New Human Template

Humanity is in the midst of some of the most epic changes in our eternal history. This is THE lifetime that has been prophesied by many cultures. We are seeing those changes in the world and we are feeling them in our physical bodies.

For years we have been experiencing what many refer to as “ascension symptoms”. They include things like dizziness, extreme fatigue, nausea, digestive disruptions, headaches, muscles aches, and the list goes on. . . . This has been attributed to the clearing of the dross from past lifetimes and the integration of the LightBody.

Like many of you, these symptoms have exacerbated over the past few weeks and have taken its toll on my body. I have been functioning with such low levels of energy with periods of disorientation I wonder how long this can possibly go on. Thus, I sat down to have a chat with my Soul’s Guidance.

I share this information with you to instill the Ease and Grace it has for me. I know this information may not be meant for everyone, so please take what resonates and leave the rest with my blessings. And feel free to share with anyone you think may benefit.

This is the message I received:

“What you are experiencing is the integration of a New Human Template. The human being has been existing with the same basic physical template since the times of Atlantis. This new template is now available for those whose vibration and expanded consciousness are open to receive it.”

“The first thing you will experience is an emotional release and disorientation as you unravel from mass consciousness and all timelines. During this time, you will be temporarily sequestered (i.e.: unplugged), free of any external distractions. You will need LOTS of sleep and rest. Fasting, or at least light eating per your body’s requests will benefit you because it is not available to digest food during this period. Sleep, hydrate, and deep breathing will assist in alleviating the typical ascension symptoms. We anticipate this download will be available for the forerunners between the April-May eclipses and complete by mid-May with your new template running smoothly by the end of June.”

“What will you experience once the download is complete?
The more expanded your consciousness has become, the more sensitive you’ve become to dissonant energies, which is why you have had such difficulty being out in public. This new template is pure light energy, free of all the dross which you now have released. Separation no longer exists (i.e.: no veils) and there is less gravity holding everything together, allowing more spaciousness. Your body, composed fully of light is in constant direct communication with the wisdom of your Soul, free of any interference of the human mind. Thus, energies that do not resonate with you will simply pass through your body without the need to assess, rebuff, nor engage to rebalance or neutralize. Only those energies which resonate with your vibration will be acknowledged by your body. This will make your life much easier and more seamless, with each interaction happening in the moment without the need to assess anything. In simple terms, you will be living from the essence of your Soul/Divinity, rather than the programs of the mind.”

“When and how humanity will experience this?
Humans who are of a pure and high enough vibration will begin to receive the download per their own Soul’s choice. Once there are enough humans who have embodied the new template it will become a “consciousness” all of its own, available to anyone, much like the 100the monkey effect. By the end of this year, the new ones who are incarnating onto the planet will automatically embody this new template. This would not have been possible without all the work each and every one of you has done in this lifetime to clear the old template and fully embody the new. Every being in the Omniverse is in gratitude for all you have done. The time is now for you to fully enjoy life as multi-dimensional Divine Humans.”

I share this information with you to instill the Ease and Grace it has for me. I know this information may not be meant for everyone, so please take what resonates and leave the rest with my blessings. And feel free to share with anyone you think may benefit.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~


6 Replies to “New Human Template”

  1. tigersnack1114

    I posted some of this on headline story….because this is EXACTLY what many of them need to fully awaken.
    I am plesantly AMAZED at the number of posters that have woken up and post there!
    Both far fringes still have those that wont be moving up and will try to drag us down…..but it will be rather feeble attempts.

  2. Mike Ohira

    We humans all share the same human template which means we are all
    brothers and sisters. Why so much wars and killings amongst us

  3. Pp

    Thank you for sharing Sharon, this is very welcoming news.

    I have been avoiding crowds and people for a long time due to the vibrational mismatch and my sensitivity to their dense energies. It would be a blessing not to have to process/transmute everyone else’s stuff.

    A new template would be nice 😁 💜

  4. Wayne Hansen

    Experiencing extreme fatigue? Try drinking “Carnation Breakfast Essentials”, vanilla or strawberry, nutritional milk powder drink mix. I put it in spring water and I have more energy now.

    1. Mike Ohira

      Wayne Hansen, I have a slight memory of this name but maybe it is
      my mistake. May I ask, just to confirm? Are you familiar with the names
      Larry or George Yokota?