Melchizedek, Haziel, and Jeshua: Prepare to Work for the Light; Q & A

Hello everyone, dear souls of Light. There may be two or three of us talking to you today, right now. I am Jeshua, and I am honored by your presence in this time and space that is yours.

We often describe this moment by saying “in this time and in this space that is yours”. If we speak like this, it is because to join you we change time and we change space. For this, each of us to speak to you leaves a more permanent, more complete time, to intercede, to intervene, within something that you could call the past. Indeed, on our part, it is a little as if we were talking to you about the future, a future that is not even necessarily your future, but is a future. I tell you this because it allows us to see the corrections, modifications, improvements, that you as incarnated beings could carry in your time, carry in your space.

Let’s start with the temporal. You are still in a transition zone, a transformation zone. This area is not as dangerous as you might imagine. This is a necessary moment. This is a time when dogmas will begin to collide with your true Nature. This moment when you come in — which I would call late 2023, early 2024, I know you’re not yet in the second half of this year — this period is a period that really needs to establish new rules.

Then some will try to establish new rules. Obviously, for a rule to be understood, it must be simple, for it to be accepted, it must be simple. Only, while some will try to create categories, and tell you: “You have to love this person, this person, this type of people”, they will create differences, differences by sexual attraction, differences by physiology, differences by skin color. And all those people who are going to create new rules and new categories, in fact, are going to continue the division by preaching tolerance.

Yet here, the rule is simple. I stated it more than 2000 years ago: love one another. Do you love each other, isn’t this rule simple? There, some of you will say: “It is simple in theory, but in practice”, but in practice, it is the challenge of your incarnation. It is this practice of “love one another” that is your earthly mission. You must go from a moment of regression of your state, which is that of your birth, to a moment of progression of your state which will be that of your death. Excuse me if it shocks some to hear this, and I am not announcing your death. I am saying that the earthly experience is a profoundly evolutionary experience, profoundly evolving in love, in your ability to reveal yourself in everything, in every place and in every person too. I have said in every place, in everything and in every person, that is, to recognize that if you are a spark of God the Father in a body, what surrounds you is a spark of you in form. That’s why, whether you like it or not, whether you like it or not, you are connected to everything around you without exception, from the nicest to the meanest as you say.

Therefore, understand that the Light is necessary. Your light, your love is necessary to illuminate every shadow facet of this earthly body, this environment to which you are connected. So, I invite you to bring your light and your love to what is darkest and to venerate also, to love also obviously what is Light, nevertheless I repeat, you have come to learn in an area where it was “complicated” to love. The challenge is precisely to place yourself in a space and in a time where it is not easy to love, therefore, where it requires inner work, consciousness, an elevation of consciousness until you find, I said to find, this understanding that you are one with the whole experience.

This path, this path, requires your time, requires this collapse, this collapse of your current society, a society that divides, a society that is frightening, a society where control is not in love harmony, on the contrary, in money and power. As a result, money and power must find another way, another spawn, other ways to mediate or relate to this physical world.

You’re going to have some pretty tough months yet. You will understand that no religion will save you. Spirituality will help you. Conversely, religions do not save when they determine, once again, a dogma of the one who determines the truth against the one who, what, would not hold it? What for? Do you think that the truth is the prerogative of people who are knowers? In truth, it is already within you. Each of you already knows what you have to be and what you have to do, hidden behind the masks of society, behind the appearance of having to do this, of having to be that each of you already knows these simple rules, I repeat, that are going to be implemented. Love one another, spread your light and love, do to others what you would like to be done to you, here are simple rules. They may even seem too simplistic. Again, I repeat, it is your challenge, it is your very incarnation who chose this.

Souls of Light, because you are pure Light, trust in this path too, because this path, these difficulties that you are going to go through, that you are currently going through, aim to create a world that will simplify this learning for the next incarnations. So, I tell you, there were many times when this challenge of revealing oneself in everything was perhaps even more difficult than it is for you now. You are pioneers and beings who work, work, in order to help everyone, yourself, your neighbor and your descendants, to live this Earth experience, the experience of this space-time, with more harmony, more simplicity, more ease.

So, to do this, the universe, your manifested universe will create a polarized world, you will see, a kind of separation between several modes of coexistence, modes of coexistence that will align little by little. Because, if at first you will see a bipolar world set up, it is simply so that you understand that the world that thought it had power over everything until then will no longer have it, will no longer be able to have it entirely. And so, this hegemony will be held to discuss with its polarity. You yourselves, dear souls of Light, will be forced to discuss with your polarity, your perhaps dark side(s), as you say. It will be necessary to make peace within you, as this world will wish to make peace outside after this period of significant modifications and changes.

In this trial, in these times, you will not be abandoned. You may surrender to some, however, your belief of being alone will be more dangerous than reality. You are not alone and I am not only talking about Heaven, I am not talking about the Invisible, I am talking about what will be done on Earth. I am talking about what you will know, dear souls of Light. Each of you, each of you inside, has the resource and the desire to share, to work. This will take its place.

Some of you, it is true, have decided to do this from the world of the Hereafter. So, some of you will leave, to help from the Other World those who have stayed. It’s true. However, it is right, because there is also a need not only for a balance on this Earth, but also for a balance between the world of those who have left and the world of those who remain in your experience. That balance is being made. You have been told, but I repeat, your ancestors, those who have already left, are at these times also taking care of your plan, taking care of what is happening on Earth, resting, rebuilding, recreating the ideas, the concepts, the information of what is your future. You can trust these beings, simply because they are pure benevolence, even if they do not all agree with each other, because each of you keeps your character in the Hereafter a little more. Despite all this, your world is ready.

Your world is ready to change, but are you ready to change? Are you ready to go through a few difficult moments, weeks, months to evolve this plan? I ask you. Not that you actually have a choice, because what must be, however, there is an invitation in me to tell you be ready, get ready. Prepare to work for the Light. Be prepared, it is true for some difficult moments sometimes, in some countries more than others.

This passage is wonderful. I watch over it, we watch over it, because we love you. You remain, you are and you will be our brothers, our sisters. This word is important, our brothers, our sisters, because everything is there, in this fraternity.

The majority of those who hear me tonight or who read me are in France. You already have principles. You have already stated the rules, liberty, equality, fraternity, in solidarity and love. You have in your country the opportunity to show the whole world your will, to show your courage, your determination — not to fight against law enforcement, but to fight against the forces of disorder. These are forces sometimes invisible, sometimes visible, especially since chaos serves only non-light. Order serves the Light. The order is to get together, to start this work, to be ready for it simply. This is order, it is what connects and not what separates.

Among you, we hear this questioning: “Will all truths be revealed? Are they going to be condemned, those who have done evil on this planet? Why would you want to condemn one of your brothers, one of your sisters? Wouldn’t you prefer it to convert or for them to convert, to change, to evolve? If those you condemn were really your brother or really your sister you would not want to imprison them, you would want to convert them, show them a more just way, a more obvious path in love. Do this because it is the right solution. Do not show your rejection, rather your desire to move forward, to progress. This is a piece of advice that I am asking here, that I am asking — I repeat — to avoid even more difficult times and spaces, to simplify things, because if you create enemies, you will see them. Therefore, I tell you create friends, do not create enemies. I tell you, the right way goes through this, the simplest way goes through there, but you will choose your path, your path which anyway is a path of revelation, a path of Light.

Dear souls, I now leave you in the hands of an archangel. This is Archangel Haziel. He has already come to talk to you. I think his intervention can be enlightening as to the use of your body in this modification as well.

Thank you for listening, dear souls of Light. Receive my Love and Grace which is yours, of course.

I am Haziel. Thank you for listening, for listening to Jeshua. Now I would like to tell you about your body.

Your body is the wonderful tool that has been given to you to manifest the divine presence in a world of form, in an illusory world, nevertheless, in a world that for you is just and true in its greatest appearance.

This body that is yours is a receptacle, a kind, more than an interface, a kind of battery — look for the term in your time — a kind of energy battery that records, swallows, receives Light, pure Light. It is beyond Love still the Light. Love of course is all that is, however, Light is a kind of Pure Love. Understand that this is what we are talking about when we talk about Light, Pure Love. Because you see, your love is still polarized, you still manage to give a gradation in love, love more, love less. Above all, the Light is neutral. Light is Light. Energy is energy. Let us not go too far into these considerations and move immediately to some kind of practice.

Allow your body to receive more Light, more Pure Love through the following practice:

Get inside yourself. Close your eyes.

By breathing slowly enough, soothe your body. Soothe your mind.

Accept to receive yourself and feel more and more at peace for a while, give yourself a break.

I am Peace. You can repeat this: I am Peace.

Now, while continuing to breathe calmly, I invite you to imagine yourself, to know yourself, to understand yourself, to draw yourself, surrounded by gold, surrounded by a light of gold, golden, deep, deeply luminous, as if you were surrounded by this Golden Flame so important.

And to receive the energy, to complete this energy within you, you will say:

I am a being of Golden Flame. I am a being of Golden Flame.

I am pure Light and pure Consciousness. I am the pure Light and I am the pure Consciousness.

Continue to visualize this Light, this Flame.

Try to set up a counter inside you for example, where 100 would mean you are filled and 0 would mean you are empty.

And watch the numbers of this gauge of Light increase within you with each inhalation and exhalation.

Let those numbers rise in you.

Keep visualizing the Light and keep watching these numbers, these numbers increase.

I am a being of golden Light. I am pure Love and pure Conscience.

Raise your love gauge, peace gauge, and joy gauge.

Be aware that this golden Light exists as you exist, in the same world, in the same spirit.

Let this energy fill you.

If you feel resistance, it is because a part of you refuses energy. You will find ways to remove those refusals, pause and accept that energy. You will come back later to what is blocking you, but for now, free yourself,

and still receive that energy.

Go on, keep going. Don’t worry.

Sometimes you will see that the numbers increase quickly, and sometimes you will see that there are certain passages where perhaps they will slowly increase and then resume.

And when you reach your maximum, your number 100, keep breathing a little. Go up to 101,

and let a smile appear on your face.

That’s it, by practicing this exercise, you will profoundly increase your ability to receive more love, to be full of energy, to be ready for your function, your earthly mission. And it is important — I repeat — to understand that your body is not only the interface of your Holy Spirit, it is a battery, a reservoir of energy too, which you need as such to live properly this experience that is yours.

Dear souls of Light, yes, tonight one of us still wants to speak to you. He will answer your questions indeed. This Being is Melchizedek. Oh! He is not of this order that you call the Order of Melchizedek, however, in the White Brotherhood, he is a powerful representative of the Light and Spirit of Transformation. I leave you, Master, to this exercise of communication.

I greet the angel. Yes, dear friends, I now invite you to ask your questions. I will try to answer by leaving room for your free will, that is, without deciding for you what the future will be. Therefore, here and now, I listen, I hear and I receive your words and questions, asking my channel to transmit them even though I am quite capable of receiving this. Write, dear souls, what questions you now.

While waiting to receive these writings, I receive this question. One of you said to me: Master, I cannot forgive. How can I forgive?

So, I tell you this, the Human is not always able to forgive, but the Divine always is. Begin your forgiveness with, “Lord, Father, God—call him what you will—Holy Spirit, Higher Consciousness, forgive this person, forgive this act.” Have your Divine Spirit forgive, for when the Divine has done this you can do it too. The strength in you will come, first of all, to remove your anger – because most of the time it is anger, resentment that prevents you from forgiving – on the other hand, when the Divine has already done this work, and because He is the Divine, He will infuse you with simplicity, that is, saying to you: “I can start again, Still, I can start my life again. I have nothing to solve, in fact, everything is already balanced. That’s it, your forgiveness will already be done. You won’t even have to say it. It will be done, because you will agree to start again on another path. So, I repeat, have your Divine Spirit forgive. Ask for this forgiveness and let it happen. Let it take a little time, you will see that this divine forgiveness will creep inside you and it will take its place.

How can we best prepare?

The question of your preparation in these moments is asked. To tell the truth, from one speech to another you will be helped, you will have the clues. We have already started. We have already started to train you, to prepare you. Try to apply what we tell you before receiving new instructions.

You understand that you do not entrust a fighter jet to someone who is not able to hold a sword. Thus, you must rise in your capacity to receive energy, to send it back, to emit love, to forgive, before continuing to work in higher yields, even greater capacities. They will be explained to you. Be patient. Be as patient as possible.

How to be in love?

Dear soul, how can we not be? The truth is this, whether you like it or not, you are in love and you are even composed only of this pure Light, this pure Love. Not being in love is simply not being who you are and denying your true Nature. And to deny this true Nature, you have invented a character, an ego that seeks to defend who it is, or who it believes it is, rather than defending “the inner truth”, its true personality. So, to be in love, be who you really are.

Stop putting on masks. Stop imagining enemies, there are none. There are some in the world of separation. Now you are not here of this world, and you are here to reveal the non-duel in duality. There is no winner, there is no loser. There are no good guys and no bad guys. There is an experience that improves and helps, and that offers love in every moment. As a result, you can only be love, because everything is proposed to you to be.

When you asked God, “Show me how to be love,” He offered you the opportunity to become love. He does not show you love; He offers you the opportunity to discover it. When you ask God for peace, He will offer you the opportunity to be at peace, not peace, rather, the possibility of being at peace. For it is this path that leads you to your true nature, to grow, not by showing yourself, but by making you become what you already have in your inner resources, dear soul. Do not doubt it, it is already there.

Will your extraterrestrial brothers show up to help humanity?

My answer is: they are already doing it. They help Humanity. They will not save humanity, but they help you and they love you. Their help is already present in many forms.

Hope to see them? Yes of course. This is one of the great possibilities of your time — I insist — of your time and your space, indeed they are continually in help, know it. They are already preventing some plans, even more Machiavellian than what you see, from coming to fruition.

How do you know if you’re on the right path?

The only answer is love. If you love, if you love this Earth more and more, you are on the right path. If you like it less and less, you get lost. That is the answer.

Will the transition last a few years?

Yes, anyway, yes. I told you that I will not answer the free will questions, so I will not give you dates, from there let’s be clear, it will take a few more years, of course.

Is my friend Archangel Haziel there to help the dead?

My answer is: Azrael, Haziel, Uriel, Metatron, Sandalphon, all the archangels and angels help the dead. There are no exceptions here. There are thousands, millions even, I should say.

Many of you only know them by certain names, as some are more represented than others. In truth I tell you, there are millions of them to help you and to be able to help you, that is, to generate in you enough love to act, because they are not the action, in this case the source of the action, in you. Some will smooth your path, prepare a path, it is still you who will walk on this path, which will have been prepared, which will have been coordinated, which will have been simplified. Finally, it is you who make the journey. Understand that.

Is it better to annihilate our shadow parts or to create the balance between our shadow and light parts to create unity in oneself?

I will put it another way. Is it better to be divided or to be united? You have your answer in my question. There is no question of fighting against the shadows. You know, this has been mistranslated in some of Mary’s speeches, for example when she says: “Repent”, she is not saying to drive things out, on the contrary to convert them. “Convert” is also a message that has not been understood. It is not a question of transforming the shadow into Light even necessarily, even if it exists, even if there are many techniques and possibilities for it. It is a question of reconciling with all the parts of one’s being, in practice, of making sure that each of these parts aims at Love. Even your shadow game can aim for love, perfectly. Even your tantrums can serve a greater love. Indeed, make sure that your defects are used in a just work and not in a unitary work, for “I”, but a common work.

It is a way to reconcile among others to use what has hurt you in you – to use your word – to understand that in fact it is the source of Good and a greater Good, if it is used in the right place. Things hurt you when they are used in the wrong place. So, help them, and put them back, together, separately, no matter at the beginning, after, anyway, it will be together.

Is the survival of humanity threatened in the future?

Yes. Listen to me, yes. Very largely, yes. However, and I also insist on this, we are acting with you, with many Light-Bearers — this is what I call you — with many Light-Bearers so that these threats, which are human threats and non-human threats, do not have too visible consequences. Now, of course, humanity is threatened.

We often talk tonight about a personal evolution, understand that there is a planetary evolution too, and understand that your planet itself somehow has an evolution to lead. In this way, it has duality and rivalries, in fact, I will tell you that this is not completely your responsibility, and that on this we have the capacity to act. However, yes, there are threats on Earth, of course, and I repeat, human threats and non-human threats. That is obvious. It’s all going to balance out, so don’t be afraid of it. Jeshua told you earlier, those who have to leave will leave, it is in their plan.

Having said that, we are working on that, we are working on that. Take care of humanity, dear friend. Take care of human beings, we will deal with aliens, or any breed that is not from this Earth to be more exact.

We continue.

Could 2025 be the year of the real start of the New World?

I will not give you a date again, but, in any case, your evolution is marked, it is mandatory. Will it take two and a half years or will it take ten years? You own the keys to this. We work with you to make it fast.

And we reassure you, we are happy with your efforts. We are pleased with your behavior. We are happy with what is happening because it is moving in the direction of accelerating the transformation process, so speed, as you say.

Do addictions play a role in your evolution?

They play the role of slowing you down. They play the role of preventing you from moving forward properly. Even when you are addicted to prayer, it prevents you from moving forward. I am serious in telling you this. There is nothing that should not hold your attention to the point of feeling bad if you don’t have it. So here, addictions of any kind, positive or negative, are speed bumps, speed bumps that you have put down to overcome them and tell yourself that you do not need this to be happy. You don’t even need prayer to be happy. Being happy is your true Nature.

You know, there’s an analogy I give to my students from time to time. There are two ways to react when it rains outside to dry clothes. You’re going to have people who will immediately change, change their clothes. Nevertheless, their clothes will be wet, the old ones. They will be dry, especially since every time it rains, every time they will change clothes. And then you have other people — this is an analogy, I repeat — who will understand in fact that, if they stay in the sun, because there is always a sun after the rain, if they stay in the sun their clothes will dry naturally, and in fact quite quickly because this sun is a great sun that warms everything. Under these conditions, what are you going to do? Are you going to put on a suit all the time that makes you feel better or expose you to something else, that will take a little longer to dry you, but that will put you in the same result anyway? Because that’s what addictions are all about, they’re ways to land faster in a state that suits you. But understand that there are natural laws that can help you feel as good, without going through this addiction. This is the analogy I propose to you today, if you will listen, beloved.

How can we help our young people lost in addictions?

When you want to help your children or young people who are in these addictions, love them with all your heart. There are human solutions, solutions with specialized practitioners in these areas. There are also prayers. Here I invite you to pray to my brother Sandalphon, because he helps to find solutions in this kind of addiction problem. They are made to be outdated. If a person has enough love, a rather benevolent entourage, he will find solutions.

What happens to our demon shadow brothers at the end of evolution? Are they returning to the Light? Are they recycled or do they stay in their dark experience forever?

Dear soul, each of you at some point in your evolution has been one of those you call shadow brothers or demons. Have you remained a demon? Have you remained a shadow brother, or a shadow sister? You have evolved. You have changed. You have decided to pass over this state, it will be the same for them. Just as it takes many human cycles to experience some kind of ascension, so will it take several “demonic” cycles to live theirs, to live another path to Love.

It is always a gradation of love and I will reassure everyone, we do not back down. You can’t back down. That’s impossible. It’s a little bit like what you call a ratchet wheel. When a ratchet has passed, when a stage has passed, you may feel like you are going backwards, but in truth, I tell you, your points are cashed and you will not back down in the next life. Every step you have taken will take you into a future life to higher steps.

Your brothers in evolution will remain in their world, which may be more separate from your manifested world, yet they will continue to evolve. They will continue to move forward and progress. It has always been and always will be.

Is France an example for other nations?

That has been stated to you, yes. Other countries are, other countries will move forward with you, but yes. The France is the one whose job is morality, and you see that morality is leaving. Under pretexts of division, under pretexts of acceptance of everything, you create more and more differences, as you have been told too. Moreover, morality, the levelling up and not the race to the bottom, is rather what is devolved to France. So, wanting a France and a just world is a good idea, however, understand that France is only one of the arms of the world, okay. Indeed, yes, it has an exemplary value for many countries, because, whatever you do and for quite a few hundred years to come, the France will be a symbol of freedom, of people who fight for freedom, positively.

I will answer two questions at the same time.

Is it possible to ascend in this life, and why all this?

God loves His children so much that His only desire is for them to become what He is in energy. And in order for each of them to become what He is, each of them must progress in the fields of consciousness.

Duality is a very, very hard, very, painful way to evolve, however, it is also a very, very fast, proportional way to the life of a soul that is very, very very long. Truly, duality is a very fast way to evolve, everything is done in fact to understand that God is only pure Love and pure Joy. So, the more you store love, the more you are able to understand that you are every piece of this world, a part of every piece of this world, and the more you will become God, for isn’t God all that is and all that will be? In these circumstances, the more you begin to understand this, the more you will enter, yes, into states of ascension that, yes, are possible in this life for very few of you, because it takes long years of preparation and evolution, and many lives, but it is possible, of course.

It is possible for people who have succeeded in bringing love, peace and joy into them, and that joy remains, peace remains and love remains. For this is the state of an Ascension Master, not the fact of living these states, but of remaining in these states, in understanding the illusion of this world. For, when you understand that this world is illusion, then in truth, everything is only a game, and there is no longer a reason to no longer be love, no more reason to no longer be joy and no more reason to no longer be peace.

From then on, you will remain so and you will have evolved one step, a step much weaker than you imagine, but one step, nevertheless, towards the divinity He wished you to become, because that is what you become.

Imagine that you are God children learning to become gods. That’s who you are. That is what you asked. It may seem trivial to you, however, if you knew how wonderful the experience you are having is in learning is. You are in the highest school for that. If you were to take an earthly comparison, imagine that being incarnated on Earth is like entering the greatest university in your world, and you have been accepted into that university. Despite all that you may believe, this is what is, and this is what is in this path.

Dear souls of Light, from question to question, from moment to moment, you will have your answers. For today, remember the message of my brother Jeshua. Remember the message of my friend the angel, and be in this understanding, nothing here is done for nothing. Nothing here is done for your misfortune. Everything is done to generate the magnificent Being that we are, that you are.

Be blessed in the Light, in Love, and accept this Light again and again and again.

[1] Timing in the video for each speaker:

Jeshua — teaching from 5:54 to 27:28

Haziel — practical exercise “Golden Light” from 27:49 to 38:16

Melchizedek — Q&A from 38:27 to 1:04:52

**Channel: Sylvain Didelot


2 Replies to “Melchizedek, Haziel, and Jeshua: Prepare to Work for the Light; Q & A”

  1. 💖

    Very nice messages thank you, They sat well with me. The only cringe I got was labelling God a ‘he’, it reminds me of Christianity. I don’t feel God has a sex but that is only my feeling, I could be wrong. No big deal, I’ll soon find out when I return.

    I am not envisioning (creating/manifesting) hard times for myself. If others want to take that on they can. I have prepared myself to be in the best place I can be. So, regardless of what goes down I ‘will’ (creating that energy 😉) remain fearless and loving in order to aid and support others. That includes supporting Mother Earth and all that reside on and in her, not just humans. I often touch the Earth and send my love vibrations through there too.

    As much as I don’t like the wait, like everyone else I am exhausted and bruised, it has been beneficial. The past year I am coming into my power so it has given me the time to get my act together. Therefore, the wait can be a good thing. Had it gone down two years’ ago I’d be in a spot of bother LOL. I do feel like I live in a dual/bipolar reality now.

    Just wanted to let anyone reading know that I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all approach to our spiritual growth. Some may like to visualize, others may meditate or chant—whatever. I suggest doing what feels right for you. I always see advice to meditate, breathe, visualise, ask for help etc. but I don’t. I don’t feel those approaches are for me. I have established a positive space in the right environment and removed many distractions so the energy surrounding me most of the time ‘is’ meditative. My spiritual work/growth doesn’t come from breathing or mantras etc. Instead, my guides lead me to books that are appropriate for me. I have grown and learnt hugely from this personalised approach. So, I recommend doing whatever works best for you or trusting your personal guides if you are lead a certain way. I have heard others say they meditate but nothing is happening, that makes upset and they feel they aren’t getting anywhere. Maybe that is why: they are using the wrong tool for them.

    I see big changes in people already (the love expanding), never seen it like this before. I am so excited for our future. We are making great headway.

    Love to all ❤️💜

    1. Jac

      I love this! I even asked myself if I wrote this to find and read in the “future” because it resonates so much with me.