The 9D Arcturian Council: How to Become Ambassadors to the E.T. Realm

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are always looking for more humans to connect with, because we know that there is a need there on Earth for more of an awareness of your extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters out there in the skies and scattered throughout the galaxy and the universe. There need to be more ambassadors, more whose journey it is to connect the human consciousness with the e.t. consciousness, because it is a way for you to expand your consciousness. It is a way for you all to grow, to evolve. Getting to know any extra-terrestrial being is like getting to know another aspect of you.

It’s not about the information that we can provide you, and it’s not about the technology that we can hand to you. It’s all about you becoming more of who you are, and yes, having e.t. experiences gives you something fun to share with other people, and you get to be transformed by those experiences. But truly the best way to know the e.t.s that are all around you is to first get to know yourselves. A willingness to examine yourself, to examine your life, your thoughts, your beliefs, and so on, is the key to becoming a more high-vibrational being, and when you raise your vibration you align with e.t. consciousness, as well as the help we are giving you at all times.

We love witnessing one or more of you taking an interest in the other beings that are out there somewhere, but we also want you to recognize that everything you are searching for is also within you, and taking the inner journey is the best way to become aligned with more experiences that will occur outside of you and with beings in other bodies, or nonphysical collectives like ourselves. 

As you shut off your devices and tune in to what’s going on inside of you, there will always be something remarkable to be gained from taking that journey. If you don’t like meditation, or you think you’re not good at it, then don’t put that label on it. Instead, tell yourself that you’re going inside your body and your consciousness to look for intelligent life, to look for e.t. consciousness. You are the ones who are going to connect the dots for so many of your fellow humans, and they will be better served by having teachers who have done the work on themselves. 

It’s not enough to just access information that you can then share with other people. It’s not enough to just tell others what you believe. You have to become the living embodiment of a fully integrated and aligned being. That is what lights you up for e.t.s and humans alike, and as you look outside of yourselves now and observe the state of the world, it is clear that having more of you who are ready to lead, who are ready to take humanity into the fifth dimension, is necessary. 

It is your time to become the self-actualized human being that you always have been, and trust us when we say that you will be getting a lot of attention from e.t.s who are in ships in your skies right now, just for having made the effort, just for having turned your attention inward and seeing what you can find.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

**Channel: Daniel Scranton


One Reply to “The 9D Arcturian Council: How to Become Ambassadors to the E.T. Realm”

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    Thanks again Daniel and the 9D Arcturian Council. A pleasure as always.

    I have had contact with two different benevolent beings while awake on Earth in the past year. I had no contact—that I recall—prior to this.

    I will reveal my personal, intimate encounters only because I feel it may help others be prepared for when they get contacted.

    One was pure colour and frequency in the shape of a human. It must have been very high energy/radiation as it hurt a little when it came close to me and I had to shield my face. I felt it was from a high dimension so it must have been very difficult for this being to be in our density. It was a very brief encounter. I know it must have been painful for this being to come here so I am immensely grateful. Whilst it did not speak, I knew it had come to help me; I was in a very bad place at that time. I instinctively understood what it was attempting to tell me. Apologies for calling it an ‘it’, I mean no disrespect, that’s my ignorance at not knowing the correct name for the type of being.

    The other being was most recent. I heard it communicating. It was not an Earth or human language, I ‘guess’ it was an insectoid from the sounds I heard. I do not know what it was trying to communicate and I did not get any telepathic meassage. It woke me up as I felt something touch me. I could not see anything but when it communicated it sounded like it was only a foot or two away from my bed—very close. When I attempted to enquire as to the purpose of the visit, the being sent me waves of love that I cannot adequately describe. Nothing on Earth comes close. As it left, the sounds grew faint so I knew it was getting farther away. Maybe I’d been taken aboard a craft prior to waking and only remember the returning to my bed. No idea, but I know it did not harm me and I had no weird marks, pain etc.

    I felt honoured and happy to have been contacted by these beings and look forward to more interactions. I think/hope I am getting the a gradual introductions to get me used to it—re-aquainted.

    Prior to these meetings, I was activated and have received messages telepathically. Not big downloads just messages of guidance/support.

    All I can say to people experiences, is to be prepared. It comes out of the blue when you least expect it so it will absolutely shock you and you will likely feel afraid. Don’t expect it will be human forms; there are many various beings. It is not helpful that humans only show beautiful human-looking ETs when there are beings of all shapes, manner and forms. Including those that may look like insects or animals. Earth humans may think some are ugly or evil but it’s only the conditioning. When you feel their hearts you will change your minds. I have heard people say insectoids are bad but not the one I met, if that is what it was.

    Yes they are real, yes they are here helping us, yes you will meet some in due time. However, I do not believe, from my knowing, that all channellings are accurate. I think some are very misleading, so always maintain discernment.

    Have fun, we get to remove the veil and be with our extended family again 🙏😍.

    I guess I have my own contacts and mission. However, if my higher self feels it is appropriate to connect with the 9D Arcturian Council and assist them as well then this will come to be (if it hasn’t already). I only communicate and work with those of pure intent and for the higher good of all.