Mother Mary: Ebb and Flow

Imagine there are three wheels!

The first wheel, is a very big one, the second is a smaller one and the third is a tiny one.

The big wheel is so big that you can not grasp it. Because it is included in several different dimensions at the same time.

The smaller wheel is time, tick tock, it is a special kind of time, it is a void, more than matter. It is up to you to fill it up with meaningfulness.

The tiny wheel is you, and your birth at this planet, and you only are a magnificent being created by a master, in fact several masters of different essences.

So, what am I talking about? I am Mother Mary and who am I really?

I am a true stargazer! And I am well taught too. I am actually a part of the origin of this galaxy but that is just peanuts in comparison to what you are.

I am an over-viewer of your beautiful planet and you.

And I see you who you truly are!

Maybe you find hinders, in yourself? Obstacles? Maybe you find that you have insurmountable problems that you can´t find the way out from?

No matter how many wheels there are, nor does it matter what time it is, or if it is night or day, nor does it matter if you are born a sagittarius or a virgo or a gemini.

I only care about you. You are what matters.

No one else can do exactly what you can. No one else has your unique fingerprints, nor has anyone your heart or mind.

You live on a planet that gives you different movements, like ebb and flow.

Do you give yourself different moves? Do you allow yourself to follow the ebb and the flow?

Do you feel the rhythm? Yes it is a rhythm! If you work, you will need to rest. If you find yourself to be too serious about things in your life, you need time to relax and have fun, feel your hearts joy.

Planet life is dualistic. There is night and there is day.

And there is yin and yang. There is rain and there is sunlight.

And you are in the need of them all, you need to find a balance that makes your joy reach the surface in your heart.

The joy is always there, but you need to let it come forth.

I love it when you say prayers for world peace, please don´t stop with it but don´t forget that you need to embrace the whole of you.

You consist of many different energies as: love, hope, faith, joy, peace, greatfulness, harmony, rhythm, music, holy geometry, patience, and more good vibrations.

You have to find your friends, for you are not alone. Don´t try and carry a too big burden on your own shoulders, it will weigh you down as well as your hearts joy.

Together with your friends you will find the strength to do good things.

Take your time to really be you, and don´t think it is egocentric to feel your own hearts joy, it is your divine birth-right!

I love you

Mother Mary

**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


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