2023 Eclipses and Pluto Retrograde

Big Energy & Consciousness Changes

In my April 2, 2023 article, Additional NEW Template Layer Added, I talked about perceiving a vast deep BLUE colored energy template LAYER recently added to the Divine Mother Feminine template of ascending NEW Earth for NEW Humans. Since then, I’ve been curious about how some of this latest template layer addition would manifest individually and collectively. To me it’s felt strange lately, I mean more so than usual, kind of like how it often feels before a physical earthquake happens.

There’s a steady buildup of energetic pressures that, if you’re sensitive, you very much feel in your physical body and nervous system. And it is not a pleasant feeling and makes you energetically anxious, edgy, uncomfortable and high-strung until the earthquake(s) physically releases that built-up pressure. The moment it does, that pent-up internal pressure you were living with is instantly dissipated, and you feel oh so much better.

This 2023 six-month Eclipses and Pluto Retrograde period may make some feel like there’s a lot of internal energetic “movement” going on within them. It’s not earthquakes, but energy templates and energy patterns getting jostled around, removed and replaced. How this feels to each of us will be slightly different, but I’m certain you will sense and feel another big chunk of old Duality reality being demolished, and additional NEW Triality reality put in place within us.

On April 19, 2023, there’s a Total Solar (Sun) Eclipse happening at 29° Aries, (Fire) which is ruled by Mars. Two weeks later there’s a Lunar (Moon) Eclipse happening at 14° Scorpio, (Water) which is ruled by Pluto, but before Pluto’s discovery, was ruled by Mars.

On May 2, 2023, Pluto goes Retrograde at 0° Aquarius 21″ (minutes). Six months later Pluto goes Direct on October 12, 2023 at 27° Capricorn 53″. Pluto going Retrograde for half of this year is directly connected to all of the 2023 Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Also, when Pluto goes Direct motion on October 12th, it quickly reenters 0° Aquarius 0″ on November 20, 2023, and does NOT Retrograde back into Capricorn again. From November 20, 2023 forward, Pluto is in Aquarius for the next 20.2 years.

We are hurtling through mega evolutionary Ascension Process changes faster than ever before in 2023 because a tremendous amount of old Duality-based patriarchal reality is swiftly being removed and simultaneously replaced with higher NEW Triality-based energy template layers. The April into May, and October 2023 Solar / Lunar Eclipses, plus Pluto’s final months in Capricorn are all helping accomplish this rapidly for NEW Humans and NEW Earth.

Six months later on October 14, 2023, there’s a Solar (Sun) Eclipse at 21° Libra, (Air) which is ruled by Venus. Two weeks later there’s a Lunar (Moon) Eclipse at 5° Taurus, (Earth) which is ruled by Venus.

Do you sense some important 2023 energy themes unfolding and coming into focus?

As I’ve said before, I don’t perceive astrology from the old lower pre-ascension frequency level of consciousness and reality. I perceive it from where I exist today, in this moment. Because of this, my astrological interpretations are and will continue to be Triality-based and somewhat different, less linear and separated. That said, I’m going to throw out some points about these 2023 Eclipses and Pluto going Retrograde and then Direct around the same time as these Eclipses.

To me the first standout Eclipse feature is highlighted Mars, the second standout Eclipse feature is highlighted Venus.

The 29th Degree Energy

The April 19th Total Solar Eclipse happens at the 29th degree of Aries. Any planet, point, angle in the 29th° of any sign is called the Anaretic Degree. The last degree of every sign has a strong sense of urgency, finality, of big changes on the brink of happening, and symbolizes karmic completion related to that planet’s or point’s energy, which in this case is Mars at 29° Aries, and it’s a Total Solar Eclipse meaning EVERYONE will be experiencing Mars at 29° Aries energies.

This April 19, 2023, Total Solar Eclipse at 29° Aries is pushing every person to come to terms with the fact that they are not who they’ve believed themselves to be. I sense humanity is going to experience being pressured to evolve and expand (29th°) their personal sense of self and human identity (Aries). Are you Duality-based patriarchal preprogrammed herd sheeple people, or are you evolving into a Triality-based free HighHeart centered NEW Human? This Solar Eclipse will push us all to promptly broaden our sense of personal identity, free ourselves from pre-ascension patriarchal limitations, childish beliefs, disempowerment and separations and individually eclipse karmic completion and become an evolving, ascending NEW Human of NEW Earth.

It often happens that some people choose to die and exit physicality during Eclipses. Eclipses are energy points when there’s a type of momentary opening, a brief clear open space of energetic neutrality that’s easier than usual to exit a physical incarnation. Some people will take advantage of these 2023 Eclipses to do just that, die and leave physical life and reality. Be prepared for this possibility throughout these April into May and October 2023 Eclipses.

Some people will die and exit this world via these Eclipses, while those of us that remain will feel the evolutionary stress and strain of becoming much more of our greater, higher Selves in these physical bodies, identities and individual sense of self. Aries is individual self; opposite sign Libra is all Others.

Back and forth old lower frequency Yin Yang Duality with the Sun and Moon / the Moon and Sun 2023 Eclipses and all of them taking place in Mars and Venus energies.

  • Solar Sun masculine, male
  • Lunar Moon feminine, female
  • Sun eclipsed
  • Moon eclipsed
  • Mars, masculine, male
  • Venus, feminine, female

When viewed like this it’s easy to see the pre-ascension Duality separation of Mars/Venus, male/female, masculine/feminine, Sun/Moon and how that’s influenced humans, human consciousness and physical reality. However, what’s taking place now is the permanent dismantling of the old Duality-based energy template we were born into. All of what’s been separated and dualized continues being torn down and replaced with a totally NEW higher frequency, greater integrated, unified Triality-based energy template we continue evolving into.

These 2023 Eclipses and Pluto going Retrograde into Capricorn for the final time for six months between Eclipses—and them being distinctly Mars/Pluto and Venus highlighted—indicates that humanity will be undergoing greater removal of old patriarchal Duality male/female, masculine/feminine, Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars energetic separation and separation consciousness. Simultaneously humanity will individually and collectively be undergoing much greater integration of male/female, masculine/feminine, Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars energies and consciousness.

Pluto Retrograde for six months back into late degree Capricorn is putting the final expiration touches on the dying global patriarchy and the profound separation that went with it. When Pluto goes Direct motion and reenters 0°Aquarius on November 20, 2023, after the two October Eclipses, you and I and much of unaware humanity will be magnificently more individually and collectively energetically integrated. When greater energetic integration takes place, it automatically produces more Triality consciousness and therefore reality.

Over the past few years, I repeatedly written about how the ascension Divine Mother Feminine is anything but goddess like, warm and fuzzy, plump and cuddly etc. SHE/IT is something new to humanity in that SHE/IT is greatly integrated and contains both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. And vice versa. The less old separation there is, the more powerful everything naturally becomes.

The greater the energetic CHANGEOVER into Triality-based Divine Mother Feminine NEW energy template of ascending NEW Humans and NEW Earth, the less negativity, insanity and chaos there is. The more integrated each person becomes energetically, frequency-wise, vibrationally, evolutionarily and so on, the less and less anyone would ever do anything to harm anyone or anything for any reason.

These 2023 Mars/Pluto and Venus Eclipses and Pluto going Retrograde for the last time into late degree Capricorn are aspects of the latest NEW deep BLUE energy template layer.

Let your old habits and beliefs about all things male/female, masculine/feminine, Mars/Venus, the Sun/Moon, the four elements and all other old separations of our past freely go during the next six months. This is humanity’s current ascension agenda—more evolving out of past separations and patriarchy and into greater integrations individually and Triality reality and consciousness. Expect miracles, expect rapid miracles.

**By Denise Le Fay


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  1. Matthew

    Small correction:

    Pluto in Cap:
    June 11 2023 – January 21 2024

    Pluto in Aqua:
    January 21 2024 – September 2 2024

    Pluto in Cap:
    September 2 2024 – November 20 2024

    Pluto in Aqua:
    November 20 2024 – 2044