Aligning with the New Resonance

Many of us remember past lives. I have a memory of coming to the earth 800-1200 years ago to raise the frequency. At that time, we were not successful, and we left when we saw that what we were doing was not working.

Now we’re back. And this time, we can see the incredible progress we’re making and we know that we will achieve what we came to do. So many of us have gotten signs and messages about this.

That said, this process has been slow. We grow in increments. Every so often, we shift to a new frequency, and every time that happens, things drop away. And new experiences appear. We’ve moving into the new as we let go of the old. We’re much more neutral about the old world, because we’re moving out of it.

In the last couple of years, I’ve felt interesting tingles in my legs sometimes after I go to bed. Gradually, I began to feel them in my whole body. The night before Easter, my entire self was overtaken by them, until that was all I could sense. And a message came thru, you are moving into the Christ consciousness. And I was shown that I was Christ, that we are all becoming Christ, in other words, the consciousness of love, the heart consciousness. The night before the solar eclipse on Wednesday, I felt my body grow all tingly again. I was guided to simply surrender, and the moment I did, a round portal opened right above me. I went thru it, and the next moment I felt like I had been reborn. I was all sparkly and crystalline. As we do this work, we’re being guided into higher frequencies.

So we are now holding this crystalline awareness, this heart consciousness, the cosmic Christ consciousness. We’re aligning with the resonance because we know that this is what we came to do and be. We have embodied the heart consciousness, the consciousness of the cosmic Christ, to create this as the environment of New Earth. We are doing that now, creating New Earth as the place we have long dreamed about, the place we knew was coming, the place we are beginning to live on and in.

What we are seeing take shape around us is where we want to live, where we want to be. We’re seeing it around us in so many ways, and having experiences that show us what is taking place.

I went to a large pet store to get some freeze-dried treats for my cat, and they had moved everything around so that I had to look for what I wanted. As I started to look, I felt a sensation of the bottom drop out of the physical world around me. It was as if the floor disappeared and I was floating in space. I felt almost weightless. At the same exact moment, I dropped into the grid of what I was looking for, and I reached out my arm and there were the treats. I practically flew toward them. It was another first, but we will be experiencing this as well. In other words, the silly things that happen in 3D—like shelves being rearranged so we have to search for what we want—won’t be impacting us because we will be accessing the grid of the new timelines and these grids take us right to where we need to be, whatever our intention is, whatever we are looking for.

Then at the grocery store, it was as if I was in a special channel or flow as I found what I needed and did not have to wait at checkout. This flow is smoother and wider and more pronounced. This was also happening with the traffic on the highway. It was disappearing around me. So you will notice things like this taking place. Again, nothing you can tell your 3D neighbor about but one of the perks of this new space we are in.

And another thing that I heard someone mention in a video—I hadn’t realized it was a part of the new space we are in: scratches heal in a day. We are addressing our healing needs right away. I’ve been noticing how remarkably fast this has been happening. We are accessing our ability to heal our body quickly.

We’re experiencing a cosmic juxtaposition, arising from the interactive quality of the new consciousness.

There is another thing happening too—a cosmic juxtaposition. This is arising from the interactive quality that I wrote about in my last post. We are finding that everything around us is alive and interactive. The creative energy is potent. Someone I know just had an experience with this. He and his wife just moved into a new house, and for fun they put a rotary phone from her childhood on a table. They hadn’t mentioned this to anyone. The next day they received a card in the mail from a friend in another state with a picture of the phone. These experiences are happening all the time now in the new energy to show us the connection we have to this living consciousness and the power we hold to create.

We are not separate. We are part of the whole, moving into the unified field. And we know we are here as creators to engage with this expansive new consciousness to create our new world.

**By Terry Andrews