve been in this ambient since some days and this happens since a yesterday i was quite Horny myself (comes often at the end of the moon and I have no se partner at this time lol) and I moved and tested one thing.. then came another..then came another.. at the end of the day i discoverd i was really heavied…not in good connection with myself.. rather few word in worse condition, very unbalanced.. return on track today strong of this experience, never to return falling anymore. So Welcome and Thanks to Animani and EoL for this issue..I come right to confirm what is writteln as Human. Love and Light. Matteo