The Archons Last Attempt

The 2016 election of Donald Trump has stirred the pot to put it mildly. People are freaking out, scared and grieving for the old structure to stay in place. The timeline has changed.

The global elite’s, illuminati, Cabal and Reptilians are doing their best to manage and keep the human race in the frequency of fear and under their control.

The mass media which is owned and controlled by this Dark agenda and a major perpetrator of fear is in full swing. They are pushing the fear of a new government, a government they cannot control.

The Bush, Clinton and Obama eras were all about keeping the population in fear. Keeping the population from realizing that every single one of us are here to serve a higher purpose.

Their goal in fighting this new Trump “government” is to push the people back into the lower frequency of duality and separation. They keep their followers in a continued loop of human drama, chaos and fear so they cannot see the bigger truth. Because, as long as they react to fear with fear they stay a victim and in perpetrator mode. Meaning, keeping them in that lower frequency where they are easily controlled.

You will not raise your frequency as long as you continue to play their game. Hence, the splitting of two worlds. Remember, we have free will and you can choose to live in fear or unconditional love, it’s always been up to you.

These global elites/psychopaths want us to collectively choose fear and some are that’s what we’re seeing with this liberal mindset/resistors who are completely losing it by resisting this new reality. These people are resisting this higher frequency because it’s foreign/unknown/uncomfortable hence they fight to keep the status quo. But, like the saying goes… “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Any creation that resists change will no longer continue to exist. Period!

When we understand the Universal energetic laws we understand that our reality is nothing else but a manifestation of our individual and collective energy, the frequency we put out. This is why Trump is constantly pushing the idea “power to the people” we are the ones that can change this. All it is, is a frequency change and we’re doing it through our consciousness.

We are creating a new reality with the vibrations were putting out but like I’ve said a million times change on this massive scale does not come without resistance. This resistance is coming from fear of this new reality being brought on by higher frequencies. In a nutshell, higher frequencies bring in a broader reality which means our insight, knowledge and wisdom expands and some people find that uncomfortable and foreign which is why they fight.

What it comes down to is the need to move beyond being human. Meaning, moving beyond the catastrophe’s, pain, fear, victimization, revenge etc. Existing in a higher vibration. Remember, unconditional love is the absence of judgment and we all have to work on that down here.

It’s time the human species unlearn fear and some are hanging onto it with all their might. These resistors that are hanging on to this fear frequency need to stop bashing those of us mirroring back our biggest fears and concerns to us. They will be thankful in due time.

We are being shown what’s really happening on this planet and where we are as a human species and the power that we really do have. These resistors need to give us a chance instead of judging through their fear of change brought on by a very low frequency perpetrated by the mass media. They need to start thinking for themselves!

These global psychopaths fear this higher frequency because it’ll knock em out and take away their power. They need the low fear frequencies to exist. If humanity progresses to this higher frequency of existence they will never be able to harm humanity ever again, they will run out of fuel.

We are at a point in history that we are being made aware of the distinction between Light and Dark. Think about it…if we were not experiencing this chaotic environment playing out on the global stage we would not be able to appreciate what’s in front of us.

Basically, the people resisting are just helping the ones not resisting…Unite! We are at a pivotal point in humanity’s existence and all this chaos is necessary. The Earth has already shifted into 5D and it’s up to the human race as a collective and you as an individual to make that choice. If you want to stay on Earth in this higher 5d reality you need to adapt to this frequency, if not you will no longer exist here. I know that sounds harsh but that is the ENERGETIC TRUTH.

**By Teri Wade


9 Replies to “The Archons Last Attempt”

  1. Anonymous

    The Galactic Federation should be making big moves. Drastic Action. Fast. Hurry. If the Positive Galactics have millions of extraterrestrial beings in their saucers and motherships and all that then they should land so that as many people as possible can enjoy the New 5D Earth! Also if that cannot or won’t happen for some time then at least the most enlightened beings- I definitely speak of myself, despite my flaws- the most enlightened beings should be discretely spirited away to Motherships that are cloaked in the skies and orbiting the Earth. Once aboard, these enlightened beings can do much good and work to liberate the Earth. Thank You All and May The Divine Creator God Bless Us All!

    1. Lightbearer

      I enpathize.

      However, that’s just it — the most enlightened beings do far more good here on Earth than on the motherships. That’s why we’re still here. Without our light and energy, the normies would be screwed.

      Yeah it’s not fair, but we did sign up for this.

      The positive galactics are coming. If you want them to come quicker, you can do more personal work or do more to help your fellow man.

      “Ask not what the galactics can do for you, but ask what you can do for Source.”

  2. spiritual924

    Her words are truth and simple. I too have said the same. This is a collective consciousness we must survive in and until you decide to up your vibration you stay in a lower vibratory frequency and feed that…we move on to higher frequencies and live in joy and bliss. You resisting this energetic shift are holding humanity back…since 2012…when 3D ceased and 5D became what was and is to Be.
    You are the archaic one wanting to hold on to an be it…we will prevail because we are that God fractal and will move into more love and will feed the dark..,they love your loosh. Maya is real to you and so is your fear. We have no fear. We just love you so much we want you free from this control manipulation domination…but go ahead. You have free will. God created you in its image and IT IS NOT THE ILLUSION. your mind created the illusion when you decided to be separate from your Higher Self. You are finding your way back and fighting it every inch of the way allowing your ego to take over…ouch, that hurts terribly. We will continue to hold this Love & Compassion for you, for it does not hinder our progress it would just be so much easier for humanity if you decided to hop on board to create and live in this amazing free energy of Bliss, Beauty, Manifestation, Ease, Grace..etc. 💜🕊️

  3. Jess J

    Isn’t there a biden government now? The new Trump government was a few years ago.

    Article seems a bit outdated.

    1. hrhdawnra

      NO…go back and reread. It was and is about what happened with Trump…not an old article.

    2. Chris

      It’s called Mind Duality Windshield Wipers Political Parties, it’s good like the poster said to let it go, because if not , you can be overwhelmed with Sophisticated Confusion. Don’t fight the, change, of the interjection , we need the confusion , agitator, the back and forth to bust up , and finally destroy this illusion, the Old Status Quo, that what Trump was inserted back in 2016, to do, he’s done a Masterfully Duality Trickery Wiper Washing, in a good way to mess and confused 😕🤔 the Old guard. When they call him Teflon, he’s like rubber. The Old School throws whatever at him he just keeps going. The energy they throw at him he uses it for good energy.

      1. harrrrrie

        Remember, 5D is not a place, it is an existence of love, compassion, empathy, kindness, peacefulness, etc. It is where your heart and consciousness reside. If you want to be in fear and be controlled by others you are in 3D. If you want to live your life as a good person and live with love in your heart and not fear, you are in 5D. Basically.

        Trump isn’t going to usher us into 5D, like “welcome to my place”. He is still cutting people down and telling lies to capture 3D supporters. What gets me is that there are still millions of people who want this man who grabs women’s private parts and proudly admits it, to be their leader.

        Where are your heads people? How about thinking for yourselves?
        Imagine what kind of life you would like and aim for that, instead of hoping someone will hand it over to you like a gift.

        YOU are the gift.
        You, with your love and light and positive energies are the 5D that we all need.
        Spread it out, gift it to all.
        It is exactly what you and we all need … your love and light.
        Your 5D energies.
        Yes you have them, copious amounts of these positive energies.
        It’s your existence and your gift to you and us, your 5D existence in your heart and in your consciousness, your Christ Consciousness. It is all there.
        You have everything you need to be happy and to make others happy. Go after it.
        You don’t need Trump or Biden. They are just coat hooks to hang your dreams on and eventually they will disappear.
        Think about what YOU want and need and go after it, with the love in your heart and the joy in your step. You have it all, so use it.

        1. Anonymous

          Hey harrrrrie thanks for making a comment. Basically ghettos full of 3D negativity should just be cleaned out and hopeful people like Me assisted very well. I made the above comment about the Galactic Federation. Just Praying. God Bless!