Archangel Michael: Your Invitation

Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. We are grateful for this opportunity to connect with you and call upon you to orient within you to the growing field of multi-dimensional energy and intelligence that is your inner light.

We invite you now to not only orient to this energy, but to allow yourself to fall into resonance with it. In the instant that you do that, and experience an inner shift, we say to you this: you have become the Divine Self.

Now you don’t always stay there.

And you don’t always focus upon this light in a singular fashion. You often slip out of conscious awareness of this new you and in focusing on the outer octave present as collective reality, you lose elevation vibrationally…

But your capacity to be and to choose to deliberately become your Divine Self is within you, and increasingly within your grasp.

We wish to celebrate with you the reality of this experience and the implications of it!

We wish for you to recognize and hear this from us — that ascension is at hand. And perhaps it might be helpful for you to consider that you move in and out of ascended states of being.

Ailia is a little bit surprised that we have said this , and yet it’s dawning on within as we continue, that of course ascension is not a landing point. A state that is unchanging. Your state of being is always being created by you and dynamically unfolding, and Ascension is first and foremost, a frequency state. A state of Unity and Oneness with the Divine Self.

And as each of you spend more time in communion with All That You Are, it becomes more natural.

And as you spend more time in Oneness, your activated state of being in-forms your physical form, which is growing in its capacity to accomodate and align with higher light.

And as more and more of you exist in these ascended states of being, you empower one another to sustain this frequency.

That is the aim we suggest, now, for those of you who are reading this and recognizing the truth of this within your experience, and knowing it to be real. To grow in your capacity to open, relax into resonance with and allow your Divine Self, to draw you into conscious communion; Oneness.

Growing in your capacity to be present, multidimensionality, in resonance with higher light… and sustaining this, is the leading edge skill to foster and cultivate at this time.

That is the threshold upon which you find yourself and we are “writing” to you, today, through Ailia, to invite you to come together as a group and focus on this capacity for a sustained period of time, and in that practice, allow us to support you, inspire you further, illuminate more expansive inner resources, awareness, qualities of eternalness and provide energetic support, such that you might empower yourselves to evolve, fully into the frequency and expression of the Divine Self, Being Human.

. . .

We would like to share with you guided inner experiences, explorations, journeys, attunements and transmissions that will assist you in opening up more, this inner field of expansive light and energy and knowing, and becoming ONE with it, in more and more moments of your experience.

We also offer to you, coordinated, corresponding, progressive, remote energy infusions, to support your physical form and written messages as commentary about these energy infusions, to help you to expand mentally, clarifying your mental field and opening up your perspective to the infinite possibilities all around you.

New perspectives of who you are and what you can be.

New understandings and inner knowings about you, and about what is happening now.

All of this will deepen your conscious connection with the Divine Self, so you might translate the wisdom of inner light into knowing. So you can receive in any moment, the inner calls that your Divine Self is issuing to you, illuminating the potentials, the opportunities present now, and helping you to receive the consciousness that can assist you with synching up with these expansive opportunities. So that you can experience the flow of becoming and you can each day, evolve into fuller expression, here. In your humanity.

We are providing you with these experiences so that you might awaken to the potential within this State of Unity, that is your true Self. The REAL YOU exists as a UNIFIED FIELD OF INFINITE LIGHT, and you, in your humanity are increasingly discovering the very real presence of this light within you AND your capacity to align with and fall into harmony and resonance with this Inner Light.

This act of becoming whole, is a choice. It is a claiming of the true Self. An accepting of your significance and your profound and unique value within the Divine Oneness. Each of you are an expression of the Divine and we know you in your Divine Perfection — resplendent with order and radiant with love, unending.

There is already the Divine within you that knows you are ready for this. Invites you to open to it, by expressing your willingness to BE, such that you become this Self, more and more often, and with more conscious awareness of It being YOU!

You are the Divine Self!

You are the Divine Self, Beloved, and it your time to dissolve the illusion that you are separate, once and for all.

Behold! YOU can make all things new. YOU can BE HERE, and expand into the fulness of being that is your Source, and let that energy and light flow forth from you, into you and become you. Infusing your body-form and your world, with Higher Light and with Higher Light as KNOWING.

This knowing — that you ARE the DIVINE SELF. This claiming of your true inner power as SOURCE CREATION. This is what you came here for.

In the stillness within you, you can feel this as truth.

Take time now to open to this energy and light within you and let it speak to you now.

. . .

In your deepest knowing, you know that you came here for JOY.

You did not come here to fix things. To heal things. To make up for “past mistakes,” or resolve karmic issues.

You came here to embody your own higher light in a delicious dance of conscious remembering!

Re-assembling the Divine Being that is YOU, in a new and different way — here. In human form, and in doing so, lifting all Life on Earth into new expression: Divine Expression.

You knew you would not be alone — that many others would come at this time too, ready and willing to dance with you and acclimate to joy and love, to inner peace and profound awareness of your inner power and creativity.

The planetary field now exists in higher light and is capable of sustaining your presence there too — in this dynamically expanding, elevating radiant field of Inner Light.

More and more of the early adaptors, those Angelic and Star Beings, those embodied Masters and Elemental ones are opening up to their inner call to shift move into this transitional bandwidth; an upper fourth dimensional field, in which you are able to move in and out of ascended states of being, and be a bridge. For humanity, yes.

For in doing this, you acclimate the collective to higher light, bit by bit, and make it easier for others to feel this light within themselves and discover the naturalness of it, the openness of it, the ease with which one can live and be and have their BEING, in the Divine Presence of the Inner Light, in true Oneness with Source.

But the most important reason for being this bridge, is because it’s FUN. It’s fun to be more and more of who you truly are, HERE!

It’s fun to consciously shift and flow not just in frequency, but dimensionally, throughout your day to day human life; by shifting into different degrees of resonance with your Inner Light and opening to and becoming the Divine Self, Being Human and then bringing this state of being into your day to day life.

Being present as the Divine Self, and merging with what you’re experiencing.

Merging with the dinner you’re making for your family or friends. Merging with the Divine Self and merging with the painting your making and the paints and the sunlight streaming into your art studio and the feeling of your body — growing wildly spacious and powerful, feeling expansive and nearly squealing in joy at the profound and indescribable flow of freedom and love as you paint and create!

You’re going to need to GROW YOUR ABILITY TO BE IN JOY, Beloveds, as you flow into these new potentials for being!

We see you!
Imagine too, merging with the ground beneath your feet while you play in your garden, or talk with the trees, who you are merging with too — in your DIVINE SELF STATE OF BEING.

Merging with the Ones you love as you look at them. Merging with the home you are in, the air and the things, and feeling the multidimensional presence in everything. EVERYTHING. Everything being and within you in aliveness, in wholeness, in LOVE.

This is it, Beloved Ones.
Being the Divine Ones, here.

Being the Divine Ones and merging with your current Life — bringing your radiant current and flow INTO it all, into everything… Expanding your field into LIFE, to expand the field of Unity, as the Cosmic Merkabah is expanding and merging into your Universe and your galaxy and your planetary field and YOU, so too, you are moving into the world that you are participating in and living in and creating this multidimensional ascending UNIVERSE!

Each of you becoming a more expansive Unified Field and infusing the world with higher light and anchoring in, these radiant new territories of Ascended Being and Ascended Frequency.

Bringing the Universal into the Planetary field, via expansive Universal Presence. That is what is open to you now and next and that is what we are eager to share with you and we hope, now that you’ve felt it — for we know you have, as you’ve received this transmissions…

You will know if this is for you.

Trust yourself and trust where you are.

And if this IS FOR YOU and YOU KNOW IT, we welcome you, now, into this path of initiation and joyful returning, to an experience of Universal Being!

Living Oneness, as the Embodiment of the Divine Self as YOU, in this state, creating the dynamic and inclusive expansion and immersion in Inner Light as a way of being, now, in the world.

This is the anchoring in of the new octave, Beloved Ones.

And you are the Ones. You are the Ones, along with others in wonderful collaborative communities like this, who will be anchoring this in, in your world now.

Wherever you are, dear Ones, you are perfect and All Is Well.
Love your aliveness and LOVE your becoming.

YOU are part of this and playing your part beautifully. Be it here at the leading edge we’re describing, or approaching it and feeling the call to it and moving towards it. All is well and all is as it should be.

We are certain of this.

Let yourselves be LIGHT.

Let yourselves be OPEN.

Let yourselves invoke and claim the FREEDOM OF YORU BEING.

Together, Dear Friends, we’re laying the groundwork for the future of humanity and the future of the world. It really is that vast and wonderful and joyful.

Behold. The new dawn IS here…

Alive and sparkling and open and calling to you…

Calling you ALL, HOME.

And we’re here with you and we’ll be with you as you open to more and more and more. We are IN ALL OF IT WITH YOU! We love you so very much.

And we are so enjoying this co-creation with you!!
You are blessed Beings!

And we, are your long time friends and allies — the Angelic Ones.
And it is our GREAT JOY to serve in this way.

I AM Archangel Michael, with Ailia, the Galactic Dragons and the Council of Radiant Light.

. . .

Linger here, in this new understanding of the present moment, of your being … Enjoy it. Savor it. Let it sink in deeply and should you feel inclined: CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN LIFE NOW.

For this was and is a transmission you have summoned to assist you now. Receive it and let it in-form you!

Let it lift you up and clarify your presence and your awareness.

We offer to you, now, the frequencies — the energy and information — that is most beneficial to you, now. Open and let it flow in and fill you up. With love, and belonging. Claim it — this newness and the expansive sense of possibility and joyous expansion that you are feeling.

For you are, free always, to do so.

Life is of your making and we are always here to assist!
Know this. And begin, everything, by inviting support. Inviting in your Divine Self and being led from this vast and growing field of INNER LIGHT!!!

**Channel: Ailia Mira


11 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Your Invitation”

  1. Marilyn

    Archangel Michael and Ailia, We Love You So Much for your support and Love!! It is my Honor to be part of the Family of Light/Love. Yes, we will Light up the world as another has said!!! Praise God!! 🙏🏼🥰

  2. TheNOWTeam


  3. unionylibertad

    I am open to receive all that is for my highest good and the highest good for all…I allow to receive the frequencies, and merging with my Divine Self…Thank you beloved Archangel Michael and Ailia…Much Love always, and I am deeply grateful for this knowledge brought to us at this presenty moment..

  4. Mark Keller

    If there are so many that are awake how come I never meet anyone at my level of knowing or someone above what I know. Or am I being played. I ask for help from paladins or arch angles crickets. I have been doing this a long time thinking gods saying move on buddy your not wanted here.

    1. Oscar F

      I feel your pain brother, but know that this too shall pass. There have been many times where I felt like Source had abandoned me, but somehow I always came back to the realization that the opposite is true. I thank the angels. Don’t give up, you wouldn’t be here today if you weren’t meant to. 5D is coming and already happening, but only Source knows the divine timing of things. Perhaps we’ll meet one day fellow soul 🙂

  5. Laura

    Bless Q for Your Energy of LOVE, I Embrace my Calling to LIVE in Heaven on Earth. Let US LIGHT UP the World. Praise GOD. Together For Ever

  6. Oscar F

    Yes! YES! And yes! ty dearest Ailia and AA Michael! Infinite gratitude and blessings to you from my soul.