Auroras Planetary Advancements

Beloved Ones,

We continue seeing physical evidence of the immense support that our planet is receiving, at this time, through the Aurora Borealis that is taking place all over the world now. We are again being able to witness Auroras in the UK, Germany, and many other spaces where they were very rare or unprecedented. Even though there is a scientific explanation behind them, we know that behind all these human interpretations our Aurora family continues to restore and open new passages all over the world.

Energetic portals that are created for those who choose to live, when their time comes, Earth plane safely, exiting from the imposed Earth’s karmic wheel. We are beginning to see the importance of the work that our family from Andromeda is achieving, together with the many Earth’s grid workers that are helping in the restoration of many of the Earth’s fabrics.

The fabrics of time and space, since March 4/4 are being rehabilitated, although there is a lot of work yet to be achieved. There are also important achievements in many areas, such as Iran, whose main grids have been manipulated since the Sumerian-Egyptian times, as you already know. There are also many other countries that are beginning to anchor a higher light, through the Emerald activation that is taking place, during this month.

When we connect with the Auroras we may be able to see them in the form of colored orbs, as they travel in their light bodies, as well as we all too have one that is seen, from our human perspective, as in the form of what we call orb. To be able to connect with the Auroras, we need to hold within the mental peace required and be as empty as we can of our human illusions, expectations, and other perceptions. Otherwise, we will be impeding communication.

Our main mission is to assist the Auroras in seeding more love and restoration, is to continue being the change we wish to see, embracing higher levels of love, and hence consciousness, as by doing so, we will be helping All heal, independently of our global mission. Increasing awareness is what allows us to recognize what is true from what is not, as every time we awake to a higher truth, and act accordingly, everything else shifts too.

We are just beginning to see the planetary transformation that is taking place, and that will continue during the following months. A change that is just being anchored, coinciding with the 5/5 portal and the eclipse in Scorpio next month, both auguring the change that will continue during the following months.

Focusing on being grounded, as Taurus reminds us, at this time, is pivotal to be able to descend properly the illumined energies that we are aligning with, as well as to anchor them on our earth plane, for we all came with a soul agreement to assist the planet that embraces us within unconditional love and gives us shelter, during our human experience.

Honoring Earth is as important as honoring our bodies and life experience, for it is the one that facilitates our human experience, and continues to do so, despite all the human damage that we have caused Her.

It is the time for us to begin recognizing ourselves as the sovereign free beings that we are, discerning for ourselves, and taking charge of our thoughts, feelings, and lives, or others will continue governing us, as it has been until quite recently.

It all starts by having the will to embrace who we really are, even though everything will challenge us to continue in the old ways. However, when we begin to remember who we are, embracing our authentic soul path and its many blessings, it becomes easier to move from fear and desolation to joy and unconditional love, for self-mastery comes with soul remembrance, allowing us to step into a higher state of being, and hence harmonic timeline.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba