The Council: Activate the Creative Process

You have been expanding your consciousness, expanding your awareness, expanding all that you are, expanding your potentials, and expanding the possibilities, and in that you have been allowing for something new. You have been summoning the energy of new forms of creation. You have been initiating a new level of the creative process. You have been coming into new levels of creative expression and mastery and manifestation.

There is momentum here. There are things happening. There is so much here for you. As we said, it is all here, now. In your absolute knowing, there is no doubt. There is no unworthiness. There is no limitation. In your absolute knowing, there is no delay. There is no hesitation. In your absolute knowing, you stand in your power, in the moment, and let it all come to you. Because in your absolute knowing, you begin to move into the now, here moment, and you realize that it has always been here.

It has all been in the now, here, so that in the perfect moment, when you came into absolute knowing, through the expansion of all that you are, in the summoning of new forms of creation, [you would be able] to receive, to allow, to welcome in, and to celebrate all that is here, all that is now, all that you have created, all that you have expanded into.

Allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself, through the celebration of all that you are and all that you have become and all that you have and all that you have created. In the celebration of all that you have expanded into, you receive, you allow. And in that, even more expansion occurs, even more awareness comes, even more. And expanded levels of consciousness begin to open to you. You open new levels of consciousness and awareness that bring forth new levels of potential and possibilities, and all that is asked of you: allow it, receive it, celebrate it.

Celebrate your magnificent lives, celebrate your magnificent journeys, celebrate the magnificent now, here. Celebrate your abundance, celebrate the beauty, celebrate the love, celebrate the joy, celebrate your freedom, celebrate the new beginnings, celebrate this most expansive, momentous, and exciting, magical time.

There is so much to celebrate. And as you do, you expand. As you celebrate, you activate a new creative expression, a new creative level of mastery, new creative forms that all result from your expansion, that all result from these new levels of consciousness and awareness.

Dear master, we hear your wantings. We hear your desires. We know what you want to create. We know what you want to experience. And to which we say, allow, receive, celebrate it. It is now. It is here. It is now here for you. 

The creative process is so powerful. The creative process is life itself. The creative process is evident in all that exists in all life forms. 

When you are not intentionally focused on the creative process, you tend to feel disconnected from the manifestation that you would like to experience. Life isn’t that exciting. There isn’t the momentum you wish to have. You’re not experiencing the magic and the miracles because you’re not allowing yourself into the creative process where everything is here now for you to receive and for you to celebrate.

Create, create, create, dear master, for the fun of creating, for the joy of creating, for the magic of creating, for the power of creating. If you make a salad or a sandwich or are cooking a delicious meal, you are creating. You are creating a masterpiece if it is your perspective, if it is your focus. When you are writing a letter, you are creating. When you are typing a message, you are creating. When you are preparing your body for the day with your clothing and your hair and your style, you are creating. And when you begin to play in the creative process all throughout the day, you find that life becomes more fun, life becomes more enjoyable, life becomes more beautiful. You feel more passionate, you feel more inspiration, you’re more tuned into intuition, and the energy that is lighting the way is brighter. The energy flows, and there is more clarity. But you must be in the creative process.

Consciousness moves energy into form. And when you’re playing and creating in the consciousness field and summoning energy, you are creating new experiences and new forms, new potentials and new possibilities. And you’re here in this magnificent human experience for the purpose of creating with all that is here because it is all here for you.

**Channel: Sara Landon


One Reply to “The Council: Activate the Creative Process”

  1. Rolando P. Rima

    Words are not enough to express our deepest gratitude. Yes, we do allow, receive, and celebrate all the numerous magnificent events that are taking place right now in our lives and in our place. Thank you, Kamsahamnida, domo arigato gozaimasu, salamatununon, gracias!