“We are all in the state where we will feel the transcendence deeply now.

The Old Duality is serving us no more: the THEY and We, I and YOU.

The wanting to fix others, because what we see in them, is reflecting back to us, and all we have not loved nor owned within ourselves. For every soul is but a mirror to you. And this applies to all of humanity, for before you incarnated you were briefed on the fact, that every human trait which is represented on earth, in one form or another, is there inside of you, as well. Why? Because you cannot be separated from the whole.

What you perceive as shadow, is there within you.

What you perceive as light, is there within you.

So often in relationships, we drew to us those partners who will reflect out own seeming brokenness back to us. Therefore there always has been the tendency to want to fix them, straighten them out, which indeed was futile!

You cannot fix another person, nor can you straighten them out, nor can you change even one hair on their bodies, nor whatever they are mirroring back to you.

You can only fix yourself, and change yourself, and indeed acknowledge the lessons they bring, by recognizing the shadow within yourself, as well as the light. You are both!

Duality brought us immense soul lessons in mastery.

It taught us, that the more we wanted to create peace, the more we created wars, within and without. You cannot create peace, if you are at war within yourself – and your own immediate family circle. For what is within you, will reflect outside of you. You can only create peace, or attract peace, if you are at peace within yourself!

The truth is that we all have shadow and light within ourselves.
We now are in the process were we are all being challenged to embrace that shadow, as much as we are embracing the light. For in truth they balance each other out. In truth duality can only exist, if we give ENERGY to it, if we feed it!

For duality consciousness breeds separation!

Unity consciousness, in truth is unconditional love. It embraces both shadow and light, and thus cannot judge anymore. It indeed knows that shadow plays a part, as much as light plays a part. Therefore the womb of the mother, is dark. Yet in this very darkness, the seed gestates and creates new life and new beginnings.

The darkness serves as much as the light.

There is a beautiful unfolding here.

The more we transcend, the more conscious become of the mirrors.

The more conscious we become of our own inner soul self, and what we are creating and manifesting within ourselves, which is reflecting back to us on the outside.

The master indeed is so fulfilled and balanced within him/herself, that all which is reflected, it immediately acknowledged, and then worked through and transcended.

I would add, transmuted. For the energy of anger, for instance, through power of true forgiveness and loving grace, is transmuted into the joy and love. It thus changes form. The anger is not denied. It is indeed acknowledged and thanked for what it is mirroring back to oneself, and then the question is asked: Where am I angry? Where am I holding onto anger (which may not be openly expressed but repressed until it one day boils and spills over). What do I need to forgive within myself and others? Where am I not denying my own shadow, because I am too afraid to look deeply into the wound?

We so often point fingers at those who wage wars – but is it not that war is so often raging within and is reflecting in your relationships? Is it not that we often say things to those nearest and dearest to us, that we would never dare say to a stranger, or even those we work with and for?

Again, you cannot create peace if all is warring within you! This why humanity has failed time and time again to create artificial peace.

There are deep and profound lessons in highest mastery lined up here for all of us.
When the 3D rises to challenge you, then go deep within and ask yourself, why?

Then go deep into the Chamber of your own Sacred Heart and Soul, and then go and dissolve those charges, resolve what ever comes up. Go and sit with that shadow, and ask it: “What are you reflecting to me? Why am I denying you? What are you trying to teach me? How can I love you?”

And you will find that the deepest shadow, once resolved, dissolved, and loved into transcendence, open the floodlights of Heaven for you to experience even greater Light and more than this unconditional love!

The heart opens: “Thank you! I love you!”

Transcendence means I am love, I see and feel only love! I am Balanced! I am at Peace! I am free!
We are all being freed to be simply our true Soul Self and to live our Soul Truth with unconditional love.
In the highest and best way, for the highest good of all.”

(Excerpt from my “The White Flame of Illumination” Course Level IV”)

**By Judith Kusel