The Impending 3600 Year Event

There’s nothing we can do about this Universal cycle we’re going through. It’s going to get worse until our planet shifts. We go through this every 3600 years. It’s that pull back (slosh) that’s going to be the ultimate near death civilization event we’ve been shown and told about through ancient writings, drawings etc. Meaning, when this twin binary system makes its final pass past Earth that’s the slosh I’m talking about. Years ago I was warned about this… The exact words were “prepare for the Slosh.” It has always stuck with me throughout the years and never understood it until now. It cannot be more apparent what’s happening to our planet. I have a theory on why the entire West Coast, DC and New York is being so harshly cracked down on implementing these Draconian laws meaning… There are those not visible in Government who know what’s coming and they’re giving these people a chance to leave these states because they know they’re going to be completely underwater soon. Chicago will be completely gone also due to the event again no coincidence! (Navy map in comments)

What I’m saying is they’re squeezing them with these harsh laws, lawlessness and chaos giving them a chance to use their Free Will to leave. Because, if they would tell the population of this impending event they would panic and would cause incredible chaos in our country. There’s a reason they put those massive flood doors in New York City years ago because they know it’s coming. Buckle up we’re going to see some devastation unlike any other time in our memory. You can look at it this way… it will be the biggest opportunity in our lifetime to create a peaceful, non warring world. Those of us who have awakened and see the domination of a greedy, fear based corporate controlled society will not let it happen again. Remember my “Replaying Atlantis” post we can’t let it happen again.

If you look at the places that are in total chaos and lawlessness not to mention they’re all Democrat run but that could be beside the point. Is it possible Trump and the Democrat party are really playing this game together. Because think about it if we’re going to be wiped out again we cannot let these current psychopaths rule over us again hence the Awakening we are currently going through. They’re just giving the people the chance to get out. I hate to say it but the ones heeding the warning and leaving these chaotic areas are the ones who are awake to this destructive agenda and those are the very ones we want to survive. You get what I mean? Like I’ve said many times which is slightly harsh but the ones who are still asleep and are in complete denial are irrelevant to the progression into a more evolved and awakened society. They would just repeat their ultimate demise. Is it a coincidence they are relocating these illegal immigrants to California, Chicago, New York City and DC? What’s happening is so monumental that our minds cannot grasp how massive of an event that’s taking place. Depopulation is imperative before the shift.

My thoughts on the Mississippi River…

We’ve been watching for a couple years now the mighty Mississippi River is sinking. It’s drying up and sinking so by looking at the map in comments it makes perfect sense. It will be inundated by the sea.

A quick bit about the train derailments, water main breaks, gas line leaks, building collapses, unexplained explosions, collapsing bridges, landslides etc etc etc. If indeed our planet is being pulled, meaning the surface, the crust is moving things are going to flex… hence all the things I named above would happen.

Remember, the very psychopaths that rule over Earth currently are the ones that were aware of the impending event that destroyed Atlantis. My thoughts on Florida… Florida is just a given and could be wiped out easily so the people down there always should have that in the back of their minds anyway. Florida will definitely be gone.

And to the people that say well what about all these rich people buying up all this oceanfront property my answer to that is… These people are probably privy to more information than we are and face it you can buy the most beautiful property on the ocean and not live there it’s a great way to hide their money. Years ago I did some research on this and discovered that many retired CIA and government officials bought property and moved to Arkansas and looking at the map (in comments) you can see why.

**By Teri Wade


15 Replies to “The Impending 3600 Year Event”

  1. Kim

    I don’t align with this doom and gloom timeline. It was an interesting read nonetheless, even if I don’t agree with any of it. It just makes me even more determined to use my thoughts to create the Golden Age for myself and others whom are choosing it. I choose Love and everything that manifests, but thanks for sharing! ♥️

  2. Kate

    I was skeptical about sudden shifts until I thoroughly went through the long playlist material on Suspicious Observers. The sun has documented regular cycles and we are on the doorstep of a big one now. The guy who presents has been ‘discredited’ which gives me cause to think he’s right over the target 🎯
    Watch and make your own assessment.

  3. todd wiseman

    Yes the cayce maps are spot on and ole gordy scallion, who would honestly miss the west coast caLi wash oregon, then go east nyc aka the deviLs penthouse, all communist controlled now, and Yes its the atlantean sequeL, all those doomed souLs re-incarnate into caLi so when it goes under water and it WILL go ((sept 18th 2023)) they have seaLed their karmic fate once again, only 144,000 of the truly righteous will be ascending, the chosen ones, Mexas formerly known as texas, super quakes will totally split that whole land mass and the new gulf of mexico will be tripled in size

  4. Anne

    Don’t spend your good light and energy on articles like this stupid and typical crap. I’m going to sit in the sun barefoot now before work. Blessings Everyone!!!

  5. Sandra Vazquez

    I agree with every one of the comments above. We are on the cusp of incredible changes. It may get a little rough at first, but I believe we are not going to see those massive changes this article states. We are so loved and Light will prevail. Stop the fear mongering, visualize positive change. In love and light to all my brothers and sisters.

  6. jakesey

    I’m focusing on a Positive timeline personally which will help soften the effects of these changes, and I encourage others to do so too. Sometimes though events are fated in cosmic sense, I agree. Nostradamus was not always ‘spot on’ either btw.

  7. Irene

    The consciousness of the planet changed, the light holding by the starseeds and millions of light workers changed the time line. We on different time line and the event author was talking in this article not in the future of the planet.

  8. jakesey

    More rabid fear mongering !! The shifts will successfully take place via (ongoing) ever rising vibrations, rather than all out geophysical disaster on the scale you mention. We are intrinsically vibrational, frequency based energetic beings. Remember Tesla?

  9. Denise G

    I live in the Mississippi and there have been no signs of this sinking.
    I’m a little shocked to see someone on here talking about necessary depopulation frankly.
    Love and Light One and All
    Denise G