From Empath to Protected

Do you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day after working amongst people? Or perhaps you pick up the moods and feelings of others, maybe even their pain? If so, you are most likely an empath!

As a psychic reader and healer, you would expect that I would be battling other people’s energies every day, but surprisingly, I am really good at blocking it all off. I’m not even sure how I do it, but it’s a gift in itself to be around others and not know all their problems. Don’t get me wrong, I can feel negative or dense energy very well, but I don’t take it on. That’s the difference.

Humans are energetic beings in a physical body. Everything we see, feel and experience creates either negative or positive emotions and thoughts that create energetic vibrations resonating at either high or low frequencies. If you are an empath, you might find yourself particularly sensitive to the dense vibrations of negativity, anger, hatred and depression which, by the end of the day will have you completely drained. Some empaths cannot be near crystals or walk into a psychic expo because the energy is so overwhelming! It’s time to learn how to shield your aura and to clear your energy after every interaction.

The aura is our protection from absorbing lower energies, but it can be compromised and weakened in several ways. These include getting stressed and upset, extreme anger, excessive use of alcohol or drugs, being in lower vibrational places like pubs or hospitals or around people who are angry or upset in some way. If we haven’t protected our aura in situations like these and are tired, sick or emotional, it can be quite easy to take on energy that is not ours. In addition, if we are unaware, our lower vibrations can then attract spirit energy that feeds off ours, perpetuating bad moods and depressed feelings. It’s not life-threatening, but if left uncleared can make life unpleasant for us and the people around us!

So, start protecting your aura by keeping grounded and by cutting ties with people and energies after each interaction. Physically zip your aura up like zipping up a jumper over your head, and use essential oils like Frankincense to keep it protected. Make sure you get enough sleep and drink enough water and avoid the consumption of too much alcohol or other substances. Most important of all is maintaining a high vibration by practising gratitude, positive affirmations and keeping connected to nature.