All Aboard! Non-Stop To X-Class

Our Sun is exploding non-stop with “M-Class” solar flares and is energizing to unleash “X-Class” flares.

Last evening, Thursday, 5/18/2023, there was an “M4-Class” flare, and this morning there was an “M5-Class” flare followed by a “C5-Class” flare which was obviously mid-range to being another “M-Class” flare.

The upper atmosphere of our planet was ionized by powerful radiation which caused technological black-outs in several places.

Because electromagnetic particle plasma (CMEs) are always a part of the solar flare scenario, and because they mix with the electromagnetic energetics of Earth, various strong weather events occured as our planet’s inner and outer fields were activated.

This was the case today as a very powerful “7.7” magnitude earthquake took place in New Caledonia.

A total of 142 quakes have occurred in the past 24 hours around the world as tectonic plates strongly shift.

The magnetosphere is enveloped in plasma from inside and outside of our solar system as usual, but as of 8:42AM (EDT), it is not pressing hard.

It will likely do so as the day and evening progress and as solar flares continue to build in potency.

The New Moon arrives at 11:53 AM (EDT) in Tropical Taurus but will move into Tropical Gemini at 2:58 PM (EDT).

In Taurus it will conjunct our Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and the North Node in that same sign.

In Tropical Gemini it will trine Pluto in Tropical Aquarius which is currently retrograde.

These planetary energetics will further the global discussions on serious economic issues on all levels: in banking, in corporate structures (such as the auto industry), in foreign trading, in immigration conditions (particularly in the USA), in weaponry sent to nations at war, and more situations. Humanity will be in escalated protest mode as they contend with the policies of political leaders.

There will also be reports on various legal battles regarding political figures as well as people of the popular social set.

Not to be humorous about serious world situations, but anyone in high school or college who needs to write an essay for the end of the school year on world issues will have plenty news from which to choose.

There will also be an energy in the general atmosphere among people now to be more on-the-go, more active in outer affairs, while at the same time, however, an unsettled feeling of not knowing exactly how to begin new programs and projects will exist.

This is because the energy of the New Moon, which tends to cause an outward shift of thoughts and emotions, needs to stabilize. In a few days (June 11th) Pluto will move further back in its retrograde status to Tropical Capricorn.

Once again, focus will be on all things “Capricorn” such as corporations, businesses, organizations, police, the military, etc.

Cosmic weather-wise, there will possibly be more huge earthquakes and weather conditions such as storms.

This weekend—with both human and cosmic activity on the rise—those who are wise will take inventory of necessities such as food and water and also spiritually-oriented supplies so that as events unfold in coming weeks, basic needs are available.

At all times, reciting protective prayers and mantras is calming.

Proton particle pressure is now building on the far side of our planet as of 1:52 PM (EDT). As it continues to build, it will exert particle density into the Earth penetrating and altering its inner and outer fields.

Our Sun is still harboring energy for “X-Class” flares as sunspot numbered “AR3310” is poised for explosions.

Cosmic energetics may be very powerful this coming weekend. Solar winds are traveling at normal levels in the mid-300s.—not yet 400 km/s.

However, even with normal wind speeds, solar flares are still capable of powerful strength as the winds push them out.

Solar winds are likely to increase over the weekend, however, as well as the proton fluxes.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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