Neioh: Antarctica

Friends Of Earth!

As You Live Daily On Various Areas Of Earth, Understand Fully That No One Reading This Communication Is On The Vast Continent Of Antarctica! Having Remote Areas Where Humans Never Dare To Explore In Leisure, There Are Many That Are On Missions Of Light!

These White Hats From The Pleiades And Other Elohim Races That We Have Shared, Are There Frequently And In Great Numbers! Cabal Bases Are Also Scattered Throughout The Area With Only 200 Left As The Light Takes Over In Great Numbers.

The Galactic Federation Has Bases Throughout The Planet. Some Of The Finest And Most Luxurious Are Beneath The Ice In Antarctica! There Are Vast Openings Where Crafts Enter Seamlessly And The Occupants Are Ushered Into Hallways And Structures Of Crystals And Beauty. There Are Large Soft Chairs And Sofas. There Are Wonderful Meals Shared Among Those Gathered To Discuss The Issues Of Earth And Other Stars And Planets Of Duality.Image

There Are Meetings Regarding Planetary Action That Would Be Instantly In Place With Dark Forces Eradicated Should Nuclear Threat Become Imminent. White Hats Arrive From Military Positions Around The Planet. There Are Always Representatives From Elohim Races That Are Acting On Your Behalf In High Places Of Power On Earth. They Blend Seamlessly With Others And Get Their Work Done As They Vanish To Meet On Crafts And In Higher Powered Operations Beneath Ice And Mountains.

Another Covert Operation Is The Constant Monitoring Of Clone Activity. Having Many Secret Facilities For Product Replacement Of Humans Has Become A Large Undercover Deception That The Planet Is Undergoing. Galactic Federation Allows Free Will And Has Always Been Aware Of The Growing Numbers Of Clones In Action Now. This Will Continue Until The Grand Shift. It Is A Tool Used By Many To Replace A Human That Has Been Completely Removed From Life On This Plane Of Existence. Galactic Federation Has Many Plans And Actions That Are Not Revealed In These Moments! But Know Clearly That They Are In Control.


There Are Currently 400 Large Bases In Antarctica That Are Used By The Galactic Federation. As Crafts And Motherships Are Welcomed From Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus And The Pleiades, The Power Of Light Is Enormous. Great Discussions With Commanders And Elders Brings A Unity Of Wisdom As We Move Toward A Peaceful Galactic Civilization!

There Are Under Ice Compounds Where Evil Entities Have Been Held. These Forces Also Operate In The Non-Physical Aspect Of Life Which Enables Them To Connect In Other Places As Rituals Are Held With Dark Intent. All Of This Will End With A Powerful Presence Of Love And Peace That Will Eradicate And Dissolve All Energy That Is Left Of These Beings Of Darkness. The Galactic Federation Will Destroy And Remove Any Further Actions. This Method Will Not Be Revealed!


Antarctica Is One Of Several Openings To Inner Earth! There Are Civilizations Of Beautiful Areas That Are Called Crystal Cities. One That We Have Shared Is A Place Called ‘Crystal’ Which Was Inhabited In The Area Of Sweden. These Beings Looked Like Pleiadians With A Nordic Look Of Long White Hair And Blue Eyes. These Humans Became Very Close To Visiting Pleiadians And Were Protected And Given A Beautiful Place To Live In Oneness And Thrive Without War And Chaos. Pleiadians Created All That Would Be Needed With Vegetation, Water, Flowers And Landscapes. Animals Were Brought To ‘Crystal’ And Loved Deeply.

These Souls Are Living In 3-D And They Experience Death Of The Body After Hundreds Of Years. In This Moment Of Leaving The Body, They Join Earth Native Souls In A Haven Of Light In Non-Physical That Was Created By The Galactic Federation. They Choose To Enter A Waking Dream Again To Live In ‘Crystal’ Deep Within Inner Earth. These Souls Will Shift To SHEEN And Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts As You Will. Their Choices Will Be Unlimited As Yours Will Be!


Beloved Ones! You Are Living In The Most Magnificent Dream To Ever Be!

We Are With You In Great Numbers!
Never Stop Looking Up!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


9 Replies to “Neioh: Antarctica”

  1. unionylibertad

    EN EEKE MAI EA! NEIOH…Thank you…Soon we will meet face to face not just in our dream state…All of this is so exciting…I am patiently waiting for the moment when we meet…

    1. Cindy

      All of this for us Humans is always in the future never in our
      now reality. So it all sounds like a big fairy tale to me. Never good permanently ever happens in our live time no matter what time line anyone has been on or will be on so this is all just fantasy to us. So there is NO hope just wishful dreaming. Just very tired of all the secrecy and hidden agenda’s. If we Humans are so powerful why are we controlled not just by our Government, but by the Galactics and off world entities we don’t even know. So where is our free choice that you talk about?? We really do not have FREE CHOICE. And I don’t remember signing up for any of this BS on this earth. If I am so powerful why can’t I remember who I am and where I came from. This has got to be a joke right?

  2. Paladin

    Why do nefarious creatures from the NWO such as Klaus Schwab make pilgrimage to Antarctica? Would such a dark psychopathic monster make pilgrimage to loving Pleiadeans and such?

    Why did the Pleiadeans create a Utopian society for these relatives of their in the inner Earth? Isn’t that a violation of their Star Trek TV show prime directive? They can interfere and give these Nordics in the inner Earth all they could possibly want while us surface dwellers are poisoned, murdered by the millions and literally farmed like livestock.

    It is contradictory and does not make sense, but then again this is just one of many nonsensical tidbits of information designed to keep us confused.

    I’m not confused, but many readers are.

  3. burton

    Why did 50 or more countries all jump on board with banning anyone from visiting Antarctica? Perhaps to hide their secret bases. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t exist and people would realize we have been lied to. Challenge your programming. <3

  4. john

    Wow thats almost like our science fiction stories which begets the question is science fiction really based on facts rather than fiction. love to all.

    1. Jared

      Yes science fiction is a misnomer false name, it’s all real.
      Like medbeds and replicators.
      Gene Roddenberry met with secret space programs.