Aya: Love and Happiness

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Come To You In Light As I Connect In Spirit To The Light You Carry Within!

We Will Probe The Interconnected Questions That You Have Asked For Millennia!

You Have Always Had The Answers And I Have Always Been There To Remind You If You Forget Along The Way!

Do You Sometimes Find Yourself On A Rollercoaster Of Emotions When All You Long For Is Happiness?

Realize That Happiness Is A Feeling That Visits And Hides As You Try To Hold Onto It!

It Is Never Gone!

It Is Like A Song That Is Sometimes Covered By Other Notes Like Louder Music With Disharmony! You Long For Silence But The Music Plays On As You Feel Lost Again!

Soon There Are Layers Of Emotions With Feelings That Drown Out The Beauty Of The Song Of Happiness. You Search For It And Long For It Once More! But It Remains Elusive Like A Beautiful Butterfly! It Is Before You And Then It Is Gone! You Sometimes Faintly Hear The Music. But You Cannot Find It.

Happiness Is Part Of Love! It Is A Gift That You Find And Embrace As A Word, A Circumstance Or An Action Makes You Forget The Joy You Felt! It Will Return. Be Still And Know This.

Realize That Happiness Is Not Something You Chase On A Path!

Happiness Is The Path!

It Is Within Your Heart And Mind! It Is Within Your Interaction With All Of Life!

Imagine In This Moment, The Feeling Of Happiness. Free Your Heart And Feel It!

Whatever Brought You Happiness In Your Waking Dream, Go There Now!

Was It Holding A Tiny Kitten When You Were A Small Child? Was It Looking At Balloons In The Sunlight? Perhaps It Was The Birth Of Your First Child Or Having Someone Tell You That They Love You!

For Everyone There Is Happiness Available! It Costs Nothing But Gives You Everything!

The More You Show Your Happiness To Others, The More It Grows As It Is Felt In A Vibrational Frequency Of Love! The World Is Hungry For A Smile, For Hope And For Peace. One Pleasant Reaction From The Heart Makes A Difference To Another Being, Whether A Person Or An Animal.

Happiness Cannot Be Constant Or Held, For Many Other Experiences Must Come So That You Understand The Purpose For Each Unique Moment! Whether Grief Or Despair, Your Soul Will Bring You Back To Remember Laughter And Memories Of Joy!

A Single Moment Can Turn Your Life Around! A Moment Of Gratitude Can Bring Happiness Back To Your Being! This Frequency Is Available To Heal And Guard Your Heart!

If Only For A Moment, Cherish This Moment Of Happiness! For It Holds Peace And Love To Sustain You As The Path Of Light Is Opened Wider!

In This Light, We Will Always Find One Another!

I Smile In Joy As I Hold You Closely In My Crystal Heart!

I Love You So!
I Am AYA, Goddess Of Taygeta

**Received by Judith