Kryon: Who You Really Are

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. Some of you expected another voice, didn’t you? The one on the page perhaps, which, of course, is yours! How many of you understand and realize that as you read the messages of Kryon, you are reading aloud with your Higher-Selves for emphasis? The Higher-Self of every single Human Being knows what I know. It is your Higher-Selves that we’ve asked you to collect together and channel with me tonight.

When you read the words of Kryon, you don’t read anything new. Nothing is new, and yet everything is discoverable to those without full knowledge. When you read the words of Kryon, you read the truth as given by someone who has a relationship with you that I’m going to talk about tonight. I’ll call it the Hidden Relationship. It’s a relationship that is so strong that your Higher-Self can actually channel along with me since it knows what I’m going to say. When you read the books, you read along with your Higher-Self. That is the voice you hear. It’s a divine voice; it’s beautiful, and it’s yours.

So, for those of you in the room, you can get used to this voice for a little while… the Human voice representing the Magnetic Master from the Great Central Sun. “Kryon, what exactly is the great central sun?” Well, I’ll tell you. The answer is “yes.” That’s all I can tell you. The Great Central Sun is not a place at all. It is a metaphor, and it is the only thing that we can describe which would be the center core of the love of God. You know it very well. It’s not a place of origin, but rather a condition. More than that, it describes the relationship between us. Oh, there is so much that is hidden from your immediate consciousness while you’re here! Even hidden to those who would open the door and reveal the Akash of Earth, and who would then be able to look into your DNA and see all of your past lifetimes. Even a person like that wouldn’t know what I’m going to tell you today. For what I’m going to tell you is not recorded in your Akashic Record. It’s not in the earth, and Gaia doesn’t have it either. It’s not even in your DNA.

Your DNA and the Akash of the planet, that energy which lets you literally move into ascension status, only goes back as far as the earliest thing that happened for you on Gaia. Now, that’s a lot! But that’s where it stops. Your DNA and the Akashic Record can only give you information about past angelic-Human expressions. We’ve told you so many times who you are, and we’re going to tell you again this night, but in a different way… an enhanced way. You see, there’s a whole lot more than you think.

The entourage who is arriving in this place will surprise you. It’s not who you think it is. You fail to see this. It’s the obvious entourage of Kryon, whatever that means to you. It is those who come to wash your feet. But there are many more. Some of you will relate to this and some of you will not. Dear Human Being, all of those who you have loved and lost on this planet, in this lifetime, are now in the room. There are children in the room and you know who I’m talking about, don’t you? Brothers and sisters and moms and dads; cousins and uncles and aunts. The room is filled with Human Family that some of you have put into the ground and said good-bye to. They are here.

Some might say, “Well, why would that be? Why would they show up just for today?” And I will tell you. They don’t just “show up” today. Dear Human Being, so many have been with you all along, but you don’t want to see them. They’re vertical and you see horizontal [a reference to the study in perception given earlier in the day]. They are not in your perception. Your belief system doesn’t support the information that these departed loved ones are still with you and part of your guide structure, and will be with you all of your life. Did you know that? It’s part of the system… a well-hidden one.

Did you know there’s an agreement between what you would call souls? Oh, you’re so linear and so singular! You look in the mirror and there’s one Human Being. There’s one Higher-Self. There’s one soul and that’s what you seem to carry around. What a concept! Well, it’s wrong. There is much more here to see. You are in many places at the same time. If I even begin to broach the subject, you won’t understand. It’s at this point that the Human intellect is insulted and shouts, “Tell us anyway. We are intelligent enough to understand anything.” It’s not about intelligence, dear ones, but rather about your trained perception in a dimension that is limited. Even the most intelligent Human can’t comment on something he doesn’t see or perceive.

Did you know there are multiples of you on the other side of the veil? Multiples of you! They are energetic ones… but multiples never-the-less. Did you think you took all of your power, angel, when you came down here? No. It wouldn’t fit in your body. So, what did you leave behind? How do you think co-creation is done? Let me ask you that again. If you co-create something for yourself, and you’re in a society with other Human Beings, what about the other Humans? Did you just blast your way through the puzzle with your own intent, right into their lives? If so, did you have permission? If not, where is the integrity of co-creation? Did you ever think of that? When you asked to be removed from a situation or to be placed into a new occupation, what about those who were affected by this event of yours? Did you just steamroll over them? I have some news. Every time you co-create, you’re fulfilling somebody else’s co-creation. Every time you successfully co-create, there is immense, complex planning going on. Did you know that? It’s a system, you know?

The Higher-Self – a part of you on the other side of the veil – is doing work you can’t conceive of. Call it a great planning session that is going on all the time as you pray, as you move, as you send light. But the session involves many others too. It involves the Higher-Selves of the ones you are interfacing with, and they’re working together to create what you’re trying to do on the planet, since it also enhances them. It’s very complicated. When and if your intention, your creation, finally manifests, it’s a win-win solution for all of you, accomplished with permission and appropriateness. How do you think this works? Unexplainable and hard to conceive of, isn’t it?

I just told you that your loved one who passed on is a guide, one of many. What about you? Could it be, as my partner says, that you are somebody else’s guide right now? When you passed over in a past lifetime, could it be that part of you stayed here to be with others? The answer is “yes.” Perhaps they are still here and alive? How about that puzzle! Think of it. You reincarnated and here you are, but you might also still be with another Human as their guide. How’s that for being multiple? That means you are in two places at once. How does that feel? It’s true, you know, and when you ponder it, it explains much.

Ever wonder why, when you come into the planet, that you have psychological attributes that cannot be explained? Fears, remembrances, things you will or will not do, places that you want to go, all present themselves as though you had lived before. There is a connection to Gaia and other Humans. There’s an actual relationship within all of it that is hiding. You’re here on the planet as somebody else’s guide! Not all of you, since this information is very specific. It depends on how old you are. The younger you are, the more it might be, for obvious reasons. It is complicated, but there is more going on than you know, and an even bigger item, a relationship, you don’t know about that I’ll reveal in a moment.

First, however, I want to do one of my favorite things. I would like to take you back to the wind of birth and I would ask you, for the first time, to visualize this with me in a 4D way. I want to give you a description of this so you’ll know what I’m talking about, and so you can envision it with me, because I was there with you. I still am! I’m going to tell you something about Kryon that you didn’t know. Who do you think I really am? Angel? Yes. So are you. Purveyor of Magnetics of the planet? Yes. So are you. You know how big the entourage was that helped me set the grids on this planet? There was over a trillion of you. Every single person who walks this planet and will be born in all the future of Earth helped to set the grids of the planet. You were there and helped to initiate it. Part of the relationship is that you took on the energy of the planet. Then most of you went someplace else, and I’m going to talk about that too, in a moment.

The wind of birth is the description of the time and place in 4D that you arrive into on this planet from a previous life, whether on Earth or not. First-timers are coming in and old souls are coming in. Picture, if you would, something the size of a stadium. Now, I’m just giving you this metaphor because this is partially in 4D and partially in multiple-D. You can’t hear the light like I can, but you can see portions of it. Think of this stadium-sized object as a giant abyss. You’re in another dimension and you’re about ready to come into 4D [the Earth Plane’s dimensional attribute], and you seemingly fall into that abyss. But there is this wind that is streaming out of that abyss like a cyclone. It’s a silent one, blowing in an upward direction. It’s multi-colored and beautiful; it sparkles; it has lights that go everywhere, but it’s pouring from below to above. If you could lean into that wind, it would sustain and support your energetic weight until you literally remove yourself from the edge. Then, at the appropriate time, you would drop into what we call the canal of birth. The next thing you would know would be the doctor’s hand, and you would hear your voice for the first time in the new life called Earth.

Don’t ponder this too much, for the inevitable linear question will occur asking, “whose soul was in the fetus while it was growing? If I come in at Human birth, where does Human life really begin?” I have told you before – a subject for later, perhaps – that Human life actually begins with permission to create it, by both the parents and the child. It’s a spiritual event, and not a physical one. It is only manifested by the biology of the two genders. The time spent in the womb by a soul is not as important as you have made it, for the actual angelic journey of a Human Being begins at actual birth. The “life process,” however, is seen by God as precious from beginning to end… from spiritual permission to the deathbed. Humanity wants to compartmentalize it and assign spiritual aspects to the individual parts, instead of the whole spiritual process.

It’s the wind of birth that I wish to examine for a moment. It’s a portal and I’m always there. I’m there now. I’m with thousands every day that are making up their minds, and beginning the process to return to this Earth. Pieces of God, they are, examining what they’re doing, coordinating with all of the workers, those multiple parts of themselves, (hard to describe) before they separate the biggest piece of themselves and come into the Earth. I was there when you came in. I’ll talk about that in a minute. I’m there right now. I’m talking to every single one of them even as I do this communication. “Kryon, how can you do that? You’re here channeling.” Oh, if you think that’s odd, I’ll give you something else to think about. I’m also in the Hall of Honor! I’m greeting all of those I said goodbye to, in the wind of birth! To me, in the blink of an eye, they’re back! And we celebrate every single thing that took place. Hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s a system, you know? It’s bigger than you think. Wait until you find out who you are. The reason you are having a hard time with my entity being in many places at the same time is because of your clock. It only allows for one thing at a time. I have no clock, and neither do you when you are here.

Who Are You?

So here you are on this planet. Biological beings haven’t completely and total forgotten the angelic part of whom they were before they came. Some of you are tuned-in enough to actually read parts of the Akash. And this record will tell you about who you’ve been and some of the past lives that you’ve experienced. This record will give you an indication of some of the reasons why you feel the way you do this time around. It explains a lot about your current life when you know who you used to be. But who are you really? I’ll tell you. I’ve told you some of these things before, but I’m going to tell you again.

The first thing is, you’re a part of God and that means that you always were and you always will be – yesterday, today and forever. When you get out of 4D and time disappears, that’s very understandable to you and it’s a normal state of being. There is no beginning and no end. It’s in a circle. Let me give you an example of the way I see things. What are you going to do tomorrow? You don’t know that, since it’s your future. Anything can happen since it’s in the future. You can’t know since it hasn’t happened. When tomorrow arrives, it’s the present and you will manifest it. In a way, you just manifested the future (as you saw it the day before). After tomorrow goes by, then it’s the past. All it took was one day for the future to be unknown, known, and past. One thing becomes another. At what point does it transfer from the unknown future to the known past? The answer is “when you live it.” Well, in my perception, you’ve already lived it! I see them all as one. To you, I say, “Live it daily.” Therefore, you are always creating the future.

“Wait a minute Kryon. How can you say that? You told us that you don’t know what’s going to happen either, since we have free choice.” Correct. I don’t know what you’re going to do, but I know all of the potentials that are possible of what you might do, and they lay out in front of me like a map. Every potential thing that you could possibly do is there. Which track you’re going to take is unknown and will manifest itself with your free choice, but I see all of the potentials. Therefore, I already know one of the things you’re going to do. This is the “now” and it’s very difficult to explain when you exist on a linear time line.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” you might say. It does when you’re not here, dear ones. We see the potentials of the planet, and always have. Why do you think there’s so much excitement from our standpoint? It’s because we see the potential of Earth – all of the potentials together – and we see where you’re taking it. And you’re taking it right into the middle of The New Jerusalem! You’re entering the cave that is so dark, and a great shift is before you, yet you enter with such courage! And you wonder why we love you the way we do?

When you were poised at the wind of birth, we asked you if you really wanted to do this again and you said “yes,” and then you did! Who are you really? Ancient? All of you are beyond ancient. All of you have no beginning, but some of you are ancient on this planet. You’ve been here 50,000 years, some of you. To you, that’s a long time. It isn’t really. Thinking of what time it was when you set the grids with me, 50,000 years is just a fraction of a second on the world clock. 50,000 years ago, some of you were Lemurian, some Sumerian, some later become Egyptian. You choose some of the highest-tech societies that have ever been known on this earth, not defined by machines but by consciousness. You see, that’s your perception. It’s actually a cultural crutch! You think, “the higher tech it is, the better the machines must be.” That’s so funny!

High Tech: Let me describe what high tech really means. High tech is top science known intuitively by the Human Being and practiced every day because he has mastery over dimensional perception. It doesn’t get any better than that. He doesn’t need any computers. How was it that both the Lemurians and the Sumerians knew all about the Solar System? How can you do astrology without knowing about the planets, and yet it’s the oldest science on the earth! Without telescopes, how could you know about astronomy? How could you know about the movements of the planets, yet this knowledge was well known long before telescopes. Give that a thought. There’s more here than meets the eye [Kryon humor].

That’s who you are. You are ancient. Some of you are indigenous to this area. Now, here’s what I mean. You were the first to set foot on the dirt of the Earth right here. Want me to prove that? I can’t, but you can, to your own consciousness. If you think you’re one of those allied to the earth, one who really resounds to the land and the animals who are here, I challenge you go to the museum and check out the pottery that you made! You’ll resound to it. I’ve said that before. That’s who you are, old soul.

New Souls Coming to Earth

“Well, Kryon, something doesn’t make sense. You say we come around and we go around, but the Earth has more Humans on it today, twice as many than when I was bornIt doesn’t make sense that the same entities are coming and going all the time. There have to be new ones coming in all the time.” How perceptive. So, you want to know where you’re coming from? Some of you aren’t going to like this answer, but I’ll tell you. Please be patient with my long answer. When you’re on the other side of the veil, Human Being… how do I say this? There is so much excitement, if I can use the word; there is so much energy, if I can use the word; there’s so much enthusiasm, if I can use that word, around who you really are.

Lightworker, if I ask you, “Who are you?” you would say, “I’m tired.” That’s the answer we get all the time. It doesn’t answer the question at all, but it’s what is on your mind the most. And how are you today, we often ask? “I’m tired” is the reply. You’re tired when you wake up and you’re tired when you go to sleep, and that’s because so many of you are doing the heavy work. So tired are you that you feel you are spiritually wrung out.

How many of you are convinced that it’s your last time here? [Many hands are raised] Well, guess what? You’re wrong! “Kryon, I don’t want to hear that. I’ve done my part and here I am. This is a very tiring thing… coming and working on Gaia. I don’t want to do this again. I’ve earned some rest.” But when I see you in the Hall of Honor, you can hardly wait to get back to the wind of birth! That’s what you said the last time, during the last incarnation too! That’s what the Human Being in biology experiences, dear one. You are so tired because you’re putting out spiritual energy that is actually changing the planet. You get on the other side of the veil, to Earth, and it doesn’t even occur to you about your real relationship and I’ll tell you why, because you are specialists in this.

Haven’t answered the question, have I? Where are you coming from? New souls are coming in all the time. Where are they coming from? This is the part that some of you are not going to like. You’re coming from this same kind of a test in another dimensions, from other places and situations not called Earth, but very much like it. This test is always going on, and that’s not what you wanted to hear. It’s going on within multi-dimensional universes, and there’s more than one of these tests at a time. There may be only one in this Universe but there are others happening in alternate universes and this is what you do… come and go from these tests as specialists.

There is a name for your specialty that I cannot give you because it is one that is only perceivable on my side of the veil. It’s a name that you know so well, and it’s pasted upon you because it’s what you do. So, you have come from another testing place whether the test there was complete or not. When you arrive, you choose to come into this Earth test as a newbie. It’s hardly the first time around for you. You’ve been doing it in some way since before there was a beginning! Now, that might tell you something if you haven’t thought about it. There’s a bigger picture going on. There’s a system. Think of this: If there is a system which includes multiples of tests, and you have done this forever, that must mean that there’s an engine of creation going on because of your very existence on this planet. Did you ever wonder about actual creation? Could you be a part of something far larger? And if you think that, the answer is “yes,” There is a much bigger picture that you know about when you’re not here.

I know all of you very well… all of you. There’s not one entity here that doesn’t recognize the name of your specialty. “Well, Kryon, this information makes me tired thinking about it.” And that’s the Human reaction we would expect, dear one. I’ll tell you what our reaction is when we think about it. It’s glorious; it’s spectacular. Your specialty is known by all the angels. You carry the colors and the badges of where you’ve been and what you’ve done everywhere you go. This changes with every single lifetime. Speaking of lifetimes, they’re quick, you know? You come and go very fast… very fast. That’s who you are – specialists in universal creation.

Types of Comings and Goings

It’s interesting the way this works for you. Many of you have seen these things, but don’t know it. The first-timer. A first-timer is one who comes to the earth for the first time in his cycle. He comes from other biologies, other universes, other earths, (if you wish to say that) but not exactly. This test you call Earth is not a duplicate of something that’s happened before or is currently happening. It’s not about alternate selves. No. This test is unique, and all the testing places are unique. They’re all about free choice, and what it specifically creates within the confines of a single universe. We know your potentials, but truly, what you actually may do is accomplished by free choice.

The first-timer: You can spot them – innocent they are – complete innocence and yet devastated by humanity in general. The first-timer is the one who will immediately go into nature because they can’t stand Humans. “This doesn’t work for me,” they say. In normal conversation, they speak “A” and they get back “B.” In their perception, conversation is very difficult. They often don’t look you in the eye or respond the way you expect. They don’t understand why Humans spin drama, either. “Why would Humans do that?” they say. “I don’t like this place,” they say. “I’ll talk to the animals.” That’s a first-timer – very confused about the actual relationship between Human and Human. They must learn about this, and they always do.

A first-timer is one that’s just a little out of sync. Some say they’re a little bizarre, and that’s just because they’re so bewildered with the Earth and humanity. You’ve seen them. You know who they are, and they are gentle and precious… precious souls. But they seem so out of place with society, so honest, learning how it all works.

Then there’s the opposite – the old souls. Some of you are 50,000 years old and nothing surprises you. You’ve “been there and you’ve done that.” You’ve played all the roles within both genders many times and you’re just doing another one… and you’re tired. You’re so tired! But to the ones who are convinced that this is the last time around, and you are not coming back, I have news: Yes, you are! Oh, yes, you are. [Kryon smile]

Then there’s the pretender. The pretender, well, he’s really a newbie. But he gets the spirituality bug quickly and easily. After all, isn’t that the core of all of you? The pretender goes to what you all have in common, which is something he understands, and hides within it, pretending to be an old soul. You wouldn’t know it, either, except that one thing gives him away. Have you ever heard the expression, “too spiritual to be any earthly good?” If so, he or she probably is a pretender. They’re floaters – reality floaters. They don’t want anything to do with the real world. These are the ones who you’ll find in the communes. “There has to be a better way,” they say. So they surround themselves with spirituality and try to mold their own reality. They also wish to ascend and “get out of here.” They would love to be like the prophet Elijah… get spiritual enough, and simply disappear! That’s their goal. They want out so they won’t have to deal with Humans any more, or at least the ones who don’t think as they do. They are as precious as the newbie, but in a different way, for they actually can see that divinity is real. They endeavor to crawl back up the wind of birth to find it. But they never see the humanity, or the test before you, as being sacred.

“Well, Kryon, if this is so, what is the goal of Humanity in general? I understand we are helping creation, but when are we finished?” Indeed! I though you’d never ask! [Kryon smile] The goal? I’m not sure if you’re going to like this explanation either. The goal is to “do it until you’re done.” Right now you are really tired. But dear one, ask the soldier who does battle every day, “Are you tired?” You already know the answer. Oh, but it’s so grand, what you are doing at this moment! If you could only see the system. If you could only see the relationship! You might be doing this forever. Tired yet?

Past Non-Human expressions on the Earth

Oh, there is so much love here! The system provides for it. Do you know why you do this? Because you’re in love with the system. The system is you and it’s also God (in your view), and it’s also nature (in your view). You’re in love with Gaia! What a beautiful energy. How many of you were aware that you have had past lifetimes without being a Human? Ahh. Now we’re getting spooky. Do you dare think of it? A lifetime without being Human – how could that be? How about a lifetime within Gaia? How about being an actual part of the earth for a hundred years or so, then coming back? How about being part of the rocks, the plants or the trees? How about being part of the life in the air – interdimensional life in air? Did you know that this is the way of it? If you understand this, we’ll tell you something else. Your non-human lifetimes are not recorded in the Human Akashic record. There are those spiritual readers would might say, “I read your Akashic record and it appears as though you disappeared for several hundred years, doing something else, then came back. I can’t tell where you were, or what you did.” I’ll tell you where you were – you were in the earth in an energetic form! Your “readers” can only read what is within the scope of your humanness, for that is all there is to see for them.

When you don’t have an energy imprint to read within your interdimensional DNA, no reader or seer can see “where” you are, or “where you were.” Therefore, the assumption is linear: If you didn’t come back to Earth as a Human, then you surely are resting somewhere on the other side of the veil, getting ready for the next incarnation. Then some of you envision your soul-selves in angelic rocking chairs somewhere, eating angelic food [probably chocolate] on an extended universal vacation – rolling around Heaven all day! [Kryon smile] Oh dear one, listen: It’s a far larger system than you know. Your linearity gives you such neat and simple answers to such complex goings-on.

How could such a thing be, some ask. To give you an idea, let me ask you: Why does the energy of Gaia have consciousness? The answer is because it’s part of who you are! Does it feel oddly like “home” to you? It should. It’s a divine energy and now we’re really getting out there to some of you, I suppose. [Kryon knows who is in the audience and there are some who are not of a spiritual mind, but attending never-the-less.] Your goal is to change, through free choice, the vibration of this planet and make it as high as you can. Because, at the end of the test (whenever you choose it to be over), the energy will be measured and applied to something else within the universe you don’t understand now. Then, the universe shifts accordingly, actually using the measurement you created.

It’s the engine of creation itself. It’s what makes things work. It’s as important to the rest of us as food is to you here on this planet. What you are participating in interdimensionally and universally is profound, It is important and you don’t know anything about it while you’re here. You can’t, for where would the test of energy be? But there is purpose for all of it… and you wonder why we love you the way we do?

I’m almost finished. Now I want to take you back to the wind of birth. I want to take you to your own earth-entering experience this time around. I was just there, you know? So were you, too. Time is such a deceiver. Only in old age do you begin to realize the joke of linear time, when you can look back on all of it in a split second, and you begin to realize that you lived it in only a moment. Time is a construct that allows the system to be laid out in simplicity, while being accomplished with complexity.

My partner asked you this question earlier on: “Did you think about why you would ever have decided to be here now? You are at the crux of the big problem on Earth. You are here during the renewal of the energy of the planet, where the test gets hard.” Now I’ll tell you something startling: One of the easiest things you could have done is to have gone through the Armageddon. There’s nothing to it; you simply die. You’ve done that before, many times. Almost everyone here has been burned alive. How about that one? It’s almost a prerequisite for awakening spiritually, as presented by your religious history. Did you know that? It would have been easy for you to do that. You have experience doing that, and it’s over in a moment… just a shift of energy. But you didn’t.

Instead, you said, “Let’s go and solve the big issue. Let’s go and do something we have trained and trained for. Let’s be the meek that inherit the earth. Let’s change the actual vibration of the Earth. Let’s have the battle of all battles, to be fought in the trenches of our own cultural exchanges, day by day. Let’s go and start the hard work.”

At the wind of birth I held your angelic hand and looked at you with my energetic sight – you were half angel, and half Human. You had one foot in 4D and the other in what we would call multiple-D. It’s so different than you would imagine. I reminded you that this is a step like no other you’ve ever taken. I reminded you that you were about to go back to the planet of free choice without any knowledge of your grandness or your purpose or of the relationship. Every single one of you in the room, and reading this, was born in a time when Earth prophecy was different than it is today. And I said to you, “Do you mean it? Why go again? Why now?” I knew the answer, but I just wanted to hear the warriors of light that you are, claim it once again. Can angels smile at each other? Oh yes! They do it with light-energy to one another, intermingled in a beautiful way with gorgeous colors. And you said to me, every single one of you: “I know what I’m doing. I have spent a long time helping the Earth to get to this place, and now I’m going to go again and make a difference.” And now, here you sit because you did what you intended.

I don’t know what that means to you as you get up and leave and walk to your vehicles tonight, or put down your book and prepare a meal. I don’t know if that means anything to you. I’ll tell you, however, what it means to me, grand one. You changed the universe! That’s what has happened on Earth… and you don’t even know it. Even some sitting here don’t even believe it. Impatient they are, as we close this communication. They are hungry and wish I would stop. So I say to them, isn’t it interesting that none of the very time specific prophecies of the Armageddon took place? Isn’t it interesting that you can’t find anything that’s going on today within the writings of the 400 year-old priest? [Nostradamus] Isn’t it interesting that you have instead, and will have, events that will change world history, but which didn’t seem to be on the “radar screen” of the best spiritual readers of the past? These are events that were never predicted, and now, even the “players” of the old prophecies are gone from your reality. Might that imply to you that there is something else happening instead? I’ll tell you, doubter, what the biggest issue is: It’s that when I saw you last, you were one of those who told me that you would go to Earth to change the energy… and today you are with others who believe they have. What a coincidence! [Kryon smile] I’ll tell you something else, doubter: You are as loved by God as any Human on this planet, and will not be judged by your unbelief. You are actually holding a place for those you sit beside, allowing them to send light where it is needed. Therefore, perhaps… just perhaps, you are doing the very work you came to do, but you are now discounting it all as silliness. Such is the way things often work. You are as precious to me as any.

The “Relationship”

Finally, I’m telling you that this relationship that you don’t know about is a profound one. When you leave this place and I see you in the Hall of Honor, magic occurs. An interdimensional shift happens and the entire energy of your being returns to who you are, and joins me. Listen and read the words… “Joins me.” Because I’m a part of you! I don’t know if you wanted to hear that or not. There’s a relationship between the two of us, which goes way beyond brother and sister, or angelic partners, for these are linear and simple Earth terms. No. Instead, it’s a piece of God that you become. Have you ever felt this… our relationship?

We’ve told you about the soup analogy before. It’s the best metaphor we have for something outside of your full understanding. You look at a bowl of soup and you see soup. You don’t see the molecules in it. You don’t see the flavoroids in it; you don’t see the salt and pepper or the ingredients. When you talk about God, you just imagine God… a singular energy that represents love to you, or perhaps authority? There is no insult in what I say next, just reality. Your perception of what God really is has a comparison to what your pet must think about you! Your pet seems shallow and doesn’t see “the big picture.” It can’t, because it has a limited intellect. Your limitation is the same kind of thing. You wish to think you have great intellect. But your intellect is truly limited by your dimensional perception. It’s designed that way.

The truth is that if you could examine God, and were able to “think beyond the box” you are in, you would find your name there! And I’m there with you… and so are the masters who walked the Earth, your friends, and all the ancients. The relationship is that I am you, and you are I when you’re not here. We are one soup, and combine in a way not explainable to any of you. That’s why, when you read these words on the page, you might feel something, because it is part of “you” who is actually giving the message. Some of the parts of you, who are not “with you” now, are giving this message! Because they are still part of me. How do you feel about that?

There is more to it than you think about being the piece of divinity that you are. God bless all of you for your work! Oh, the unbeliever is still here. I know you. There’s nothing that says that by attending this meeting, you will become strange. Please don’t fear the love of God. Maybe you think you’re going to sit this lifetime out and just have a disconnected existence from all of this spiritual talk? Okay, then what brought you here? Think about it. It’s really kind of humorous.

And that’s why we wash your feet, Human Being… every foot that’s here. Somehow you are in the dark, but with an enormous spotlight waiting to develop when you wish it to. And that’s who you are. It would be a good time for a healing, you know? Ah, anyone come for that?


Now would be a good time. Reader, are you “listening?” [Kryon smile] Now would be a good time. Claim that connection in your own way. Open the door when you’re alone. With pure intent say, “Dear Spirit, Dear Source of Love, Dear God… tell me what it is I need to know.” Do you want to go to the next step or not? Some do and some do not. There is no judgment at all… only honor for the trip.

Part of the family, you are. Part of God, you are. Leave differently than you came. Some of you are not going to have the sleep tonight that you’d like. Seeds have been planted of knowledge and purpose, allowing you to ponder the unponderable. Perhaps you’ve made a decision? Perhaps it’s about your biology, or about your self worth? Time for the shift, isn’t it? That’s why you’re here. I promise you that if you will make that shift, I’ll be there to hold your hand and help you through it. Not as an angel, but as a part of your own divinity. I challenge you: Stand in front of the mirror and open your eyes and look at yourself, and say, “I am that I am,” which means I am God. Then go from there. And that’s the truth. We would not bring you these things if they were not so. Grander than you think, the plan here, is. More beautiful than you can imagine, workers of the light, all of you. All of you.

And so it is.


**Channel: Lee Carroll


2 Replies to “Kryon: Who You Really Are”

  1. J

    I wonder about the human labeling of old and new souls. There may be confusion about the meaning. I thought new soul meant a relatively junior spirit with not much overall experience (on and off Earth). Then I was told it is a soul that hasn’t had many—if any—incarnations on ‘Earth’. Yet, could have had thousands of lifetimes off Earth. And an old soul has many lifetimes on Earth but not necessarily off Earth. Now when someone uses that terminology I don’t know how to take it. I wonder how they are interpreting it as I see it can have multiple meanings.

  2. harrrrrie

    Beyond beautiful. This is way more than I had imagined. Plenty to think about here. Thank you Kryon and everyone.