The Telosians: The Right Way

We greet you, dear children of the Earth. We are always happy to accompany you in your evolution, not only as human beings but especially in your spiritual evolution. As we have often told you, Life is Spiritual, only Spiritual. When we say “Spiritual” we do not mean religions that restrict humans and prevent them from growing in their understanding of who they are.

We have often spoken of religions that have not always brought the best to human beings, limiting them, as we have just said, in the understanding that they are powerful beings and, above all, divine beings because of the marvelous particle of Light that gives them life: their soul.

Very often, and this for thousands of years of your earthly time, priests, religious leaders have done everything to erase this understanding from your memory. However, and you really realize it now, the human being is in full evolution and understanding of who he is. It has taken thousands of years for this to happen. But the seed of Love and Light sown by your Great Master Jesus, over 2000 years ago, is bearing fruit.

The seed is germinating more and more strongly and what the humans of that time did not understand is now emerging. The understanding of who you are is transforming not only your physical beings but also your life on earth. There can be no transformation of the human body and mind without a total transformation, progressive we agree, but transformation of the life of the Earth itself and what is going on around you.

You can see what is happening now in your country of France. The people want and wish to be heard, to be listened to, to be respected. That is why your government leaders are somewhat harassed by demonstrations. Only, children of the Earth, it is important to ask that you be respected by respecting life around you, that is to say by not living the violence in these demonstrations.

Of course, you will say, “we do not want violence, we want to be heard and respected, but groups of “thugs” are ready to live violence for pleasure, so what can we do?

As we have already told you many times in many messages, there will be a split in the people of the Earth: there will be those who wish to live a most gentle transformation, the happiest for the well-being of everyone, and there will be those who still wish to remain in this matrix of negativity, materialism and violence because they will not want to change their system of life.

The unknown is sometimes, for some humans, a great fear. This is why there will be humans who will still remain in their third dimensional nest of consciousness because, they say to themselves, “What will happen to us if we change our way of life? What will happen if I lose everything I own? What will happen if I change my job even if I don’t like it?

Many humans ask themselves these questions and that is why they will have a lot of difficulty transforming their lives, they will remain in what they call their “little comfort”. The seed of Love sown by the Great Master Jesus will not have touched their hearts but, fortunately, a large part of humanity feels in the depths of their hearts that something is changing and even changing at great speed in their bodies and in their hearts.

We tell you about this because you are going to feel, more and more, transformations in yourself. You will be led, without really having wished it, to live in another way and this will often surprise you. But you will realize how much this change will bring you well-being, joy, and soon you will not be able to do without it.

When you feel that you need more and more joy, more sharing, more respect for all that lives, then you will know that you are on the “right path”, the path of the Liberating Light that brings Happiness and Beauty in the eyes of each and every one.

Dear children of the Earth, do not be saddened by the violence that is taking place all over your beautiful planet. This is the result of the great transformation that is taking place in your humanity. This is creating great inner turmoil in each of you and it is more or less accepted by some humans. You who understand what is happening, offer your Light to these suffering beings, for all violence is the result of a different suffering from one to the other.

Be in the peace of your heart, offer it around you, on all that lives and be happy we thank you.


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