Moving Beyond Helping and Limitation

We continue to evolve into higher versions of ourselves and being more present. We’re observing what is happening as it is happening because this allows us to make course corrections. One thing I am noticing is this: We can no longer help in the ways that we used to, especially in ways that disempower others. We can only empower. So we walk a fine line when we are helping those who are ready to move into their power to resolve the imperfect creations they’ve made.

Case in point: a neighbor lost her purse and stopped her car to tell me when I was riding my bike. She was about to panic. I helped her to focus on when she last knew she had her purse. She had it when she was getting into her car, because she pulled out her car keys to unlock the door. Then she went home and didn’t realize it was missing for 3 hours. I said, “it’s either in your car, or it’s at home. So just be calm, and you will be guided to it. It’s under something, and you had a moment of inattention when you placed it somewhere.” She texted an hour later that she found it under a pile of unfolded towels in the laundry room.

I didn’t find it for her. Instead, I helped her to remain calm and focus on the outcome she wanted. Later she told me, it was the first time she’d been able to remain calm in such a situation.

We can help people move into their own power as they begin to transition into this new energy, which is really slamming some doors as it cracks new ones open to give us a view and entry into this amazing new time. We are not being allowed to remain in the old energy. We can move on our own, or we can be strongly nudged. It’s easier to move on our own, to make the choice to engage with the new scenarios that are presenting.

In the 3D world, we helped and we helped some more. It can be hard to stop, but helping is no longer helpful. And it pulls us back into lower frequencies.

This week I was out doing errands and once again I was in the creation energy that I described in my last post. These new energies are making it possible to create as we go, on the spot, what we need. Eventually, we will do this very naturally and it will be normal. Right now it feels incredible to experience. It is very immediate. In fact, someone just shipped me a package. Normally it takes 2-4 days. This time, it came overnight. And we’re not having to work to create this, it’s just happening because the new energy is working with us and supporting creation.

We access this when we stop resisting and stop practicing limiting beliefs.

We are feeling joy and happiness rise up from inside, and we are feeling the return of our physical energy to get things done.

3D is full of negativity, and it’s one thing I’ve longed to be free of. It’s also been challenging to move beyond it. During the May 5th lunar eclipse, I was moved past it. I began to notice I was saying positive things when I wasn’t necessarily thinking something positive, and it surprised me. The positive words just popped out, and it made me happy to see this. Since then I’ve been noticing others still caught in the negativity. They’re engaging, friendly people, who make one complaint after another. But for the first time I am hearing it differently. I am hearing that the person feels powerless and therefore unhappy and doesn’t know what to do about that. They’re wanting to move into their creative power but don’t know how, or that they even have that option. Most of them are also dealing with resistance. They’re blocking themselves from moving into freedom by not engaging with the heart consciousness. We start by loving ourselves.

We are all being shown now that we have a choice, about everything. It is important to choose the heart consciousness and as we do that, we surrender to not knowing how the creation will happen. Some of the creation is bigger than we are, and we’re helping to create it by holding the frequency. We are hurtling forward into the New Earth and we see it taking shape around us, as we create it, and as we let go of what was.

**By Terry Andrews