Hakann: Earth’s Hybrid Culture

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

Today I would like to share that, from my perspective, Earth culture isn’t really a human culture. Instead Earth culture is a strange and somewhat schizophrenic hybrid of human and reptilian culture.

Yes, obviously it’s a huge generalization to talk about Earth culture as if Earth culture is one uniform thing. Still, all major cultures on your world are hybrids of human and reptilian cultures. In my previous message: Hakann: Patriarchy & “Believe The Chief”, I shared that Earth humans were strongly influenced by reptilians during humanity’s primitive tribal years,

Some examples of reptilian cultural influence may be obvious. Namely: racism, sexism, violence, sexual violence and war. You may think it’s natural for humans to engage in these things, but from my perspective, it really isn’t.

We’ve done experiments where we temporarily wipe the mind of consenting, volunteering Pleiadian human adults and put them in a natural environment. Until they’re restored at the end of the experiment, these people forget everything, including language and their own name. We also make them resemble Earth humans by temporarily blocking their innate abilities, such as their ability to read minds. The only thing they retain are their basic motor skills, so that they can still move their body. And in these experiments we find that unless humans are traumatized, or are subject to direct reptilian influence or to a reptilian-influenced culture or are burdened by a negative collective subconscious or by ancestral trauma… humans don’t engage in racism, sexism, violence, sexual violence or war.

You might think that food scarcity would drive humans to war, but what we find instead is that it’s natural for humans to share their food freely in times of scarcity. Hence conflict is avoided. This is what we have confirmed via these experiments.

In one scientific experiment, we had a group of mind-wiped Pleiadians in a natural environment. Then we sent in the galactic confederation reptilian R’Kok with his mind fully intact and with a subversive mission. And he was able to re-create basically Earth culture disturbingly quickly, complete with all kinds of violence and unfair hierarchies and people judging other people over inborn characteristics. We ended the experiment just before one half of the group was manipulated by R’Kok into waging war on the other half of the group. Even though all of these people were our beautiful and beloved Pleiadian brothers and sisters, who before the experiment wouldn’t even dream of saying unkind words to each other.

Apparently it really isn’t a fair contest, between unaware humans with no innate abilities on one hand, versus a being with galactic knowledge and powerful innate abilities on the other hand.

This was also a good reminder for anyone in the galactic confederation who needed it that no, we are in fact not better than Earth humans. We just happen to have been born in a loving, post-scarcity, galactic society.

This experiment was disturbing but also very informative.

In essence, racism, sexism, violence, sexual violence and war aren’t something that humans come up with themselves. However if nefarious actors establish cultures in which those things happen, then that culture keeps perpetuating itself. Or alternatively, if nefarious actors traumatize or abuse people, then often those people start inflicting abuse or trauma on others and passing the trauma down to their children. It’s unfortunately much more common for a person to pass trauma on to their children, than it is for a person to not do that. I take off my metaphorical hat to anyone who is conscious enough to not pass on their trauma to their children.

To be clear, we’re not saying that for example racism is inborn in reptilians — reptilian racism is culturally enforced too.

Another interesting observation of this experiment was that people who are good-hearted tend to assume that everyone else has good intentions too. Unfortunately, that assumption isn’t always true, and it allows nefarious actors to do huge amounts of damage. This is a significant issue on your world too.

So, some examples of reptilian influence in your culture is racism, sexism, violence, sexual violence and war.

Hedonism is another example of reptilian culture. And this illustrates why Earth culture is so schizophrenic, with society on one hand placing people on a pedestal who have expensive things, while on the other hand saying that people shouldn’t be materialistic. This is hedonistic reptilian culture and non-materialistic human culture clashing. Frankly, living on Earth seems exhausting to me, in part due to its schizophrenic human – reptilian hybrid culture. It’s really not normal for a culture to simultaneously glorify and demonize something, to simultaneously encourage and discourage people from pursuing a certain path.

Then there’s dominance, which in reptilian culture is valued highly but not so much in human culture. And thus you see that dominant men are on one hand considered kind of sexy sometimes, but on the other hand, some people really don’t like dominant type of behavior.

Power hierarchies are valued in reptilian societies, but not in human culture (although human cultures do have competence hierarchies). And so you have one group of Earth humans attacking hierarchies and one group of Earth humans defending hierarchies.

Competing with other people, in order to prove yourself better than them, is culturally reptilian. The human variant of this is trying to improve yourself, or just doing something to have experiences, or cooperating and contributing. And again we see the schizophrenic nature of Earth’s reptilian – human hybrid culture. On one hand, sports stars are paid huge sums of money and they’re famous, because they’re good at proving themselves better than others at a particular sport. But on the other hand, if a teenager says “I am studying hard for this test to prove that I am better than other kids” then his parents would be concerned.

Earth culture also frowns on a sport star who publicly brags or who publicly says he’s better than other people at the sport, even though him being better than other people at the sport is the whole reason why he’s famous and rich in the first place. So he’s rewarded for being better than other people, but he’s not allowed to say he’s better than other people. Which is again the schizophrenic nature of Earth culture. In reptilian culture no one frowns on people publicly saying they’re better than other people — the person making the claim might get challenged, but bragging isn’t considered a bad thing when it’s done by beings who can back it up.

If a man exploits people financially to become rich, then society says that’s terrible, however on the other hand rich people are glorified. And rich men generally have an easier time dating than non-rich men. Again, on one hand we have the human value of not exploiting people, but on the other hand we have the reptilian value that people should strive to attain wealth and power in whatever way possible, and also the rich and powerful should be respected no matter how they gained their wealth or power.

Bodybuilders who use steroids to put on huge amounts of muscle, actually look about as close to a reptilian as you can get on Earth, because reptilians are large beings too with huge muscles and a very high strength. I’m not saying that bodybuilders are harming anyone or that bodybuilding should be banned or that bodybuilders are under a reptilian spell or anything. And wanting to be physically strong isn’t a bad thing. Still, from our perspective, it’s very strange that some people have perfectly beautiful bodies, and then they take steroids in order to put on huge amounts of muscle — and in the process, actually look less like a human and more like a reptilian than they did initially.

Reptilian culture tightly controls sex, whether by physical force or through societal structures or shame. Conversely, we Pleiadian humans are very sexually free and have no sexual shame. And so Earth’s hybrid culture leads to very confusing messaging surrounding sex. For example, women are told that they should have casual sex, and also told that they should not have casual sex.

Reptilian culture glorifies violence. And so you have teenagers playing video games where their character murders other people, in-game. This is very strange to us.

Reptilian culture glorifies exceptional individuals. And so Earth culture nudges people to almost worship celebrities or certain politicians or certain influential figures. However glorified individuals aren’t supposed to say that they’re amazing. Also, human culture tells people that great things are achieved via cooperation and because a lot of people worked hard, not just because one person made a decision that something should be done.

Reptilian culture says that people who struggle are that way because they’re weak or lazy. Human culture says that people who struggle should be helped. And so on Earth, with its human – reptilian cultural mix, this issue is the topic of much debate and disagreement.

Most humans are attached to some parts of reptilian culture — and of course, people have that free-will choice. For example, some people like hedonism and like expensive luxury goods. Some people like outcompeting other people for the dopamine and ego hit of feeling that they are better than someone else. Some people like violent video games. Some women are attracted to destructive or self-destructive men and those are culturally reptilian traits.

However, many people also don’t like reptilian culture. Part of the current anti-man and anti-white sentiment is a poorly-aimed backlash against reptilian influence, for example. And as the energy on your world keeps rising, I expect that your culture will become more human-like and less reptilian-like over time.

I hope this was informative. If you’ve ever been confused or annoyed at the contradicting messages and values that you get from society, this may help explain why Earth culture is so confusing. I empathize — it sounds very tiring and unfair to me to grow up with such conflicting messaging.

With love,

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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34 Replies to “Hakann: Earth’s Hybrid Culture”

  1. Neo

    All BS, they are AI replicants and the AI has been here for thousands of years, disguising itself as all kinds of things. Controlled by Satan, wake up. Time is short.

  2. Matteo

    Wow! Brilliant resume of these contrasts on Earth we have. And I did bodybuilding too!…so true all you say to me. Very appreciated, thank You…
    Love. Mt

  3. jakesey

    My view on this hybridization if indeed true, is that we humans are the Adamic Race whose Destiny is to return to Innocence/Love. (No, not the song)

    The reptilians are the Adults (Satanic) whose Destiny is more complexity aka control/fear, and not that childlike human daydreaming God- spark stuff.

    Therein lies the choice we humans must and are making right Now.., a choice between what is Real and what is an (inverted) ‘dark’ reflection of Ultimate Reality.

  4. Phil

    SPOILER ALERT. Do not read this post if you would rather figure out this movie on your own.

    Pleiadians are ascended humans grounded in heart consciousness. They represent the next step in our evolution. I.e what would life look like if you were still in your human body, but perfectly cleansed of illnesses, perfectly loving, having developed your psychic abilities, and able to live for as long as you like?

    Once you have activated your Pleiadian-human form, you are safe, i.e. you cannot be harmed anymore unless you choose to. You are now in Base Camp 1 from where you can develop further into more advanced stages, from within the safety of a Paradise Planet and an impeccable body. What are you? An angel? a faerie? a feline-humanoid hybrid? A shapeshifter?

    It is important to realize that Hakann and Tunia are our future selves, not some kind of benevolent galactics watching us at a distance on a screen.
    Earth is travelling through the Cosmos. It is the Mothership. The Motership has sub-vessels, which are your own lightbody. To live on a Pleiadian spaceship means activating your own lightbody, and recognizing Earth as the mothership.

    There are of course many other Pleiadians on many timelines, living on other planets or ships. Those are the extra-terrestrial Pleiadians. Those Pleiadians will not initiate first contact before we have fully recognized ourselves as our own Pleiadians, so as to protect our natural evolution. In other words, you get to meet the more distant or divergent Pleiadians when you are a Pleiadian yourself.

    Think of it this way. You only get to meet your Twin Flame when you have recognized yourself as your own Twin Flame. Likewise you only get to meet Pleiadians when you have recognized yourself as a Pleiadian.

    I apologize if anyone has had their fun spoiled by this post.

  5. WK

    Dear A.S., I agree with your words and stand by them. I admire your courage to expose yourself with the words of our Sisters and Brothers, and to defend their meaning and integraty to the best of your abilities. Darkness takes many shapes, and one is rash discordance at first read without contemplation of the words spoken. That happens alot here, but it is not unexpected, and is indeed part of the healing voyage. One cannot clean a room without first throwing some dust into the air. The Pleiadian experiment also came at a shock to me, but instead of “firing back”, I though, how interesting that I feel such a reaction of pain inside of me. Why is that? Observing my pain made me realize that it is a fear of letting my Borthers and Sisters fall in a situation of pain. But what they did was right, and it had to be done to answer that so important question, are Pleiadian Humans so different from Earthling Humans? The experiment answered it to be no. To our surprise, and theirs. Some pain was involved in the experiment, and some Pleiadians suffered voluntarily. Moreover, R´Kok suffered for having to pretend to be the “evil Reptilian” (I cannot imagine a more difficult mission thant to pretend to be evil in light of the innocence of others who are lost. I send you my Love R´Kok, for it was definitely not easy to relive those memories of darkness). But how is this Pleiadian experiment any different from all the millions of Pleidian souls that voluntarily birthed on the Earth experiment? We suffer and are in pain too, but we know that this is an unavoidable suffering to bring Light. The same was with their experiment. And just as the Pleiadian Sisters and Brothers, our family that we left behind, suffer from seeing us in pain down here, so I was in pain to learn of the suffering of the Pleiadinas that did that experiment. But now, after meditation, I realize the purpose, the ultimate work of Light that was accomplished, and I am in pain no more. We love you A.S., and we love our Galactic Family. This message shines light on why our society is fundamentaly unbalanced, and I am gratefull.
    Your Earthling Brother, WK

  6. Chrysalis

    Very insightful message. Thank you A.S. for channeling it, and thank you Hakann for the wisdom and for your empathy. Many citizens of Earth have been deeply indoctrinated by the Reptilian influence that so much of it is dismissed as, “that’s just the way the world is” or some variation of that sentiment as if the sexism, racism, violence, competitiveness, etc, etc…is normal when it actually isn’t.

    We still have a long way to go and I sincerely pray/hope/wish that we get to a rebirth in society that serves the greater good for all on Earth.

  7. Raksha

    I’m an a roll, yeehah.

    Two persons are being triggered. The first one genuinely admit that he is, and reflects on that, and opens a room on self-reflexion. The second one concludes the the one who triggered the trigger is « of the dark ». Who is the most spiritual and authentic one here ?

    Guys, aren’t we passed the fluffy rainbow fake spirituality ? Can we admit that we are humans ? Everything is a trigger, especially close relationships. Do we want to be true, or to be alone in our little bubble ? Do we want to take responsibility or play the victim-saint above the fray?

    It’s okay to feel triggered, to feel emotions, to have some negativity. Is it not ? Are we to pretend to fart higher than our ass ?

  8. Raksha

    Hello all, I guess I will regret this post 🙂

    Paladin > Why would you spend so much of your time and energy to « bitch » on A.S every single time ? Of course, you are free do to so as far as I am concerned. I would just appreciate if you could share with us a bit more of actual data points and arguments. Sophisms have some limit. Don’t you agree that there are a number of parameters we don’t know fully and that we should be careful with our « certainties » ?

    Renee > What if you are able to be an absolute pacifist because some others are protecting you ? And don’t you agree that we can love and still be realistic and protect ourselves ? Are you letting the wolf eat you because you love him ? You never killed a mosquito ?

    1. Paladin

      Actually Raska, most times I say nothing about AS’s essays. I commented today because of contradictory information and his always present subtle promotion of Woke leftist thought.

      I might also point out, I am hardly the only person who does not believe AS is authentic.

  9. John

    Well, honestly it didn’t look that bad in the brochure… it’s kinda humorous to view it plain and simple like that! 😆 But something about the insanity ends up forcing you to see and think/feel for yourself, it always works out however tiring it may be.

  10. George

    The fact that people get so upset about these channelings tells me everything. Look it makes one against the other, the dark ones do that.

    I can not read from this site anymore it does not have good feelings. I get strong urge to avoid.

  11. Jared

    Yes thank you.

    Yes infant genital mutilation has traumatized millions of men.
    It’s not natural to mutilate your children.

    Yes good people assume everyone’s good which is why it has been so difficult to convince good people the level of depravity regarding satanic rituals and human trafficking. Frazzledrip etc.

    I would say bodybuilders are under a reptilian spell.
    They take substances that harm themselves for appearance.
    I took creatine in college which led to having surgery.
    And people that take steroids usually have negative affects at some point also.
    People should be careful with any kind of substances and make sure they are healthy and natural and pure.

    Yes people need to become sane about sex and food definitely.
    I didn’t think sex shame was reptilian just satanic.

    How did reptilians get so effed up?
    How can we help them?

    Fix Earth now amen!
    GESARA now amen!

  12. A.S.

    Answer 2/2 to the previous question:

    I understand a thought like “Pleiadians care more about their own people than about us” but the thing stopping them from helping us more than they’re already doing, isn’t that they fear casualties. They are willing to take casualties to help us, and they have taken casualties to help us. The thing stopping them from helping us more directly is that they fear that the new society won’t be stable if they arrest all the bad guys themselves and hand us a galactic-type society. Not to mention that them arresting the bad guys might very well require them going to war with several Earth militaries, because some of the current bad guys are sitting presidents or sitting prime ministers.

    Maybe I’m completely off, but I suspect a part of your annoyance might be a feeling that us lightworkers aren’t being helped enough. And I completely empathize. I feel the same way. The white hats / gray hats aren’t really going as quickly as they should. The average person on Earth is just working towards their own personal comfort. And the galactics are helping us, but only in a behind-the-scenes way, and it’s easy to feel that they should do more.

    That said, ultimately it’s up to Earth humans to fix the problems that Earth humans are causing — not out of a sense of theoretical principles, but just because extraterrestrials literally arresting sitting presidents / sitting prime ministers isn’t a timeline that’s going to play out particularly well. And yes, you or I don’t really have the ability to arrest powerful people ourselves, and so it’s frustrating. However, we are raising the vibration of Earth over time through our work, and the galactics are also helping with that, which means that sooner or later the Earth human dark controllers will fall, and we will enter a galactic age. It’s coming. The process is just painfully slow.

    1. Paladin

      Well AS, according to the other channel they handed the Nords in inner Earth a wonderful utopian lifestyle. Isn’t that interference? Why can your “HOT” Pleiadeans interfere in a positive way for these inner Earth Nords and leave us surface humans to be abused, exploited, consumed and exterminated?

      I don’t blame them for preferring their own kind, but as a native European I’m a horrible racist if I were do such a thing.

      Are your Pleiadean pals racist?

      Maybe rewrite your essay?

    2. Arthur

      Everything is simple. The Pleiadians are big fans of earth cinema and animation. 🙂
      If you notice, then in 99.9% of our films/cartoons the police always arrive always at the end, after the Main Hero single-handedly neutralizes all the criminals.
      And before that, she is either inactive, or vice versa, suspects the protagonist of a deal with a criminal.
      And only after the Main Hero single-handedly fights and neutralizes a bunch of terrorists, suddenly, out of nowhere, thousands of police officers with flashing lights appear and arrest the already caught villains.
      So the Pleiadians decided, having seen enough of our films, that this is a completely reasonable strategy for the galactic police. Let it be as the Earthlings want it to be. 🙂

      1. Raksha

        haha. I really did notice this pattern in movies. To be fair, there would be no movie without that. I am not sure I agree with your cynism though, but maybe it was just a joke, in which case: good one 🙂

        1. WK

          Nice one, Raksha. I agree. What are movies but channeling from other dimensional sources? While a joke can be appreciated, cynicism on the other hand is like eating poison and expecting the other person to die. Food for thought ! 🙂

        2. Arthur

          Every joke has its share of jokes.. 🙂
          Analyzing reality, you will see that this “cynicism” is a completely valid algorithm.
          There were white hats, when it came to their actions, said: why should we try if people did not lift a finger for their freedom. So they became grey…
          Next comes the turn of the Galactic Federation. But they immediately declared, we do not interfere in your affairs. Liberation is your part of the job. We are only protecting you from nuclear self-destruction. You can self-destruct in other ways 🙂
          Angelic and Arkhangelsk Orders follow them. But there awareness is even steeper and much higher. They protect the higher levels of the Galaxy from distortions. If the reptilians and humanoids destroy a couple of other dozens of planets along with self, then no problem. The archangels will restore them, populate them with a more intelligent race, and send the previous residents to the animal stage, to undergo evolution again. Show must go on. 🙂

          Above is only God. But he immediately washed his hands and said: I gave you all freedom of choice and equality, if you violated them, find the strength in yourself to restore them yourself. So Gandalf became gray… Destroy the ring of omnipotence – your personal task.
          So, you have only one option left: to realize the meaning of the proverb: saving a drowning person is the work of the drowning person himself. When you swim out, they will throw a life buoy at you, … or they won’t throw you, if you don’t swim out, too – free will. 🙂

  13. A.S.

    Answer 1/2 to the previous question:

    Thanks for your message. I don’t have the energy to channel a full reply by the galactics, so I’ll answer in my own words: the experiments I described were considered worth doing initially, even if they indeed temporarily lowered the vibration of the participants. Pleiadian humans and Earth humans aren’t part of the same collective subconscious, so this experiment didn’t directly negatively influence Earth. It did affect the vibration of the Pleiadians a bit, but not to a problematic degree.

    The R’Kok experiment was considered no longer worth doing when it reached the point that people might very well die. Also, the people who had consented to being participants in the experiment hadn’t consented to possibly dying in the process. Yes, it would have been interesting to send away R’Kok and see if they can awaken by themselves, or with the help of healers or starseeds. You’re right, that would have been interesting. But the Pleiadians weren’t willing to risk people dying over that.

    Pleiadians are beings who live for centuries in sort of a paradise, and so they’re not super willing to risk the lives of people in their community, if there’s not a very good reason. Also, such an experiment here on Earth never would have gotten through ethics committees either. Here on Earth we’re also not willing to do experiments that may very well cause deaths, no matter how scientifically interesting those are.

    1. Paladin

      Ethics committees on Earth, LOL. You mean like the FDA that pencil whipped approval for the great culling of Americans via a deadly clot-shot for a virus that does not exist?

  14. A.S.

    Someone’s message didn’t get posted, so they mailed KejRaj, who forwarded the mail to me. Here is the core of their message:

    Thank you for sharing the information. (…)

    Here, I want to be honest that I was triggered and annoyed by the information about the experiment.

    You said you ended the experiment just before the extremely unpleasant things happens

    The people in the experiment are waging war and speaking unkind words, so I think they should be in a very low spiritual state right?

    Although the problem does not start with them, they are carrying the low frequency and become part of the problem.

    Why don’t you just remove the R’Kok from the experiment, and wait until they awake and solve the problem themself?

    Why don’t you send healers to them and close the door until the healer solves the problem with people in experiments, just like how you send star seeds to Earth?

    What’s the difference between those in the experiment and people on Earth? Why didn’t you treat them similarly?

  15. Arthur

    “Reptilians are just Source consciousness having a different experience,”-
    No, not the original, but the deliberately distorted Source.
    You were also shown this in an experiment, how the Source consciousness behaves. Experience is determined by consciousness, according to the principle: like attracts like.
    ” I will offer them my love…”-
    They will gladly take advantage of it by eating you for lunch.
    “…good-hearted tend to assume that everyone else has good intentions too. Unfortunately, that assumption isn’t always true, and it allows nefarious actors to do huge amounts of damage. This is a significant issue on your world too…”

  16. Paladin

    Once again another essay from AS that subtlety promotes the radical woke agenda that he is a part of.

    1. Jared

      this has nothing to do with wokism it’s about humans and reptilians and their differences.

  17. Renee

    In addition to my last comment. Many species have come and played around with humans and the culture. That is why we have mixed ET DNA.

    You also assume most humans act and are influenced in the the same way. I am not confused, never have been. I’m also not easily influenced—clearly. I’ve always seen through it. I do not see a lot of schitzaphrenic people. What I learnt from a trustworthy source is that schitsaphrenia is when someone hears voices (that are funnily enough ET voices). Children with imaginary friends, channellers, psychics and so on… Therefore not an actual problem but industry made it one.

  18. Renee

    Why would you perform an Earth-type “experiment” on your own when there is already an Earth experiment? Doesn’t make sense to me. They could have come here and had the authentic experience and at the same time assisted light workers.

    Reptilians are just Source consciousness having a different experience, It’s not compassionate to make judgements on them deserving of a whole channeling. I will offer them my love instead of hating them.

    Love to all regardless of what they’ve chosen to experiment. Source doesn’t judge.

    1. Arthur

      “Reptilians are just Source consciousness having a different experience,”-
      No, not the original, but the deliberately distorted Source.
      You were also shown this in an experiment, how the Source consciousness behaves. Experience is determined by consciousness, according to the principle: like attracts like.
      ” I will offer them my love…”-
      They will gladly take advantage of it by eating you for lunch.
      “…good-hearted tend to assume that everyone else has good intentions too. Unfortunately, that assumption isn’t always true, and it allows nefarious actors to do huge amounts of damage. This is a significant issue on your world too…”

    2. A.S.

      Answering as myself, A.S.:

      The way science works is that you try to answer selected questions in a controlled setup that can be replicated. If you look on Earth, there’s also all kinds of scientists doing experiments in the “lab” about topics that they sort of have a suspicion about how it’s going to play out. Sometimes jokes are made about “did scientists really need to research that? It seems so obvious.” But the experiments are done anyway.

      And in this case, to me personally it was news that Earth humans don’t wage war even when there’s food scarcity, if there’s no outside factors nudging them into it such as reptilian influence.

      Sending in someone to corrupt a group of Earth humans may very well have been less ethical than what they actually did. Also wouldn’t have been a controlled environment.

    3. A.S.

      Yes, I agree that we should love reptilians, just like every being. And certainly there are good reptilians out there, such as R’Kok.

      That said, if feral wolves tend to eat people, then it’s not somehow bad to investigate wolves-eating-people. You might save lives if you do that.

      And if Grima Wormtongue corrupts king Theodon (a Lord of the Rings metaphor for reptilians corrupting early humans), it’s also not non-loving to just plainly say that. Yes we need love, but we also need wisdom.

      To me, this message was uplifting, because it tells me that humans aren’t inherently violent or inherently warlike. It reinforces my love for humanity.

      Of course, you’re free to disagree. Just sharing my perspective.

    4. A.S.

      I’ve actually been slightly concerned that R’Kok’s messages may be giving too rosy of an image of reptilians.

      Yes, reptilians they can turn to the light. Yes, every being deserves love. But it’s simultaneously true that average reptilians know they’re welcome to live in peace in the galactic confederation, yet choose to live a violent and parasitic existence instead. If they got their claws on someone who wasn’t useful tot hem, they would cheerfully torture them to death. And the average reptilian can’t be redeemed via some kind words.

      This isn’t a movie, where evil people are really just misunderstood and simply need a hug. In reality, sometimes evil is evil. And it’s not un-loving to accept reality. Indeed, if you want to be able to keep other people and yourself safe, it’s helpful to live in reality.

      1. Renee

        My alternative view seems to have upset some. Not sure why my non-descriminative love for others would affect light workers …

        A.S. You say to me “it’s helpful to live in reality” . That’s just it, that is “your” reality, that is not my reality. If you and Arthur want to have fights with reptiles by all means go ahead choose/believe/manifest/create that reality. I believe those experiences are common in the lower dimensions; I much prefer ascention to remaining in 3D.

        I don’t relate to these chanelings so we must be on different wave lengths. That’s completely fine. I’ll scroll past them from now on as they are not suited to me but I don’t want to upset others who woukd like these experiences.