The Awakening: Keeping It Real Part 2

The process of awakening, of ascension and embodied enlightenment can’t be rushed. It needs to unfold in its own timing. And of course can’t that be frustrating? I often lose my cool and start yelling at my soul. “Ok, soul, you know who I am, and what I need. So why aren’t you delivering already??!!??

Where’s my light body? I feel like the perpetual caterpillar waiting endlessly to be transformed into the butterfly, as promised. Some days I feel so heavy, so tired. And my mind seems to have gone. I can’t remember things, I feel foggy. I always seem to have enough money, but why can’t I have grand abundance of finances?

And I feel so detached from things, from other people. I feel neutral about what’s going on in the world. I no longer feel a need or desire to take sides on issues, social or political.

I’m just not the same Maria anymore.

The Crimson Circle

My affiliation with The Crimson Circle goes back lifetimes, as far as Lemuria and Atlantis. I reunited with this energy again in this lifetime through their website, You can read tons of free information in the website’s Library that goes back to 1999

As a group, or family of souls, (We call ourselves Shaumbra) we planned to make this the lifetime of our human ascension and as souls, to take the accelerated path. That meant to do all of the integration of human and soul in this one lifetime rather than spreading it out over several lifetimes.

And I don’t think any of us had a clue how arduous, as the human, that would be.

We wanted to bring consciousness onto the planet at this time, particularly during the Information Age, the time of computers, the internet, and AI. We wanted to ensure the new technology was infused with the new consciousness.

And if you are reading this and it resonates with you, you are part of this new consciousness.

For many of us Shaumbra, which is a name we took as part of the family of the Crimson Circle, this will be our last lifetime on the Planet. We feel that our mission is done, and other than just enjoying the sensual nature of physical life, we will be leaving and doing other kinds of work in the other realms. Perhaps some of us will be visiting one of the many New Earths that are being created.

You and I are here to help balance the energies of the Earth. To infuse it with more of the feminine energies. And to infuse our consciousness into the technologies to keep them from taking over and humans becoming even more linear, more mentally focused, where there is forcing, pushing for results, and there is lack of creativity. Instead, we are helping them to become more allowing, more soul-focused.

Heaven’s Cross

Heaven’s cross, which began on March 23, marks the time in which access to our soul becomes easier, as the soul and human meet at the center of balance. It signifies a time of the opening between the physical and non-physical realms, and for those who are ready, they will find a profound shift in their consciousness.

Our divinity will now take the helm, which means our angelic assistants will no longer be necessary. But rest assured, they will be close by and are waiting for us to join them as our consciousness moves more and more into the other realms.

There are some positive things to look forward to. The physical gravity that has crystallized our human stories begins to lighten. Old residual issues begin to resolve, from this and other lifetimes, issues such as physical imbalances, lack of abundance, guilt, shame, and feeling unworthy.

The mind’s fogginess begins to lift as we remember who we are.

Every issue is distilled into wisdom by the Master within. As we detach from our stories from this and other lifetimes, the old issues are released.

But we need to allow our soul to take the issues for us. ( I notice that I have been feeling sadness, guilt and anger, the latter directed mostly at myself.) And If we insist on hanging onto them, our soul will say, “ok, dear human, looks like you want to play in this story awhile longer…I’ll be here when you are ready.”


Claudia, you mentioned the brutality of the process, and the dark night of the soul… That you had to push away family and friends, and how necessary yet painful it is. Indeed, all so appropriate!

It’s one of the hardest things any human will go through. No sense in sugar-coating it!

And you mention a kind of magic that has entered your thinking. I can attest to that magic, and it is often the only thing that keeps me from bailing completely. It is something different from the blissed-out feelings I would receive previously. It’s deeper, and feels like a direct line to my soul, without any interference.

And, we have paved the way for those who come after us, and our pioneering of this new consciousness will make it much easier for them. And we are here, and available if we choose, to assist them in any way that feels joyful. Whether it’s teaching, running workshops, through art or music, to name a few.

Or it could be as simple as just relaxing and enjoying life.


While we may not have realized it on a conscious level, we have been playing a grand game here on Earth, a kind of video game, in which we are the avatars. We pretend to be offended by others, made happy by others, even killed by others, or be the ones doing the killing or other harm. But the reality is everything outside ourselves is just a reflection of that which is within ourselves.

We cannot really be harmed or influenced by someone else’s reality. Nor they, ours. Unless we choose it. And we all have agreed upon a mass consciousness template, as John McCurdy refers to it, as well as the Avatar concept.

This time/space reality feels very real, yet it is all just a grand illusion.

It all comes down to, what do we expect? What fears are attracting things to us that don’t feel good? We may find ourselves in situations that seem like we are the victim, and we feel stuck there. But in reality we are free, and have created our particular reality.

It’s frustrating because we want to get out, and don’t know how. We have all these emotions that feel so real surrounding the people and circumstances. We don’t want to feel as if we are victims.

And I have tried to understand, to reconcile this concept with what feels real in my life, but I can’t, at least not from my mind’s perspective. The mind will never figure it out. But in our heart, we know it is true.

But in order to play the game fully, to stay in our roles, we had to forget who we really are, eternal beings. But now comes the time of remembrance. Now we can have it all – the game if we choose to continue playing it – and being our eternal self. But we are probably not going to want to continue in the game. Once you have reconnected with your grand self, you have no real interest in playing in the mass consciousness anymore.

You stop taking sides on issues, like sexism, or Republicans vs Democrats. Or trying to help or fix anything or anyone. Because now you know the truth. It’s all just experiences. All just stories. Even the ones in which you feel guilt for not doing the ‘right’ thing in this or other lifetimes. As hard a concept as it is, there truly is no right or wrong. The truth is it is all just perspectives, and experiences.

But, as I said, you can assist others who have awakened to this truth, in any way that feels joyful, including just shining your light.

**By Maria Chambers


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  1. Lilas

    I don’t know who you are,but I share your feelings.
    I am still waiting for Justice from the Highest Court
    from the Inter Galactic Federation.