Tunia: Pleiadian Gender Dynamics

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

Today I would like to share how the gender dynamics work in the group of Pleiadians that I’m a part of. There are some cultural differences between different groups of Pleiadians, just as there are different cultures on Earth, and so I am only describing one set of Pleiadian genders dynamics.

I am not saying that this is how Earth humans must also behave. I am just sharing how things work where I’m from. I’ll also only be describing the most common gender dynamic that we have here. No one is forced into this specific dynamic, and some people choose to have a different dynamic than what I’ll be describing and that is completely fine.

I’ll be talking about masculine people, who are people who have more masculine than feminine energy. Most often these are men, but not always. Similarly, I will be talking about feminine people, who are people who have more feminine than masculine energy. Most often these are women, but not always.

Women certainly can spend some time doing mostly masculine-energy tasks and being in masculine energy. However, doing so doesn’t make the average woman happy.

I’ll be talking about feminine people, who are people who have more feminine than masculine energy. Most often these are women, but not always. Similarly, I will be talking about masculine people, who are people who have more masculine than feminine energy. Most often these are men, but not always.

First of all, the highest priority in Pleiadian society is that all barriers are removed that could hinder feminine people from loving unconditionally and endlessly. If we don’t have feminine people loving unconditionally, then we have nothing. In our view, science and technology and spirituality and material comfort et cetera ultimately don’t matter if we don’t have love. Furthermore, this unconditional love is what is needed to raise a healthy next generation of people.

Masculine people are not forced, but usually take on the responsibility of making sure that feminine people indeed can love freely and unconditionally. So masculine people are doing a lot of the practical work, as well as everything that’s needed to keep the feminine people safe. Of course feminine people can do practical tasks too, but the majority of that is done by masculine people. So you could think of masculine people as creating the conditions in which the feminine can blossom. And of course masculine people can be loving too, but being unconditionally loving towards everyone is usually not the primary focus of masculine people, as it is with feminine people.

Note that this is a very useful division of responsibility. Feminine people love unconditionally, which is great, but it also means that we (I’m feminine too) are absolutely terrible at identifying who may be dangerous and dealing with them in a good way. Because after all, we love everyone! Including destructive beings. We just want to give them a hug and we’re way too quick to think that if we’re kind to them, surely they’ll turn to the light. We’re also way too inclined to believe them if they lie to us. So how do we feminine people decide who we should and shouldn’t trust on a societal level? Well, we choose not to decide that. We choose to leave that to the masculine people.

Masculine people aren’t so blinded by their unconditional love, and hence they’re the people who protect feminine people. Masculine people are the soldiers, the commanders, the cops to the extent that cops are needed, those judges who deal with beings who are malevolent, and the people who make decisions about what you would think of as immigration. There are no laws banning feminine people from being a soldier et cetera, but this is how people generally organize themselves.

Most feminine people understand that the masculine people are much better at keeping everyone safe than they are. And so most feminine people simply allow the masculine people to make all the military and police and safety-related decisions, without trying to change or give input about military and police and safety-related decisions.

I think that’s a great division of responsibility. This way I’m just able to be a big fluffy bundle of love, and I’m being kept safe. And people like Hakann are able to conduct military operations as they feel the need to, and I’m not annoying him with unhelpful suggestions such as: “but have you considered giving those destructive beings a hug yet?”

I’m sort of making a joke here. Yes love is important, but well, Hakann and the other masculine people understand that too. It’s not that they’re heartless. We Pleiadians are absolutely making plenty of proposals to potentially-destructive beings for peaceful co-existence.

This setup allows the feminine people to be fully loving, and that allows the masculine people to be fully effective at keeping us safe.

Some of you may be wondering: “but if feminine people don’t check the military decisions of masculine people, then won’t masculine people become corrupt and, I dunno, start needless wars of aggression?” And the answer is that masculine people don’t start wars of aggression so long as they grow up in a society where feminine people love everyone unconditionally. Hence my earlier statement that the most important thing in society is feminine people loving unconditionally. That’s what stops everything from becoming corrupt.

Or to put it another way: why would our masculine people want to go to war, if they live in a post-scarcity society with feminine people who already love them unconditionally?

Similarly, if we had police and if there was discussion about potential police corruption or police violence or police prejudice, then most feminine people would leave that up to the masculine people to sort out. To be clear, feminine people would be allowed to give input and they’d be listened to, it’s just that most feminine people would choose not to give input.

Also, if the question came up: “should we allow these potentially-dangerous people to enter and move about freely in our society” then I also wouldn’t give input, because I don’t think I’d be a good judge on that topic. The Earth equivalent of this is that I would let the masculine people determine immigration policy. (Our masculine people are happy to let in beings of all races, so long as they’re not destructive or dangerous) I’ll happily leave that decision to the masculine people, because I think they can make a better choice than I can, and also because then I can just focus on loving everyone and spending time with my family and having fun. I don’t really want to harden up and weigh a painful dilemma about letting potentially-dangerous people in because they would benefit from being here, versus not letting them in to make sure we’re safe. I’m happy that the masculine people deal with that, so that I can remain in my big fluffy loving-everyone mode.

That’s basically my life: loving everyone, loving my gal pals in the other sense of the word, having fun in whatever way I feel like, spending quality time with my family and friends and animal companions, going on holidays with my family to beautiful worlds, regularly having massages, moving my body, being artistic, keeping up my spiritual practice, and doing some volunteer work whenever I feel like it. Okay, and I also do these channelings, but I love doing that. This isn’t work for me.

Of course some other feminine people do choose to spend a lot of time on work or research or study or self-development or whatever else they choose, and that’s fine. These fields are completely open to everyone.

Admittedly, if I ever came across a masculine person who was unhappy or who was having a tough time, and if I noticed I could help him in any way or even just listen to him, I would drop whatever I was doing and I would go and help this masculine person. Even if I didn’t know him. That’s also a part of us loving everyone unconditionally — actually sitting down and struggling people and seeing if we can help, including if it’s an unknown man who is struggling. Our feminine people aren’t treating our masculine people as disposable, or as worthless until they prove themselves useful. We have an “emotional safety net” for everyone, including struggling men

It may sound like the masculine people are getting a bad deal here because they’re doing the lion’s share of conventional work. However most masculine people are actually very happy with this arrangement. They’re usually men who are in a committed relationship with a woman who loves them and their children unconditionally. Those women genuinely look up to their husband, because he is the one who is providing all the practical and safety-related conditions that enable her and her family to thrive. Usually he is the one with say the engineering or the military expertise, which she doesn’t have. And so she looks up to him and is grateful to him for facilitating her happy life, and for facilitating the success of her society on a broader level. And because she looks up to this man, she is probably attracted to him and wants to have a lot of sex with him. Also, if he ever struggles in any way, she drops whatever she’s doing and goes to support him.

I’m perfectly well aware that if all masculine people were to go on strike, our society would screech to a halt immediately. I have no idea how to keep a space craft running, and neither do most feminine people. So, yeah. Thanks, masculine people. Thanks, men.

We feminine people accept masculine people’s authority in certain domains. If we had young children and my husband were to say “for our family’s safety, we should move to this other place” or “somehow our society is no longer post-scarcity, we need to do this and this to make sure that our family has the physical objects and food it needs” then I’d ask some questions. But ultimately I’d trust his judgement and I’d go along with his plan, even if I personally would do something else, because I know that I married a good man. And I trust him. And I know he’s better at making decisions about practical and safety-related topics than I am.

So: I get to have the luxury that basically everything is taken care of, and almost the only thing I need to do is love and enjoy myself and raise my children. Meanwhile my husband has a wife who loves and supports him, who raises his children well and lovingly, who is attracted to him, who wants to have a lot of sex with him and who gives him the authority he needs to make sure his family thrives. And so the man is probably happy to work for his family, because he’s getting a sweet deal too. Everyone is happy. Masculine and feminine people are supporting each other, and hence our society thrives.

Of course, my husband doesn’t have authority in every domain — just in the practical and keeping-everyone-safe domains. For example, we’ve decided together how we should decorate our living space, with both of us having an equal say there. Although I have the better taste. Obviously.

And of course, I only accept his authority in certain domains so long as I trust him and think he’s a good man. There’s no law or police that forces me to stay with him, or that forces me to keep giving him authority. If he made a safety-related decision but I didn’t trust my husband any longer, then no one is forcing me to obey him. It’s just that I choose to give him authority in certain domains, because that makes both of our lives better.

Because after all, it wouldn’t be fair of me to expect him to keep me safe, but then not listen to him if he were to say “we need to do this in order to stay safe.” If he has responsibility, he also needs to have the corresponding authority to make sure that he can fulfill his responsibility. And he has this authority both on the level of our individual family (if he says it’s not safe to go on holidays to a certain place, then we don’t go there) and on the level of determining societal policy (for example, masculine people determine immigration policy).

One way of looking at our society is that we let feminine people be feminine, and don’t force them to engage in masculine tasks (although they’re welcome to choose to engage in those). And we let masculine people be masculine, and we give them everything and all the support they need to excel in those fields. Our feminine people don’t try to out-masculinize our masculine people, and our masculine people honor and respect our feminine people and work to make sure that they’re safe and taken care of in all ways. That way, the masculine supports and protects the feminine, and creates conditions where she can blossom. And the feminine nourishes and motivates the masculine. If we feminine people stopped loving unconditionally, then eventually our masculine people wouldn’t be motivated to work hard and take care of people anymore, and our society would decline.

Our women also aren’t hostile towards the preferences of men. For example, we know that all else being equal, most men prefer a partner with medium-sized or large breasts over a partner with small breasts. We also know that if we’re a single mother, then we are less attractive to other men, which means that some dating and some relationship options close up to us. We know that if we have a lot of casual sex with a huge amount of different men, then that puts some men off. We’re still free to make our choices as we wish of course, but we do so while knowing the dating preferences of men. And we aren’t offended by male preferences, and we are honest towards men. After all, us women have dating preferences too, and those are sometimes illogical too if you want to look at it that way. For example, we prefer confident men and men who are taller than us, although these are not the most important things and are not must-haves. Of course, men can’t control how tall they are, and men don’t have a confidence switch they can just flick. Also some incompetent amoral psychopaths are very self-confident, while some kind and competent people are insecure, which makes confidence a poor measure of a man’s quality. And yet, us women prefer confident men who are taller than us. And so we’re not offended by theoretically-illogical male dating preferences either.

So, this is how we do things. It works great for us. Frankly, I feel like us feminine people are almost cheating, with us going on spa days to recover from our holidays, and us going on holidays to recover from our spa days. But our masculine people are genuinely thriving in this configuration as well. Lots of masculine people are perfectly happy to work hard, so long as they’re supported and appreciated and looked up to and not treated as disposable and the home front is taken care of and they have the authority to make sure that they can fulfil their responsibilities.

Conversely, a lot of masculine people on Earth don’t have those things and aren’t around unconditionally loving feminine people. And Earth society doesn’t always reward masculine people for working hard, for example if they’re in a non-prestigious or non-well-paying field. Burger flippers who work really hard aren’t really rewarded in a way that feels fair to them.

If feminine people want the benefit of living in a society where masculine people are freely choosing to work hard to make sure that everything practical and safety-related is taken care of… then from my perspective, the feminine people should also meet the needs of the masculine people, and create a situation that genuinely works for average masculine people too (not just for successful masculine people). If our feminine people implemented a system where in case of a divorce, the feminine people get the kids and the masculine people have to keep giving her resources, even if she initiated the divorce and even if there wasn’t abuse or cheating or something like that going on… then some of our masculine people would start checking out of the system, and our society would decline, and people on average would be more unhappy. No one wins when feminine people play zero-sum games against masculine people — not even feminine people win. If feminine people want a post-scarcity, “everyone is taken care of” society, then it would really help if a system was created that also allows average masculine people to genuinely thrive.

And yes, I agree that feminine people on Earth are treated poorly too. That’s true. But while true, everyone already agrees that for example men should commit less rapes. Conversely, a lot of people don’t even agree that for example divorce court should stop being biased against men, or that schools should stop emasculating boys, or that we shouldn’t have more women-only scholarships than man-only scholarships during a time when already more women attend university. It’s to the point on Earth where even the idea of asking an average guy what he wants and what he thinks should change in society, is considered vaguely disgusting or anger-inducing by many. And whenever someone actually wants to call attention to male suffering, they have to mention that women are affected too, because otherwise no one cares about the suffering of average men.

Clear male victims, such as male rape victims, receive little tangible help and have few places they can go to.

Therefore, “treat men better” is a theme that’s repeated throughout these messages. Because it’s important. Plus it’s socially acceptable for women to ask for societal change to benefit women, but it’s not socially acceptable for men to ask for societal change that benefits men. Hence your friendly Pleiadian gal pal will have to speak out for men.

I genuinely think that treating men better is a critically important step towards building a better society for everyone. I know that people want this post-scarcity society where everyone is safe and taken care of. Well, if you want to create that, you’re going to need motivated and engaged men, who feel that the current system also genuinely works for them and is fair towards them. Checked-out men aren’t going to build that post-scarcity society, and women aren’t going to be able to build that society without men. No matter how successful or how empowered women are, you aren’t reaching a post-scarcity society with checked-out men. And you can’t re-engage those men without asking them what they want and what they think should change in society, and then actually taking those things seriously and implementing some reforms that men want. Even if those reforms take away female privilege, such as the female privilege of benefitting from positive discrimination during certain hiring processes such as those with female quotas. Or the female privilege of divorce courts and criminal courts that are effectively biased in women’s favor.

As a general overview: Western society on Earth is moving in the direction of trying to push feminine people to beat masculine people at masculine pursuits. For example, you see this with women-only quotas for high-paying and prestigious positions. Being a CEO requires having a life that primarily focuses on work, and hence it’s part of masculine energy (recall that a few, but only a few, women have more masculine than feminine energy). However, one problem with this is that masculine people are generally better than feminine people at masculine pursuits, and hence pushing feminine people into masculine positions with for example female CEO quotas means that you get on average a lower quality of work, than if you just hired the best candidate regardless of gender.

Second, feminine people often aren’t happy long-term when they’re in masculine positions. Many female CEOs aren’t actually very happy. Third, billions of men start viewing the entire system as illegitimate, and thus start checking out, if men understand that they’re being discriminated against through women quotas or general pro-female bias during hiring processes. Fourth, if you want feminine people to take on masculine tasks, what do you expect masculine people to do? They can’t give birth and most women aren’t attracted to mostly-feminine men. Certainly most women aren’t looking to earn a salary while her partner is a stay-at-home parent. So in practice pushing feminine people into masculine positions means pushing masculine people to embrace video games and porn.

And everyone suffers.

Instead of trying to get feminine people to beat masculine people at masculine pursuits, I think it’s much better to set up a system where feminine people can be feminine without being socially shamed for that, and without worrying that her family can’t afford rent if she isn’t working full-time. And have the system be such that average masculine people aren’t discriminated against or continually mocked on tv and in movies. Have the system be fair to masculine men, and don’t measure fairness exclusively by which gender has more CEOs. If masculine and feminine people work together as opposed to working against each other, then everyone wins; whereas if feminine people try to out-masculinize masculine people, then everyone loses. Of course, I’m not advocating that anyone is forced into these particular gender dynamics. I’m also not saying that women shouldn’t be hired as CEOs, I’m just saying that the best person for the job should be hired, and if that means hiring yet another man then so be it. If that means hiring a woman, sure, hire the woman.

Another example of society trying to get feminine people to beat masculine people at masculine pursuits, is that in movies tiny women regularly out-fight big, strong, trained men in hand-to-hand combat. This illustrates the inefficiency of trying to push feminine people to do masculine tasks, because in the real world she’d have no chance. I do get that this is sort of wish fulfilment for some women, to see a woman beating up men. But wouldn’t you rather see a movie that depicts an honorable, trustworthy man taking care of his wife and being good to her? Instead of seeing a woman take revenge on men, wouldn’t you rather see depictions of kindness by men? Instead of the feminine trying to out-masculinize the masculine, wouldn’t you rather have the masculine support the feminine? The masculine is very happy to do so — but the masculine can’t if the feminine is hostile to it.

Finally, let’s return to space and make some disclaimers about Pleiadian gender dynamics to avoid possible misunderstanding. Yes, not everyone will fit into this kind of Pleiadian gender dynamic structure, with feminine people loving unconditionally and masculine people supporting and protecting them and taking care of practical matters. No one is forced into any kind of relationship structure or gender dynamic they don’t want to be in. In fact, no one is forced to do anything. There are Pleiadians who do things differently than this and who have different dynamics, and that’s completely fine. I’m just sharing the most common behavior and relationship pattern that a lot of my people choose to engage in.

And yes, Earth people don’t yet live in a post-scarcity society and so they may not be able to afford rent and food if only the man works. I get that. Still, Earth’s post-scarcity age is hopefully not too far off. Although it depends on the choices of Earth humans.

I hope this was interesting. I’m curious, what do you think about these gender dynamics, where women love unconditionally and men make sure all the practical and safety needs of everyone are taken care of? Would you personally be happy to live with such a societal setup? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to read them.

I’m feeling the urge to go spend time with my family, because my husband and children are amazing, and I love them so very much and I feel very grateful for having such a wonderful family. So I’m ending the message here. I hope you have an amazing week.

With love,

Your star sister,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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35 Replies to “Tunia: Pleiadian Gender Dynamics”

  1. WK

    Dearest Tunia, as always you bring another piece of the puzzle, and it makes more and more sense the picture that I am looking at, that is called reality. I absolutely resonate with your words, and understand now what we have lost. The dynamics that you described were once our own, during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, but were lost to us. While being made to fit each other, the feminine and masculine energies are different, and thus have different “footprint” on reality of what they do, and how they govern the dynamics of the individuals in which they are dominant. Above all, we were made for each other, and accepting that being different is actually a good thing, highlights the futility of the existing human “war of the sexes”. That only exists when there is lack of maturity from the individual that wishes to see that difference as opposing, rather than the actual true nature of being complementary. On that note, I would like to compliment you for another beautiful message, and leave you with all my respect and appreciation. You have my Love (as so does your family), in the Here and Now of Forever. Your Earthling Bother WK

  2. john

    Tunia, yep that is all good. Too bad modern society has fallen into all kinds craziness. What you describe sounds excellent and neccessary for a culture to thrive.

  3. Raksha

    Again, Oneness is not the opposite of duality, it is the inclusion of it.
    Funny thing is that separating Oneness and duality is duality in itself. There is nothing wrong with polarities. If Oneness did not want to express and know itself through them, why would they exist in the first place ?

    Unity is not uniformity.

    C.G.Jung, a very mystical psychologist talked at length about how important it is to individuate and have a strong sense of « self » before seeking mystical union. Otherwise, one is just going backward. We all come from a state of undifferentiated unity. What we want is to become a differentiated unity, until we may want to merge for good at the end of the long journey.
    That is how Creation expand. It’s a fun game. Although right now, right here, we struggle a bit.

    The RA material states that duality is appropriate until the 6th Density of consciousness, and even then it still exists as archetype, but not manifested.

    The material also goes at length about how the purpose of 3th Density is precisely to individuate and make choices. The 3th chakra is predominant in this density, and is closely connected to the ego or « sense of self », and this is not morally wrong. Only by individuating can we move forward toward Oneness.

  4. Timothy

    There is no duality, only one. No self, no other, no descriptions, no division*.

    Here is a good guide on the levels of enlightenment:

    *Level 1. Duality

    Level 2. Humans creating and experiencing their creations.

    Level 3. Humans stop limiting and ascend to New Earth.

    Level 4. The physical body turns into pure light.

    Levels after 4. Light cannot be contained and spreads into everything (God head, whole, perfect, encompasses everything).

    Appears the messenger is at Level 1.

    1. jakesey

      Timothy, well put. Too many are still scarily fixated on the gender/polarity ‘romance’, they fail to see our Oneness that transcends the bull crap and much worse that is/was 3D.

    2. Raksha

      Unity is not a denial of polarities and diversity. Rather, it is inclusive.
      The Oneness obviously wished to experience itself through them. There is nothing un-evolved about them. Unity consciousness can maintain itself in the presence of polarities, and enjoy them. Polarities can be a great source of joy and expansion. Multi-perspective thinking.

      1. jakesey

        I understand your point and thanks for sharing. It all helps with the learning game.

        This is my Now viewpoint. Multi perspective thinking has it’s merits but one of it’s failings are that individuality can become hyper individuality (I know from experience) which is counterproductive to evolution in my view that is.

        Atlantis failed because many were experimenting with different body forms including animal parts with human, mind over heart guidance, intellect over soul preferences AI became the god. The priests kept their faith in large part.

        There comes a point at some ‘advanced stage’ when allowing Spirit/Oneness to ‘take over’ becomes the Best choice.

        Duality/polarity can be Very thrilling though, I agree. At the end of the (long) day, the lovely toys go back in the box someone wise said.

  5. PS

    Someone mjst have pressed repeat on these messages. Yawn. Must be short on topics or lacking in creativity.

    Everytime the same messages of gender division that trigger the already wounded.

  6. Olivia

    Do beings that say they are with the light always tell the truth? I need this for safety with channeling thank you.

    1. In response


      We have free will, they must abide the law.

      We must state what we want to receive prior to any divination, channeling etc. Eg that we only accept interactions from beings on higher dimensions—closest to Source. This is paramount because some beings are in lower dimensions and disconnected in similar ways we are. While their intentions may be good, their information may be inacurate or distorted.

      Also, we should state that we only accept contact from those that act from, with and through love, serve for the good of all and deliver the absolute truth.

      State that if they are unable to provide absolute truth from Source that we reject and do accept the guidance. Thank them, send love and blessing and ask them/it to leave and not return.

      The fact you have asked the question indicates that if you have been contacted maybe your intuition is telling you something is not right.

  7. Arthur

    What is a clear definition of masculine and feminine?
    What is this? Energy? But also many times they wrote opposite definitions at the same time: that there are male and female energies and that they do not exist.
    Another difference (for example, in Drunvalo) is that the rotation of the Merkaba field in men and women is the opposite.
    What determines this rotation and is it all the difference?
    And God, angels? What is their gender? You can often hear that they are asexual and only a person has a gender?
    Is it possible to bring absolute clarity to the definition of masculine and feminine?

    1. Raksha

      I don’t think there is an absolute definition of what feminine and masculine energies are.
      Those are primitive archetypes, and like all archetypes, it is not possible to give them a singular definition within the constricts of the human langage. And like all archetypes, they have different ways of expressing themselves depending on which « level » we are engaging with them.

      On a psychological level, I have a very simple and concise definition that works for me.

      The masculine is the part of consciousness that seeks to individualize itself, and project itself into manifestation.

      The feminine part seeks to connect with other-selves and the whole.

      From these two basics definitions, many others attributes can be derived.

      Again, this is just a perspective among many valid ones.

      As for Angels, planets etc. While they may not be sexual in the sense that we use this term, it is likely that some have a more predominant polarity.

  8. John

    Oh if Joanna was evolved past the need to unconsciously project her masculine energy on others to mirror, relate to and complete herself, then yes, definitely. She could be attracted to another woman with feminine energy too, as it would no longer be a way to seek wholeness.
    But most of us on this planet are not quite there yet.

  9. Hiromant

    In a post-scarcity 4th density society there’s little need for anyone to work hard, nor are there many threats to keep women and children safe from. People live in peaceful communities close to nature. Consciousness is powerful enough to spontaneously grow food while highly automated technology takes care of everyday needs.

    What’s written here sounds like 3rd density sci-fi with hard work and spaceships and plasma rifles and bad guys everywhere. That was brought to us by the satanic cabal to make us think the future would be more of the same, just with better technology. It won’t be.

    1. Silvia S.

      Hi Hiromant, that’s the society I would like to live in, where all beings are equally and well treated, where all women, men, children are sovereign and follow God’s laws, where good health, love, beauty, joy, wellbeing, phsiycal youth and good relationships are available for everybody. Sillvia S.

  10. Silvia S.

    Dear pleiadian friends and Tunia, what about describing also other pleiadian gender dynamics, just to hav a complete picture of all pleiadian situations? Silvia S.

  11. Silvia S.

    Hi everybody! leaving in a society of unconditional love is great but I like take care of my self and deciding by myself instead of depending on someone else’s decision to me. I was grown up by my family for being independent while respecting God’s laws and, honestly, letting a partner or masculine people take decisions in my place doesn’t seem a good idea. I can’t imagine my family or masculine friends saying to me something like” Silvia you do not go out with those people because they are not good for you, they are not mind reader and they are not in my mind. If you are in a true 5D society shouldn’t take care of letting masculine people decide and take care of feminine people because everybody should be able to feel positive or negative traits in other beings even for not mind readers, just by intuition. I prefer working on my self for balancing my personality to have half positive feminine traits and half positive masculine traits. Hugs to everybody. Silvia S.

  12. John

    It’s probably just a semantic issue but… I have to say, it feels kind of demeaning to say masculine energy derives from anything other than love. OK, you said feminine to be ‘predominantly focused’ on ‘unconditional’ love, but eeshh… I don’t know, seems like a poor choice of words for a such a crucial concept on the exposition.
    And a very interesting one it is! What I do miss on most gender dynamic considerations – on a civilization level – is the perspective that as souls we can actually change our genders (and all that might come associated with it) between our relatively shorter lifespans on this planet.
    This allows for a faster individual experience of identification with both sexes and the respective compensational response – from oneself and from society. I think how the balance of genders is perceived grows less important as you grow aware of your actual existence in both roles.

    Maybe collectively, a place “where women love unconditionally and men make sure all the practical and safety needs of everyone are taken care of” is a good place to live, but having unconditional love manifest as practical and safety needs by both men and women sounds even better.

  13. Kim Seacord

    Hi Tunia, I very much would love to live in this way. I have often thought it should be up to the best person for the job, position, and not based on gender. Loving unconditionally and knowing that you are fulfilling your role and who you are, and not having the expectations that you need to also do all the masculine parts of life, is also so freeing. This is very exciting. Thank you, Tunia, so much.

    And would you also pass onto Hakaan, that I wanted to let him know, Thank you, for the “five stages” I had been wondering just where I was on whatever way there was to gauge it, and I found I had been at state five for quite a while. I didn’t want to say it before, due to not wanting to appear as if it was my ego speaking and not my heart.

    Thank you.
    I love you very much.


    1. Moose

      By the very nature of you communicating that you are on stage 5, you highlight that you are not on stage 5.

      What purpose does your message serve other than to validate to yourself that you are on stage 5? If you are in such peace you wouldn’t need to proclaim it.

      Get off your high spiritual horse.

  14. Raksha

    On another note, this message made me wonder about something.
    What are the reasons that some people carry more masculine (or feminine) energy than others, regardless of gender ? Is it because of the previous experiences of the soul ? Is it just because the soul wanted that configuration in that particular lifetime ?

    Let’s say John is a man with a lot of masculine energy. He reincarnates in a woman’s body as Joanna. Will she be a woman with a lot of masculine energy ? Or not necessarily ?

    1. jakesey

      The soul chooses before incarnation from a palette of choices what would serve them best in the lifetime to come.

      Not necessarily to answer your second question. It’s all experience in the end. Soul age ( incarnational experience) comes into it, so it’s quite complicated really.

      In the end, Love with individuality intact, is all that is left, however far along that winding road that is called life eternal.

      Just my personal view at this Now moment. Hope you get other responses, the more the merrier..

    2. jakesey

      Having more male energy wise (or vice versa) is chosen for soul growth, what will serve the individual best in that given lifetime.

      We love to overcomplicate things when we get down here with flag waving, box ticking, gender fudging, book throwing, etc.. which only and ever serves the divide and rule pantomime of the powers that were.

    3. John

      Opportune question. The interesting thing, I believe, is that the choice to manifest as either a man or a woman is taken ‘on a different soul level’, so to speak, than the choice to perceive how masculine and feminine ‘should’ be and relate to each other. Ideally, this allows for a balanced individual projection mechanism and to further one’s awareness of humanity as a unified whole. But these energies are not opposite, they do not cancel each other: you can have a lot or a lack of both at the same time.

      In practical terms, ‘Joanna’ will probably be attracted to men with a lot of masculine energy (because she already has it in on an unconscious level) but has on another level decided to experiment that very same coin on the flipside. This can be for a variety of reasons, but I assume most of the time the general purpose is always soul improvement.

      1. Raksha

        I am not sure about the last part. If Joanna indeed manifest herself as a woman with a lot of masculine energy, I think she would be more attracted to a man with a lot of feminine energy. Both polarties seek each other out I believe.

  15. burton

    So I have a question. I thought you guys could read everyone’s thoughts and no one could get away with lying?

    We’re also way too inclined to believe them if they lie to us. So how do we feminine people decide who we should and shouldn’t trust on a societal level? Well, we choose not to decide that. We choose to leave that to the masculine people.”

    I like the concept you are trying to explain here though.

    1. Raksha

      I did tick about the mind-reading stuff, but I passed on this one. I guess there may be a reason like the ability to mind-shield or something.

  16. Jared

    Thanks again Tunia. You are a great and wonderful babe.

    Yes Hakann has considered giving those bad beings a big giant hug…with his plasma rifle of course:) hahaha Tunia is a lovely gal.

    Women of Earth shall be more loving now amen!
    Everyone shall keep babies and their bodies safe amen!
    Men need to be safe and loved their whole lives.

    Yes Tunia you can help me. Come be my girlfriend and let me use your medbed:)

    I am not that motivated to work because I need a free house and medbed and a way to make a practical difference like a billion dollars or so so I can get some grocery stores and make them free.

    I need more love and feminine attention.
    People need to be treated better and paid better in the workplace.

    Yes I need to thrive, give me everything amen.

    Yes everyone needs to listen to me:
    Announce GESARA! and medbeds and replicators.
    Take over media and tell full truth.
    Be sane and loving!

    Yes guys are happy to take care of sane loving women.
    So be sane and loving women.

    Yes I would be happy to be rich and help make everything free and take care of people and have a lovely wife with medium to big sized boobs. It is logical, hugging a girl with boobs makes the hugs more comfortable:)


    Everyone shall listen to me and be sane and loving and announce GESARA and let us start doing our projects to fix earth amen!

    1. Yup

      It certainly crossed my mind that part of what men would want if asked is that woman nurture their femininity and be “babes” more so like Tunia. Perhaps put more effort into exercises for the attractiveness of good health and the showing that procreation with such a feminine creature would bring healthy progeny into the future for the man to be proud to take care of a wholesome family. If you read between the lines, the input from men may be that and women allowing men to do masculine things for them makes them feel like they are being practical and even heroic to match with their (partial) damsel in distress. Like it or not, I do believe that dynamic is at play in Tunia’s advice, at least the way I see it. Allowing humans to “be the boss” in the areas of their expertise is practical and balanced. The traits of men and women present the opportunity to live in harmony with the pleasure of the differences between men and women rather than hanging out with the same gender due to having things in common with them (for example). Like Tunia pointed out, the masculine and feminine dynamics are what the majority tend to agree is best for them and I am also addressing a majority situation. I know currently the push to accept other genders is in vogue for some, but I’m not addressing that. I’m addressing the attempt to live in harmony with the opposite sex which can be fun because the opposite sex is different and that difference is designed to be embraced.

  17. Raksha

    The model described here looks similar to the model we have had on earth for the last centuries in most cultures. The problem was that this model was too rigid on earth, and there was not much room for choice, for both genders. Many women, in a legitimate quest for more freedom, seem to have thrown away the baby with the bathwater and associated this model with enslavement.

    As long as all choices are honored, I feel pretty comfortable with this model. It looks efficient, organic, and quite attractive to me. Again, as long as it is not rigidly imposed.

    “Another example of society trying to get feminine people to beat masculine people at masculine pursuits, is that in movies tiny women regularly out-fight big, strong, trained men in hand-to-hand combat. »

    Funny to note that this stereotype of « out-masculinizing women » seems pretty sexy collectively.
    While a « out-feminizing man », would not be very sexy at all.

    Just curious, what is Tuna’s husband’s field of work ?

  18. Jim Harris

    Well said. I think it is only in the past recent decades that our ‘western’ societies have become increasingly polarized, but I think that has been partially guided by ‘social(ist) engineers’. In past years, if I travelled to visit in some societies distant from the western culture, I noted unconditional love seemed to be more prominent in the governance of the family. I don’t know if that remains so today. Educating people to understand how certain cultural inclinations affect the society, may take some time, given the individuality of the challenge. But I think it would be a helpful effort.

    1. Brazilian

      This arrangement Tunia describes is similar to how Indians and African tribes live, men being stronger physically, protect the tribe from invasion by hostile tribes and wild animals, hunt, fish, build homes, make roads, and women care and protect children, grow cassava and another roots, prepare food.

      This is the division of tasks according to gender on Earth as well, natural in primitive societies, and slightly modified in modern society, but basically the same for many couples.

      About Love, I think that it should be a common trait, since Love is the manifestation of the Pink Flame, the Third Ray, one of the 3 basic Rays that constitute the Monad. Of course it manifests more in a peaceful time than
      in times of war. But on the 5D New Earth there will be Peace, and Love.

      I think that the readers are curious to know more about life aboard the New Jerusalem mothership where Tunia lives, since many will be living there soon, and more details about her physical body, a 5D body presumably, food, and more details about trivial things people do aboard the ships, about the Ascension process.

  19. Matteo

    Of course I would be great to me. One would be the fuel for the other for the inner natural order. Love. Mt

  20. Patricia Jouve

    I would be very happy to live in such a society.I think there is lots of good sense in what you say!Thank you so much Tunia!