The Global Hum: Activating Sacred Sound

Dear Cosmic Community,

I can imagine that you’ve been attracted to this blog post because you’ve either heard of ‘the global hum’ or you’ve actually experienced it. I fit into the latter category. I’ve heard the global hum on many occasions. For me it’s happened late at night (into the early morning) when the atmospherics seem to be right and when I tend to be in an open, lucid and spiritually advancing state.

According to various estimates, between 2 and 5% of the world’s population can actually hear the hum, which is a low drone noise that sounds like machinery working somewhere off in the distance. Some say that it also sounds like a car engine idling outside of your home. There are many theories on what the hum could be and what could be generating it, without any conclusive answers. With so few people tuned into the hum, what it is and where it’s coming from, will likely remain a mystery for some time.

So, let’s look at some of the probable causes of the global hum, what it could mean and what you can do (if it keeps you up at night). As I also offer my perspective on the phenomenon and one solution at hand, which involves activating sacred sound…

The Global Hum
The low drone ‘hum like’ noises first started being reported in the mid-1970’s in Bristol, England. Known as The Bristol Hum it was thought that the mysterious sounds were coming from a nearby factory (though conclusive proof never surfaced). The Bristol Hum is still being heard today. The hum has also been famously documented in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Known as The Windsor Hum the drone like sounds first began being reported in 2011, by thousands of local residents. It was suspected at the time, that the source of the hum was a US steel factory located on Zug island, near the US/Canadian border. And this theory was given much credence when during the pandemic in 2020, the factory scaled back operations and the ‘hum’ also dissipated.

Another well-documented case of the hum, is known as The Taos Hum First reported in New Mexico in the early 1990’s, some 2% of the population reported hearing it. Though a definitive cause has never been identified.

Many theories have surfaced on what could be causing the hum all over the globe. Theories range from wind turbines, traffic noise, industrial activity, air-conditioning units, subterranean noise (volcanic activity), continuous wave motion on the ocean floor to theories that the hum is 5G technology, secret military operations, UFO activity and the list goes on. Just doing an Internet search on ‘the hum’ will produce hundreds of thousands of sites, stories and accounts. It truly is a global phenomenon.

Because sound is so subjective and because we all ‘hear’ differently, it’s proven difficult to accurately determine the source of the hum. The hum is also yet to rouse serious enough attention as to warrant dedicated research and funding.

The World Hum and Database Project
However, after hearing the hum himself, Dr Glen MacPherson (a PHD high school Math teacher from Canada) has created a project to gather data, in an effort to garner further research. He decided to create a worldwide database, where anyone who has heard the hum can record their experiences and be charted on a worldwide ‘hum’ map. You can visit the database project here

My take on the HUM – growing energy sensitivity
As always, I’ll approach (my take) of the hum from both a physical and a spiritual perspective. There’s no denying that our world today is being bombarded in low frequency EMFs (electrical magnetic fields) due to the very nature of our digitally connected world. Our homes are filled with appliances and devices that are emitting their own low vibration frequencies, interacting with our own organic and electrically charged energy fields. There’s a lot to contend with in keeping your energy levels high, bright and clear.

Given that all is sound and that every organic and inorganic organism and/or object emits sound, this results in a world that is constantly adjusting due the impact of frequencies upon our fields. The Earth itself is in a fluctuating state of energy adjustment, as cosmic/solar radiation impacts Earth’s geomagnetic field. See my previous blog post on Solar Activity and our Ascension Process I also wrote an informative blog post on 5D and 5G (with detailed information about energy fields) back in early 2019.

With so many potential drains and impacts on our energy field, one may wonder how it is that we can stay healthy and operational on a daily basis. And the reality is, that many millions of people are adversely affected by energetic frequencies (without knowing it) causing them to be in compromised positions in regards to their spiritual, mental, emotional and also physical health.

For the field of energy medicine which was once applied and used globally in the ancient civilizations prior to the great floods, is yet to be recognised as valid and applicable by mainstream society in the 21st century. If it was, we would certainly have a healthier world.

Couple the phenomenal increase in EMFs being absorbed by our energy field and the growing rise in spiritual awakening on our planet over the past 20 years and you have a recipe for increased energy sensitivity.

Rising Energy Sensitivity – 5D Awareness
In my experience, over the past 5-years, from 2018 to 2023 (in particular) there has been a distinct deepening in the first-hand knowledge of who we are as souls; as energy beings of the light. This growing awareness in our spiritual reality (a quickened spiritual growth) was greatly accelerated by the global pandemic from 2020 to 2022, as millions took the inner route for their answers and much-needed support.

Indeed, with the rise of social media and the sharing of ideas over this time, people everywhere have opened themselves up to the opinions and viewpoints of those they may have never encountered even 10 years ago. The psychic super-highways have become bombarded with electrical-based thought waves. It takes a disciplined and knowledgeable soul to differentiate between what is mine and what is yours. It takes constant practice and adherence to energy clearing techniques

This is one of the reasons that I map the daily Schumann Resonance (Earth’s heartbeat) fluctuations in my Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast For in alignment with solar cycles and major emotionally charged events occurring on Earth (like 911, The Amazon burning or The Japanese Tsunami) we see Earth’s heart beat being directly affected, which in turn affects our own. We are all connected. We are cosmic citizens above and beyond being citizens of Earth. Knowing what’s happening with the Earth frequencies puts you in an advantageous state.

And so, as we rise in frequency and higher consciousness and as we become more sensitive to changes in energy fields, we become more in tune with the higher frequency dimensions that overlap our 3D field on Earth.

In my experience, the hum is a sound that lowers your vibration, causing one to feel lethargic, drained and distracted. If we can override the hum and move away from its effects, it makes for a calmer and more relaxed state of being.

“The more sensitive you become, the more you can sense non-physical energy. And this means that you can see, hear and feel what others cannot. Hence, why only a small amount of the population can actually hear the hum right now. I expect that this number will increase in the decades to come, as more people open up to higher consciousness”

— Elizabeth Peru

Activating Sacred Sound – A Solution to The Hum
One solution that I’ve found to be effective in cancelling out the ‘hum’ is to clear incoherent frequencies in your energy field by activating sacred sound.

Over 20 years ago, I trained as a Sound and Colour Healer and ever since, I’ve been using my understanding of frequencies to create a conducive state within. The human voice is the most sacred spiritual tool that you possess. As you learn to create sacred sounds with your voice, you can shift the frequency of your energy field. This can then place you in a good position to lessen the annoyance that’s experienced by being cognizant of the low droning hum sound that’s so prevalent in our modern day world.

Sacred Sounds – The Voice
Vocal toning is a form of tuning up your energy system, by toning sound into the chakras (the major energy centres) of the body. Simply focus on each of the chakras, as you use your own voice to create the below sounds.

Imagine that you’re creating the sound and sending the sound into each chakra for a minimum of 1 -2 minutes per centre.

Begin with the root chakra and complete at the crown, then go back to the root for a total of 3 rounds.

As you say each sound, see how long you can hold the sound for. Begin low and then reach a higher note.

The Root Chakra – Sound SA into the base of the spine
The Sacral Chakra – Sound RE into the abdomen and lower back
The Solar Plexus Chakra – Sound GA into the stomach and middle back
The Heart Chakra – Sound MA into the heart and wings
The Throat Chakra – Sound PA into the throat and back of neck
The Third Eye Chakra – Sound DHA into the third eye, centre of your brain
The Crown Chakra – Sound NI into the top of your head

Sacred Sounds – Instruments
You can also use an array of high-vibration instruments to shift your frequency. I’ve been using crystal singing bowls for over 20 years. My favourite bowl to use is Middle C. I use a large 15 inch crystal signing bowl (tuned to Middle C) that cleanses and clears all of my energy centres at once.

You can use specific notes for specific chakras. The Root is Note C, Sacral is Note D, Solar Plexus is Note E, Heart is Note F, Throat is Note G, Third Eye is Note A and Crown is Note B.

Brass Tibetan Singing Bowls (and 7 metal bowls) are also beautiful for aligning and activating your chakras. Plus, I also like to use Tuning Forks for more specific energy tuning work into the energy centres. The options are as varied as the souls creating the sounds are.

**By Elizabeth Peru


2 Replies to “The Global Hum: Activating Sacred Sound”

  1. Erietta

    So deeply gratefulto Elizabeth Peru and to EraOfLight for this article. Yes I am well aware about the Humming or Roaring sound as I name it. I past through dramatic experiences..Thanks to some powerful healers I overcome the worst. I know more about the subject.

  2. Narnia

    Interesting. Thought it was just me as I’ve never heard it mentioned before. Yes I hear the hum late at night. My immediate thought was I am hearing the frequency/vibrations of the ether. The hum doesn’t disturb me, instead it feels like a lullaby putting me to sleep. Akin to hearing your mother’s heartbeat as a baby. I feel a part of it, in that I am humming with it. Thanks Elizabeth nice to read and learn more about this.