El Morya: When Are Miracles Possible?

miracles and karma

JJK: When are miracles possible? When are miracles given?

MASTER EL MORYA: When the individual person has largely shed his karma and when this person is to be helped through a miracle to achieve a great leap in consciousness. This can also apply to a group of people or to the human collective as such. All current events on this planet are currently taking place in this level.

Humanity is gearing up for miracles because humanity is beginning to leave the plane of karma. Many years of transformation work are now making themselves felt, perseverance and dedication are now bearing rich fruit. This is how miracles are given to you.

The unimaginable will come into your life and stay in your life.

Never assume that the linear developments will continue in this way. It is impossible for this game to continue as usual and as before until further notice! No one knows this better than those who run this game and have bound people to the wheel of karma. That is why you are currently experiencing a hectic rush, chaos and madness, because the shadow forces do not accept the loss of planet Earth and mankind’s task as a source of energy and should be averted at the last moment. All actions that are now causing so much unrest and spreading fear among people are subject to this endeavor.

Remain undeterred on the path of light!

Therefore our advice to you, beloved person: Continue undeterred on the path of light and on the path of love! Take care of your own homework! Be consistent in your own healing work and get ready for the miracles to come! Take off the cloak of karma, reject everything that is “unlight” and reveal yourself as a true human being, as a true messenger of God here on earth!

Let the world and the people unfold, just make sure that you don’t stand in the way of YOUR unfolding and don’t stagnate in YOUR awareness. Then you have done everything and then you are ready for the ACT OF GOD’S MERCY, for the miracles that are now being revealed to all mankind in one way or another.

Humanity has accomplished great things as a collective. She has not let the forces of shadow lead her behind the light. As of today, the number of those people who are awake or ready to be awake is sufficient to turn the game and bring about the miracles needed now into your life.

The earth heals and humanity with her. From Heaven the grace of God flows unceasingly into your hearts. What once began will be completed, the unity of man with GOD will be accomplished.

Don’t change anything, stay true to the path of the heart and continue YOUR path of love undaunted! Life will bounty you with miracles you didn’t ask for and never need to ask for.

I love you endlessly


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com


4 Replies to “El Morya: When Are Miracles Possible?”

  1. Marie

    Gratidao Mestre El Morya! Sabias,confortantes e direcionadas sempre sao suas mensagens de Luz e verdade.
    Eu Sou…ao servico da Luz, do Amor e da Vida!
    Eu Sou aqui!

  2. Nadja Iris

    Beloved Master El Mory & The Ascensioned Masters & Jahn as a beautiful Channel – thank you so much for your empowering, photonic and loving message! I feel humbled and honoured after reading these words of love n’light – AMEN – I AM THAT I AM

    Nadja Iris