Daily Message for 5/7/2023

The entire Universe is being uplifted to a higher vibrational frequency and Earth leads the way. For what happens on Earth will affect the whole. This is why you have the attention of billions of beings from around the galaxy and beyond, watching, guiding and protecting humanity and Earth, for SHE IS the chosen one. She is the E A R T H = H E A R T of this process. She is E A R T H A = THE GOLDEN ONE. ~Kejraj

4 Replies to “Daily Message for 5/7/2023”

  1. Douglas A James

    Gaia won’t be a sun… We have a central sun…and all the solar systems expand and contract together…

  2. The Jake

    Yes , and this can not be more true … and for that reason
    let us all make US proud of contributing of the uplifting of
    the entire UNIVERS…and accepting the admiration of our
    brothers and sisters above and below…

  3. Mike Ohira

    I have read that our Solar System is nearing the center of the Galaxy. Message received from Source said “this will be the Golden Rose Galaxy
    and Gaia will be the central sun”.

    Yes, as you said Earth is the chosen one. Does this mean that our Milky
    Way galaxy will become Golden Rose Galaxy when earth becomes the
    central sun?