Daily Message for 5/10/2023

The light of your Soul will always dissolve the shadows which you may face as you continue with the inner work and clearing of old energies within. The Soul is pure, eternal light. Everything else is a temporary illusion to comfort the false identity you may show pride about. When one is able to live from the Heart Center throughout the day, to be love, kindness, compassion, this is the true accomplishment and “graduation.” All else is a profile of garbage to serve the temporary ego identity. ~Kejraj

5 Replies to “Daily Message for 5/10/2023”

  1. Douglas A James

    Sur but it would be easy to live from the heart of I wasn’t aware of children being sacrificed…chemtrails overhead poisoning us all…human meat in our food..toxic water..air food…but just remain calm and live in the heart…which appears to be the answer the galactics preach yet they aren’t down here.. this approach hasn’t removed the negative ETs in the pits ..the scaler tech around earth…I agree keep your vibration up but damn people we need to removed these parasites now!! With extreme force so this never happens again. Turning the other cheek is BS