Vittra: The Ether Wheel and Transformation

We are Vittra, we are very old. We are older than you.

We think of you as our children. And we love all our children.

We know it is not always easy, because you are developing now.

The time is here now when you are developing almost the most. And how is that connected?

What do I mean?

The powerful solar storms that are happening right now are developing you. But it can also hurt. I mean that when you evolve, the old one comes along a bit.

And if you have things left to work on, you feel it now.

Suddenly you can feel an old feeling, that you haven’t had for a long time, that you think you’ve already worked hard on and have let go of? But now you seem to feel the same again? Yes, it can be, because the light illuminates what you thought you had let go of.

Sometimes we have to work again, a little bit more with what we have as baggage with us.

But, the baggage is ancient. The baggage can consist of your cellular memories, your past lives and things you haven’t let go of, often because of fears of various kinds.

And you feel that you weren’t as liberated as you thought and so you are disappointed in yourself and your team of co-workers “-why didn’t they warn me?!”

But, please, beloved, this is how it works:

For every life you live on earth, an etheric wheel is created, then when you leave life, the etheric wheel remains in the air.

The next time you choose to be born on Earth, you are reunited with all the existing etheric wheels. These etheric wheels are drawn to you as soon as you are born. Then when you grow up, you may notice that you are afraid of spiders, for example, or heights, or that you love to travel to certain places, you like certain special foods, and you have lots of your personal peculiarities that you notice more and more and it has to do with YOU and ALL your earth lives, because in all the etheric wheels there are your preferences, and fears, phobias, etc.

You can see the ether wheels as small balls that sit on your personal aura, you can call it the identity aura.

When you now notice that you have to work more with some pieces of what has been, it is because some etheric wheels have not attached so well to your aura, but now when there are strong solar storms, for example, these create a stronger glue, to your aura and you feel emotions that are very similar to what you have already felt, and worked with in your conscious personal development.

The light, illuminates, and creates closer contact with yourself and what you carry in your subconscious and which is also stored in your subconscious.

Now there is a cleansing and liberating energy transfer of the light and all you have to do is not be afraid. If you feel a fear, just be, in it, it will fade away by itself then.

I am with you, WE ARE WITH YOU, and we assist you if you need to ask about what is happening, and what you are feeling.

We know exactly what you are going through and what you are feeling.

We are experts in transformation, using the light, and know that you yourself radiate the most beautiful colors, when you are illuminated, your fear creates a shadow, and when it is dispersed by the light, it feels like you feel a sudden fear, because it is touched and illuminated and you get an aha experience.

So dear beloved friend, be assured that you will shine in an even finer light, your unique light and nothing will be a burden anymore and make you live in the shadow of trauma.

This light transformation, makes you heal all your lives that you have lived on earth, so it is truly a great miracle!

Be happy because you are truly a master of the universe working so diligently with the healing energy of light, so be proud of yourself!

We are with you and just ask us what you want, when you want,

We love you,


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson

**Translation to English by